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Brookville, NY


Positive Determination, Those two words sum up Rahsheen Slaughter’s approach to personal training. I have been working with Rahz for several years and truly appreciate his focus, drive and energy. He has the unique ability to understand the limits of those he trains and then help them break through their physical and mental boundaries. He can be patient, firm and motivating not only within one encouraging approach he employs to get me to exert myself further and achieve my goals. While each session is upbeat as he motivates you, he is also determined to get the most out of you. With Rahz you can always count on a great workout that makes you feel even better.

Anne Marie O’Connell, Manhasset NY

Having taken a year off from working out, I gained unwanted weight that I was unhappy with. Making a big lifestyle change by moving from LA to Long Island, New York, the stress built up but I required a change in my health and life. I had met Greg through a recommendation and was anxious to start working out. Since training with Greg under the Breakthroughs To Fitness training system, I have noticed an increase in my energy level, less stress, and feel better about nd earn the body they deserve. Isn’t it time you deserve to get what you want? how I look. Greg is an involved trainer who always pushes me to go one step further and try exercises I would shy away from. I recommend Breakthroughs To Fitness to everyone I know because they make personal training “personal.” You feel as if they are truly concerned about your success and want you to look your best. It’s not about just losing weight. Their system is about developing habits to keep the weight off and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Ayesha, Glen Cove

Going through a period of severe pain in my lower back due to two herniated disks, I prayed for a solution. My doctor recommended I loose weight and start exercising to strengthen the muscles in my lower back. I had met Greg hoping that he had the solution to my problem. That of course is an understatement, because he went well beyond a simple solution. He guided me to a brand new lifestyle. In the 2 years of training with him, my back pain has been eliminated, I lost over 100 pounds of fat, started seeing muscles I have never seen before, and can now do many advanced exercises. Greg has been a great educational and motivational factor in my success. His training style is neither drill sergeant, nor overly enthusiastic and gimmicky. His positive personality and genuine concern for my goals have helped me achieve them. My new goal is to bring my body fat percentage down to 12% which I know Greg will help me attain. I am proud to be a success story of Breakthrough To Fitness, Inc.

Chris B., College Point

Rahz has been the ultimate Friend and Health Coach. If you’re seeking a trainer who will bark orders at you Rahz isn’t your trainer. He’s the type of health professional who pushes you when you require it, and lends his heart and ears when needed. I’ve lost 30 plus pounds using rahz system, and continue to see result after 4 years. If you’re seeking results hire Rahz or one of the B2F fitness experts it will be the best investment in yourself you have ever made.

David, Port Washington, NY, Lost 30 Pounds