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Best Kept Secrets Revealed!

Best Kept Secrets Revealed!

This post is going to be short and strait to the point, We’ve been away creating a really amazing life changing program for the past 6 weeks. We are really sorry we didn’t post regularly  but it had to be that way till we figured out what direction we want to take the Blog. It’s clear now and we’ll begin posting all new Blog Post starting Tomorrow Monday April 6, 2009…

The b log will be going through a few changes to to the topics and material we post, but it still going to be in your face, real fitness, from real fitness professionals.

So with that said I wish everyone a Happy Sunday, and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon…

Dedicated to changing the Health Mindset of everyone I connect with…

Coach Rahz Slaughter

The Breakthrough Specialist

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The Fitness Industry is in a Recession

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As I begin to to write this post I realize it may upset a few people, but a great man once told me it’s better to be respected than liked by everyone. I was not born into this great world for everyone to like me, I was born to make a difference.

Yes, you read my title right the fitness industry is in a recession. There are not enough qualified trainers doing their jobs. This post isn’t to single out any one trainer; it’s about the entire industry as a whole. As I began the 2008 year, Breakthroughs to Fitness was launched, and I promised I would be different than, “The pay me and have a nice day trainers.” I promised each of my clients I would give my all in 2008 to make this their best year ever. I can’t sit here and begin to tell you everyone one of my clients is having a breakthrough year, but I can say read our testimonials, and watch the video testimonials of our satisfied clients.

As we begin to look forward to change in the United States of America over the next few years, I look forward to change in the fitness industry as well. Breakthroughs to Fitness is dedicated to assisting everyone who deserves results for the rest of 2008 and into 2009. The B2F Coaches are committed to continuing to educate themselves with the latest industry breakthroughs in fitness and all other modalities related to health and wellness. Education and consistent growth is a signature in our B2f Family. We believe if you’re not growing you’re dying; Point Blank!

We are so frustrated with the lack of results we see trainers giving to their clients, that we’re going to step up and challenge these lazy, non-producing, session counting wanna Be’s to change their weak habits or get out of our industry. If you can’t feel my passion, call me, and I’ll give it to you straight from the Horse’s mouth.

You may be asking, “What are you planning to do that’s so great?”

It’s simple. We’re going to out perform every trainer in sight and create more results with every client we train. We’re going to post more success  testimonials on our blog than any other Health and Wellness company in America. So if you train your clients at our gyms you better step your game up and Bring it. It’s not about ego’s. It’s about assisting more clients to get what they pay for…Results.My clients don’t pay One Hundred dollars per hour just to hang out with a really good looking super built Black Man. They pay to Loss weight, look great naked, run faster, jump higher, and feel amazing every damn morning.

You’re probably asking “does that really happen?” Yes because B2F Fitness coaches get results, and they do everything in their power to assure their clients are excited and fired up for each session.

Let me ask you a serious Question: Have you evaluated your trainers performance lately? On a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being Excellent and 1 being he/she isn’t cutting it but you don’t know how to cut him/her loose.  What score would he/she receive from you? In a time where every penny counts are you investing your cash with the right fitness professional? I’m not here to make the decision for you.  I’m here to empower you to think about it, and make a decision you can live with.

Can you live with the decision you’ve been making all of 2008?

This is what I can tell you about the B2F Fitness Coaches, and Yes I’m bias because I’m the damn President of the company and I’m writing this post. Deal with it! Kidding :-)  All seriousness each B2f Coach program designs every session specifically for each clients individual goals. We take into consideration data like RMR, Body Fat Percentage, Blood type, Actual Blood Test results, and much, much more. In about 2 in a half months we’re going to be asking President Obama what  he will be doing to change the nations financial crisis; You should ask you trainer what they are going to do to guarantee you get results over the next 90 days. If they’re not willing to put their money where their mouth is, it’s time to fire your trainer, and find one who isn’t afraid to step up and be held accountable for their client’s results.

If you like this post please leave your comments in the area provided. If you didn’t like this post also leave your comments and tell me why. I’m open minded and ready to hear all sides of this story. This just happens to be my opinion, and I’m willing to express how I feel about the state of this great industry and how it is losing credibility fast.

Quick Story: My Partner met a prospect yesterday that called him about our programs. Right off the bat she started bashing her previous 3 trainers. Here’s a lady who’s had 3 plus trainers and none have assisted her in creating the body she desires. She’s a professional pain therapist and likes to refer clients to trainers. Wow can you see why so many trainers can’t make enough money to stay in the game long enough to really make a difference. Check back in a few weeks. This mystery prospect will be B2F’S  Next Breakthrough client.

As always Bwell because you deserve to be fit!

Rahsheen D. Slaughter, President, Master Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Results Maker

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Do you Have a fear of public speaking? The B2f Team Showed true Grit today, and stood Strong.

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Today was the first Breakthroughs To Fitness Nutritional Workshop held at Two World’s Dance and Fitness center in Greenvale NY. Today was a defining moment for the B2F Team and a  Huge step in the right direction for the company. I was very pleased with the turnout, and can’t wait to schedule and rip another workshop with more powerful inspiring content.

Fear of public speaking is a true fear for so many people throughout the world. Today Greg, Sharron and I got our feet wet and Jumped into the Public Speaking arena. We hosted our first of many B2F Nutritional workshops. Our theme was Exposing the Three Lies that’s Keeping America Fat.

  1. DeceptiveAdvertising ( Fat Free) ( Zero Trans Fat) ( Low Carbs )
  2. Abdominal Machine That Promise 3 minute Miracle Ab’s
  3. Diet/ Weight Loss in a Bottle ” The Miracle Pill“ 

This workshop was the first formal introduction our RD & Certified Nutritist Sharron Zarabi to many of Breakthroughs To Fitness’s best clients and friends. Sharron joins this dynamic team to continue the explosive growth it has experienced in 2008. She bring a wealth of knowledge and true passion to the team. She has the same vision and personal mission as Greg and I do, and that is why we knew from the start she would make a great addition to our team.

Greg kalafatic opened the workshop with a strong presentation and passionate person account of his rise in the fitness industry. He then skillfully passed the torch to me like a seasoned professional, and I was off and running. We wrapped the workshop up by Raffling off a Free NBT Course to a very deserving B2F client.

We are looking forward to continuing the growth of the B2F Nutritional system and December 1st which is the Official launch date for the New Body Transformation 12 week Fat Blasting/ weight melting, so you can smile course.

We are personally guaranteeing this course will assist you in releasing 10-15 Pounds in 90 days or your money Back. If you’re curious don’t buy it, but if you’re serious about changing your life, and creating the body you always desired then this the Last Fat blasting product you’ll ever have to buy.

Till next time as always Bwell,

Coach Rahz Salughter, www.b2fwellnessshow.com  Stay Tuned for our New Ab workout coming Next week…Get ready to get Shredded…

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Have you had a day like this lately? Simply B2fantastic!!!

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The B2F WELLNESS SHOW Hosted By Coach Rahz Slaughter It’s been one of those days you wish you had more often. Today I woke up feeling great. Got into my very cool 2008 Honda Fit which is this amazing (Vide Blue Pearl) color and drove to my private training studio. My client was right on time, which is a surprise for a 7am Saturday morning. We jumped right into a serious 50 minutes iron lifting, sweat dripping, legs burning, why am I doing this to myself workouts. O’yeah I forgot the best part it was payday too :-) $$$. Then I change clothes, put my lifting gear on and the story begins all over. I did 3 setsof tabata’s at 20/10. All that means is I did a various exercises for 20 seconds and rested for 10 seconds in between. When you do this type of work you continue this 20/10 split for 8 rounds which adds up to 4 minutes of exercise per set. If you’ve never tried this really fun fat burning workout, then you’re going to be surprised because it is alot harder than it sounds. If you don’t believe me check back to this blog in a few days, I’m going to post a Tabata workout for beginners. Tabata’s are especially great for burning fat, and increasing your lung capacity.

Anyway Back to my Awesome day, Next I went home and caught up on a ton of Admin. work, that had been building…

We’ll now I want to go for a ride, so that’s what I’m going to do…It’s great not having a worry in the world. Stay tuned for more details on tabata workouts, and crazy awesome days from Long Island’s #1 wellness coach rahz Slaughter.

As always Bwell,

If you haven’t watch the B2f Wellness introduction video check it out….We’re here to serve you post your health and fitness questions and we’ll answer them on the show…

Bonus:B2F Coach Greg Kalafatic 20/10 Tabata Workout Sept. B2F Newsletter

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Long Island’s #1 Wellness Coach Launches Online Health Show

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The B2F Wellness show begin Next Week September 30th

Click Below to view intrduction video of the B2F Wellness Show

Long Island’s top personal trainers have join forces with breakthroughtofitness.com to create a health show that is going to change health and wellness world forever. Coach Rahz Slaughter will be sharing his 10 plus years in the health and wellness industryto the world wide web every week. If you’re not up-to-date on wellness coaching then you should definitely tune in and get the latest health news from long island’s #1 wellness coach Mineola’s own Rahz Slaughter.

The show will be short in length, but packed with high level usable content. If you’re seeking to create the body you deserve then this is the online health show for you…

” I have one thing to say, Get ready to burn the fat, and increase the muscle the Smart and Healthy way.”

Coach Rahz :-)

Please email me with any questions you may have concerning your health and wellness. The B2F Team of coaches are excited and looking forward to assisting everyone who is serious about getting healthy and Fit.

As always Bwell…..

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