The First truly Global U.S. President : Obama Makes time to Workout!

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Obama's Health Plan?

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Breakthroughs To Fitness would like to congratulate both Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama for a strong and heart felt race. This post isn’t about my personal political views it is simple to acknowledge the huge impact this presidential race has had on the U.S. and the world. As a 31 years young Black entrepreneur and Wellness Coach, I’ve had the honor and privilege to vote in the last three presidential elections and none have created this much excited and hope inside me. I know that yesterday was history, and it doesn’t matter who won or loss, because now the United States of America can begin to regain its reputation and respect worldwide.

Barack Obama: Makes time to workout because he understands the value he recieves from investing  into his body….

The B2F philosophy is make no excuses and get the job done because everybody deserves to be fit. Mr. Obama worked out six days per week for the entire presidential race. That’s what I call discipline. He didn’t get two hours per day while campaigning, but his made fitness a part of his daily routine and that’s something the U.S citizens can learn from. He trained his body 45 minutes a day, alternating between strength training with weights one day and cardiovascular the next.

So my point in telling you these facts is if Barack Obama can make time to invest in his body with so much on the line what’s your EXCUSE?

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High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Great For Us

Posted in U.S Health News on September 29th, 2008 by GregK

Ok so here at Breakthroughs to Fitness, we were being a little smart with that title. As you may have seen, the Corn Refiners Association has ran a massive campaign to recreate the poor image of high fructose corn syrup. If you have not already seen the commercials, take a look at one of them below:


In these commercials, they link HFCS to be all natural, just as good as sugar, etc. Since when was sugar good for us?

It’s almost quite impossible to find foods in grocery stores without HFCS. Take a look at the all natural foods and let us know what the ingredients read. In fact, alot of the so called “healthy” breads even contain HFCS.

If you take a look into the scientific world, there are numerous studies linking HFCS to obesity and insulin resistance. Now we all know that there are always studies to go against this statement. So how do we know who to believe…

Just ask yourself this. Do you consider drinking a coca-cola a healthy item to be part of your daily nutrition? Of course, we are able to enjoy ourselves, but the consumption of HFCS is way to high.

There are plenty of Associations out there that will defend their product when it affects their profits. That is a reasonable business objective. However, to run a massive campaign to make people feel like your product is safe, when indeed it is not, is just a scumbag move.

Do your best to avoid foods with HFCS and eventually these Associations will listen as their profits dwindle. In the end you are responsible for your body and the decisions you make. We can only give you our guidance.

Breakthroughs to Fitness’s mission is to empower, inspire, and educate individuals to create the bodies they deserve. The question is, what will you do with our insights?


Dedicated to your results,


Greg Kalafatic

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Williams VS. Williams Leaves Fan Wanting More in 2008 U.S Open

Posted in Sports, U.S Health News, US Open on September 4th, 2008 by RahzS

B2FINC.COM  Congratulates Serena Williams on a fantastic Match versus her older sister Venus. The two phenomenal women athletes electrified the Flushing New York crowd. The played head to head tennis for two and half hours. People in the audience said it was like watching the final a week early. Serena is set to play Safina in the next round.

I’ve followed theses two exceptional women athletes since the start of their professional careers, and I’ve never witness two women with the ability to dominants a sport like the Williams Sisters. Over my career as a Fitness trainer, I’ve trained some really great athletic women but never on the level of a Serena or Venus. They are simple Amazing..

I look forward to watching the two sister winning many more Tennis Title around the World.

If you desire to bring your game to the next level and challenge yourself, contact us and Let Breakthroughs To Fitness assist you in making your health and wellness dreams come true.

As always Bwell,

You Deserve to be Fit!

Coach Rahz

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