5 Factors of Having a Breakthrough Mindset

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What does it take to have a Breakthrough mindset?

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow that person is always excited? What does he/she have that I don’t? Have you ever met someone and you knew anything and everything they touch would turn to gold? Well I have and it didn’t take me long to figure out that  the reason they were so excited, happy, and super successful was that they all created and maintain a breakthrough Mindset. These characteristics not secrets but simple and anyone  can learn and master if they practice and take action. The challenge is that most people say they want to have a breakthrough mindset, but aren’t willing to put the action in play to develop the traits of the ultra successful people. In this brief post I’ll give you the Five Factor of developing a Breakthrough Mindset. But before I do let me ask you this, Do you Deserve to know these Five Factors? Will you take the information and put it into action or just read it and let it float away into space? I hope you’re a action person and ready to make the necessary step to achieving a breakthrough mindset.

Developing a Breakthrough Minset

  1. Focus on the Present…Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Live in the Now…
  2. Write Set Solid, Realistic Goals
  3. Write your Plan out “Journal”
  4. Take Action….Action Means doing something to move you closer to your Goals
  5. Read, Listen, and Get Mentored by others Who Have Been successful at what you’re striving for!

I will be expanding on these five factors in a New Ebook Coming early 2009…Stay Tune…

As always Bwell, because you Deserve to be Fit!

Rahsheen Slaughter, Wellness Coach, Master Trainer

“The Breakthrough Specialist”

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Create A Recession Proof Body – The Breakthroughs To Fitness Wellness Show Episode #1

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Our economy is in a bit of a slump right now, but that does not mean your health has to be too.

We are the most innovative Country in the world. If we can manage to take care of our health, we will be able to be more productive, have more energy, and reducing the amount of days off we take from our family, job, or business.

Watch below for Episode #1 of the B2F Wellness Show hosted by Rahz Slaughter. He addresses some ways to improve your health in today’s economy:

If the video does not show up please click HERE

Ask us your most pressing questions below or you can email us at B2F@b2finc.com. We are here to assist you in every way possible. Do not hold back as we will reveal the truth to creating the body you deserve.
Coach Rahz
Long Island’s #1 Wellness Coach
Breakthroughs To Fitness

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Long Island’s #1 Wellness Coach Launches Online Health Show

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The B2F Wellness show begin Next Week September 30th

Click Below to view intrduction video of the B2F Wellness Show

Long Island’s top personal trainers have join forces with breakthroughtofitness.com to create a health show that is going to change health and wellness world forever. Coach Rahz Slaughter will be sharing his 10 plus years in the health and wellness industryto the world wide web every week. If you’re not up-to-date on wellness coaching then you should definitely tune in and get the latest health news from long island’s #1 wellness coach Mineola’s own Rahz Slaughter.

The show will be short in length, but packed with high level usable content. If you’re seeking to create the body you deserve then this is the online health show for you…

” I have one thing to say, Get ready to burn the fat, and increase the muscle the Smart and Healthy way.”

Coach Rahz :-)

Please email me with any questions you may have concerning your health and wellness. The B2F Team of coaches are excited and looking forward to assisting everyone who is serious about getting healthy and Fit.

As always Bwell…..

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Ask Coach Rahz Anything….

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I want to inspire you to create the body you deserve...Get your Health Questioned Answered by Long Island’s #1 Wellness Coach

Breakthroughstofitness.com would like to open this post with a few simple questions.

Does your health suck?

Would you like to get healthier?

How about feel 10 years younger?

How about having the energy to play with your Kids, without feeling like you’re about to faint?

Are you exercising at least 2-3 times per week?

Do you know what what to eat, and what not to eat?

If you are seeking the answers to the above questions or any other health and fitness related questions please leave a comment on this blog or email Coach Rahz at b2f@b2finc.com It is Breakthroughs to fitness’s mission to Educate, empower, and inspire people to achieve optimum health and wellness through using the b2f training systems.

As always Bwell,

Coach Rahsheen Slaughter,

Long Island’s #1 Wellness Coach  Click to Read more About Us

If you know someone who deserves to receive this information, please feel free to forward this blog address to them…We thank you, and wish you a wonderful because you deserve to be fit!!!!

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B2F Continues to Grow, and the 4th Quarter looks brighter than ever expected.

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What a week it has been for the B2Ffamily. This week I was able to see the birth of a idea that will take B2F to the next level in Wellness education. for all our loyal readers and friends stay tuned, and get ready to be amazed, we will be making some huge announcements very soon.

The Breakthroughstofitness.com website is progressing and should be live in the next 2 weeks. We are excited to announce the newest member of the B2F family Licensed Massage therapist Carl Miluso. Carl will be bring his unique and very skilled hands to assist our clients in many therapeutic ways. B2finc.com would like to officially Welcome Meredith Kinee as our Personal assistant. Meredith has many skills and we are very excited to see her grow with this dynamic and exploding wellness company.

Client Of the Week: Danielle B. 42 and Getting Younger. Danielle has been with B2F for over a year now and we’ve seen her personal commitment explode over the last 8 months. Danielle has found the secret to staying young and looking great. She stepped up and increased her knowledge of nutrition, and exercise science to a level that puts her ahead of many trainer I know. The results speak for themselves, but I’ll list a few of the highlights. Total body composition changes, every body part looks amazing through my eyes. She’s bench pressing 85 pounds for 20 repetitions. Boxing round after round with no stress, except to ask me when we’re doing it again. She does more push-up with her feet elevated on a bosu ball than many of my men clients can do on there knees. She’s a perfect client because as a Trainer it’s exciting to know every session your client is going to bring there Best…That’s all I can ask for as a professional trainer and motivator. I just like to thank personally Thank Danielle for her commitment and drive, Stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll be highlighting Danielle again soon…Till Then as always Bwell…Coach Rahz

Coach Rahz will be bringing you his thoughts every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday …Stay Posted….Have a Wonderful day Day…B2FINC.COM

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