Oprah Battle Continues…

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Oprah needs a Breakthrough

Are you ready to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever?

Oprah Deserves a Breakthrough

Oprah Deserves a Breakthrough

Oprah gained 40 pounds since 2007 and she’s upset at herself for allowing her weight to get out of control Again. She saying it has something to do with her thyroid, but I think it has more to do with her eating and busy schedule. She’s everywhere and trying to be everything to everyone. I wonder what Bod Green thinks of his most famous Client ballooning over 200 pounds. As a Health Professional I don’t Blame Bob, but He’s got to take some blame for not catching this before her weight got to this point.

Oprah is a role Model and really should work harder at keeping her weight under control. I have the same feeling about Health Professionals who are Fat and out of shape. How can you preach one idea and live a totally different way.

B2F Coaches walk the walk, and talk the Talk. Coach Greg and I are embarking on another fun learning experience and beginning training for a June 6th Body Building show. I will be releasing 20 to 25 Pounds of body Fat. I don’t recommend anyone release that type of weight unless they are training for a specific event like a Fitness Show. Everyone has a ideal body weight which is healthy. Health is the one factor when it comes to body weight. If you’re seeking to design your ideal body,seek professional assistance to help you design a plan to create the desire results. Releasing fat and increasing lean muscle is science.  Have the professional preform an fitness assessment which includes you RMR, Body Fat Percentage, and VO2 MaX Test. With this information you can really design a plan to reach you goal.

Oprah is going to have to start over and get it going for 2009. It’s never a better time than the beginning of a new year to set goals and begin to make it happen. Breakthroughs To Fitness is launching several informational products to assist you in Making 2009 you Healthiest and Best Year Ever…

Till Then get moving, eat healthy, and stay positive…

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As Alway Bwell, Coach Rahsheen Slaughter

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