Roslyn Personal Trainer Improves the Health of the Workplace

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Just had an amazing interview with This is a company of great values in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs and assisting them in either finding space that fits their needs or renting out space that is being unused.

In conjunction with education on renting or seeking office space, has a section called Officebytes TV where they conduct interviews with industry leading experts to help small businesses and entrepreneurs find, settle in, and create the most productive, cost effective and healthy office space possible.

We are proud to be one of those experts in sharing how to improve the health of the workplace and workforce. Click the link below to watch the interview:

Office Space Health Tips Video

We touch upon the number 1 excuse small businesses use, stress, and some important questions you need to ask yourself today!

Please leave your comments below the video when you are done watching. We will be doing series of videos with Open Office Space to assist them with their mission in improving the workplace one interview at a time.

Thanks for your feedback.

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