Are you the lion or gazelle?

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Just got back from a wonderful trip in Orlando Florida.

For the first time I was able to experience Disney World and try out all the rides at the theme parks. An experience I will not forget.

But the purpose was not to play all weekend. The B2F team was there to learn from great business men in the fitness industry. Star players like Sean Greeley and Eric Ruth from NPE, Juan Carlos Santana from IHP, John Du Cane from Dragon Door , and many more.

One of the great lessons that I learned was from Eric Ruth who came out with an African parable that goes like this:

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle awakens. He has only one thought on his mind: To be able to run faster than the fastest lion. If he cannot, then he will be eaten.

Every morning in Africa a lion awakens. He has only one thought on his mind: To be able to run faster than the slowest gazelle. If he cannot, he will die of hunger.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up , you’d better be running.

If you look at your life are you the lion (the hunter) or the gazelle (the hunted). Both have focus when they first wake up, but the lion goes after what they want versus a gazelle runs away from what they don’t want (to be eaten)

When it comes to fitness and your health those who constantly run away (gazelle) from being over weight, having high blood pressure, etc, typically do not succeed in the long run. Eventually they get eaten.

However, those who chase after (lion) what they want on a consistent basis typically succeed in the long run and get more out of life.

So I ask you again, do you run away from things you fear or that make you uncomfortable, or do you go after what you want out of life.

For new clients only, we are opening up 11 spots for a metabolic kickstart program to assist you in getting that kickstart for the winter where most people hibernate and gain weight. This program will expire November 13th so claim your spot now by visiting

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Are you the Lion who will go after what they want, and succeed by visiting, or are you the gazelle who runs away from your fears and makes excuses that it’s too much money or you do not have time?

Either way at least you are running, but choose wisely because one path will lead to a solution to your challenges and the other will lead you to exactly what you have now and the possibility of being caught by the Lion.

As always…

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

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Walt Disney’s Biggest Mistake That Affects Your Health

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If you haven’t been to Disney World, it’s truly amazing. We decided to come to Disney World a day early before our mega training fitness event to enjoy what Disney had to offer.

Being my first time here, I was blown away by what these parks had to offer. They underpromise and overdeliver in every aspect. They overdeliver so much that I will be a customer for life.

We can learn alot from Walt Disney and his practices of overdelivering is what we install into all of our services here at Breakthroughs To Fitness.
However, there is a big mistake Walt Disney made, but before I reveal that, see a little clip of what we experienced plus a chance to see coach Greg overcome his fear of heights and roller coasters:

Hope you enjoyed that little clip. Now on to where Walt Disney made the biggest mistake and how it affects your health. Walt was great at selling and great at delivering, but what he didn’t realize is how powerful he was in creating a system that feeds into the health problems of many people.

More than half the people we saw were overweight or obese. To top it off, there was not one stand that served anything healthy. They had everything from beer, sugar coated food, greasy hot dogs, tons of candy and ice cream, supersized cola drinks, and lots of pizza. It was horrific.

Walt Disney provided such an experience that people were distracted and not even paying attention to the low quality food.

This is why we created a nutrition system to teach people how to overcome these obstacles and provide them with done-for-you customized meal plans based around an accurate analysis of your metabolism.

To learn how to master your metabolism even while you are faced with horrible nutrition choices on a daily basis, grab your complimentary copy of “How To Master Your Metabolism” by visiting

This is our gift to you in correcting the biggest mistake Walt Disney created. (don’t get me wrong, I love what Walt Disney created, but if he knew the health problems that were around today, I am sure he would have made some changes)

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter
Breakthroughs To Fitness
Long Island’s Premiere Personal Training and Nutrition Company.

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