Roslyn Personal Trainer Pulls Off Victory

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If you have been following our recent posts, we have really been focusing on the impact nutrition has with your results. We are not speaking of diets, crash programs, or boring programs. Basic nutrition guidelines is all you require on a consistent basis.

Roslyn Personal Trainer, Coach Frank Hatsis, did just that. Most fighters or martial artists will go on crash diets to make weight. However, Coach Frank trained hard and ate smart for a 90 day time period. By the time of his fight he weighed in at 157 lbs and 7.2% body fat.

Now some would label this as, “it was easy for him to do because he’s a fitness professional and a fighter” What most people do not realize is that Frank comes across similar challenges we all face. One of the major ones is TIME!

We make excuses that time holds us back or doesn’t allow us to prepare food, train during the week, or focus on ourselves.

Well Coach Frank holds 3 jobs, maintains a strict workout routine, and has to prepare his meals in advance to ensure his body builds and recovers properly. He travels to Manhattan from Long Island 3 days a week, coaches kickboxing classes, and trains clients one on one throughout the week.

It is evident that Coach Frank is very busy, but the difference is he prioritizes what’s important to him and sets time in his days to follow through with those priorities.

Here are some of the practices Frank followed throughout his 90 day training period:

1. Trained 6 days a week

2. Prepared meals in advance to support his training. He never missed a meal or starved himself

3. Made water a staple in his plan

4. Got rid of alcohol

His focus, determination, and sacrifice is what earned him his victory. I hope you realize you to can be victorious with your health as long as you recognize your excuses and make small sacrifices in the beginning to achieve your goals. Below is a short clip of Coach Frank’s fight:

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Roslyn Personal Trainer

P.S. If you want to learn how to master your metabolism and get as lean as coach Frank, visit to pick up your free copy of “Mastering Your Metabolism”

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3 Simple Tips to Getting Fired up For a Super Workout

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Breakthroughs To Fitness

Tip Series

The pre-workout mindset is very important to the overall success of your session. With time being so limited in today’s world it is extremely important to make every effort to maximize your workout to the full potential. The three simple tips I’m about to share with you will get you mind and body ready to have your best workout each session. This is a key component to the B2F Training Systems, and one of the keys to our success system.

3 Tips to Getting Fired up for a Super Workout

  1. Write your workout in a Log. “Planning is Everything when it comes to your fitness success”
  2. Proper pre-workout Fuel
  3. The Warm Up is the #1 Factor to super charging all the systems in your body and getting them ready to do the work.

The above tips are simple and anyone can begin using them to improve their workouts and creating the bodies they deserve. I teach all my clients to write their personal fitness plans in a workout log. I have a personal file with workout data for each client I coach. This is just as important when it come to your nutritional plan as well. In this post I won’t go into the specifics of proper pre-meal fueling, but I will stress it’s critical to fuel up before a super workout. If you want to get specific details on nutrition DOWNLOAD OUR FREE NUTRITIONAL CRASH COURSE. You can find it on the right side of the home page of the blog. For theses select few people who really want to enhance their bodies and design a killer physique get more information on The New BoDY Transformation workshop. This 12 week,90 day Body Transformation will change your life. It begins with changing how you think about nutrition and your body and then really dive into the hot-to that most people just don’t know or understand. We will share with you the secrets that only the celebrities and very wealthy are privileged to experience. This course is designed for all ages men and women who are tired of working out and not looking and feeling the way they truly desire. Stop wasting time and start getting results with the B2F Team of Fat Loss Experts.

Tip 3 is one that is near and dear to me , because I see too many people coming into the gym and starting their workouts improperly. I see trainers everyday starting training sessions with clients who walk into the gym and sit right down on a piece of equipment. This is a serious problem and one of the top reasons why so many people get injured and never attain the true results they joined the gym for. B2F Coach start every session with a specific goal in mind, Get the Neural system firing, and internal body temperature raised. We recommend warming up in all three planes of motion, and doing dynamic streches with full range of motion. I will be posting a entire article to this topic in the coming weeks. If this is a topic of value and if anyone would like to receive a ebook on the topic, I will personally create it. All that is required is to comment at the end of this post…

I hope this information assisted all that take action and impediment these simple tips into their workouts.

Till Next time as always Bwell,  Coach Rahz


Overcoming Setbacks- Part 1

Posted in Motivational, Sports on September 7th, 2008 by GregK

There is a time in everyone’s life where progress seems to halt, life is unenjoyable, self-esteem is low, problems keep arising, etc. That is just part of growing as a human being. Just know we all go through it, so don’t give up on your dreams and passions.

It was a hot, sunny day in the summer of 1998. I was participating in a sleep away Lacrosse camp up in Rhode Island with a few teammates from Chaminade Highschool. Things were going amazing.

Scoring goals

Scooping up ground balls

Colliding into opponents


defending this beast who was being recruited by Princeton. I can not recollect his name, but it was quite the adventure guarding this amazing athlete. I can admit, he beat me a bunch of times with his skills, speed, and maturity, but I did not give up.

Game was winding down and he was clearing the ball down the left side of the field speeding like a run away train. I had him perfectly lined up on an angle to knock him out of bounds and suddenly POP! He slips while trying to dodge my bravery and pummels into the outside of my right knee. I continued to play not knowing that this injury could have set me back from playing in my JV football season.

The diagnosis was a torn meniscus in my right knee, and I was told I would be in rehab the entire summer without the ability to practice for football. My hopes were crushed and my summer was uneventful. However, I had my partner by my side (my mom :) ) to ensure I had a quality physical therapist and that I did not miss an appointment.

The moral of the story: I did not give up even though I was depressed about the injury. I promised myself that I would play when the season began. I worked my tail off to ensure my knee was capable of handling the force production and cutting nature of football.

Outcome: I attended the first day of JV football. I started as the running back. And I had an amazing season( until  I busted my ankle before the first game of the playoffs. Yet another setback).

Don’t give up. Pursue your dreams and passions. Find that “buddy/partner” that will aid you along. If you don’t have one, ask me. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward.

Stay tuned for the next setback of my life. This time it was a mental set back that could have ended my football career.

Dedicated to your results,



Greg Kalafatic

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Williams VS. Williams Leaves Fan Wanting More in 2008 U.S Open

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B2FINC.COM  Congratulates Serena Williams on a fantastic Match versus her older sister Venus. The two phenomenal women athletes electrified the Flushing New York crowd. The played head to head tennis for two and half hours. People in the audience said it was like watching the final a week early. Serena is set to play Safina in the next round.

I’ve followed theses two exceptional women athletes since the start of their professional careers, and I’ve never witness two women with the ability to dominants a sport like the Williams Sisters. Over my career as a Fitness trainer, I’ve trained some really great athletic women but never on the level of a Serena or Venus. They are simple Amazing..

I look forward to watching the two sister winning many more Tennis Title around the World.

If you desire to bring your game to the next level and challenge yourself, contact us and Let Breakthroughs To Fitness assist you in making your health and wellness dreams come true.

As always Bwell,

You Deserve to be Fit!

Coach Rahz

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