Greenvale Personal Trainer Reveals Why Our Minds Sabotage Our Weight Loss Results

Posted in Nutrition on July 20th, 2010 by RahzS

We have been harping on how important nutrition is for your results and it’s a given. We all know nutrition is extremely important. We have also been detailing how portion size, proper combinations of food, thermic effect of food, resting metabolic rate, etc.

However, what we have yet to explain is how your mind sabotages your weight loss results. I read a great article from the Science Daily that explains a research study at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior by Dr. Jeff Brunstrom of the University of Bristol UK and colleagues.

Could Our Minds Be Tricked Into Satisfying Our Stomachs?

I came across this article when I read a post a colleague of mine Mike Roussell sent yesterday. It brought back all the memories when I first competed in an all natural body building show. I dropped down to 4% bodyfat because of all the mind games I played and what the research article talks about is exactly what I did.

It talks about the perception of food and your past experiences with different types. In the study they showed one group a large portion of fruit going into a smoothly and another group a small portion of fruit.

Here is what the results showed “Test subjects were more satisfied for longer periods of time after consuming varying quantities of food for which they were led to believe that portion sizes were larger than they actually were.”

Now it would be impossible to trick yourself into doing a similar study with your food, but the hidden message behind this post is to find foods that look large in portion size but lower on calories and fat. These foods are also known as Fruits and Vegetables.

When I packed on about 2 cups of veggies on my dinner plate during my competition I felt very satisfied physically and emotionally. It filled me up and I had the perception that this is a lot of food. I almost felt guilty sometimes.

It just goes to show how powerful our mind is and the perception it creates in certain situations. If you want some more great tips, be sure to educate yourself by picking up a book called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink

What the book talks about and the research they have done is mind blowing. We carry over these lessons, and strategies into our Nutrition Coaching program to assist our clients in not mindlessly eating and to prepare food in a food that satisfies you visually and emotionally.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences in dealing with food and your emotions behind them when you are finished eating.

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