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Inspiring Story of a Remarkable Women

Hey Coach Rahz here, with an inspiring story from one of our amazing clients. Jillian has become way more than just a client, she has become a friend, mother, and mentor to my team and I. I believe we all require a Jillian in our lives. She brightens up my cloudy days, and brings laughter and love to the studio every time she walks in. One word comes to mind when I think of Jillian: STRENGTH.  Here is her story of Strength, Perseverance and a “Never Give Up” attitude in her own words…

I give you Jillian Ingram…


When Rahz suggested that I have a story worth sharing with other women, I agreed that my recent experiences might resonate with both men and women. I believe all of us meet up with challenges at different times in our lives – often defying prediction and planning. Such was my experience, beginning mid-June 2010.

On a Sunday morning in June, my husband (Paul) woke up to find me passed out on the floor of our bathroom. After waking me up, he guided me back to our bed and called my family physician. I was still with my trusted physician from central New Jersey – so he had to dispense advice from afar. He told Paul to get me to the hospital as quickly as possible. While I have no memory from being on the bathroom floor until eight days later; I am told that I insisted on freshening up before accompanying Paul to the hospital. When we entered the emergency room at Glen Cove Hospital – I summarily waived off offers of wheelchair assistance. Not only did I appear unperturbed, I seemed very upbeat to those around me, despite the fact that I exhibited tremors so pronounced that I was literally “shaking like a leaf.”

I do not remember anything from my eight-day stay in Glen Cove Hospital. I know now that I was in the intensive care unit, with an army of physicians swarming around my bedside trying to get a handle on what was going on for me. They conducted a myriad of tests – determining that I probably had had a drug reaction to a medication prescribed for a tenacious migraine. On Tuesday morning the doctors thought that my condition was improving – but by the end of the day concerns were mounting over my kidney function. By Friday I was in acute kidney failure and was transferred to North Shore University Hospital for dialysis. The physicians at Glen Cove suspected that I had also developed two extremely rare blood disorders: HUS and TTP – disorders affecting the integrity of the red blood cells and platelets respectively.

The probability of a person developing either one of these blood disorders is approximately one in a half a million people – yet tests conducted at North Shore confirmed that I had both. I was given a three percent chance of survival. Treatment for these blood disorders is a blood cleaning process called Plasmapheresis: a lengthy process requiring three and a half to four hours to complete. I experienced many unpleasant side-effects during each treatment – from nausea and severe abdominal cramping to intense body chills. For nine weeks, I received plasmapheresis every day, plus three and a half hours of dialysis every other day. Every second day was excruciatingly brutal; as dialysis is accompanied by its own set of nasty side-effects.

Discharge from North Shore in mid-August was not a “get out of jail free card.” I was transferred to a rehabilitation facility that also provided dialysis. After being bed-ridden for nine weeks I had to learn how to sit upright, stand, and eventually walk again. Greg (Mr. Nutrition) gave me valuable advice on what to look for in a rehabilitation program, as well as sharing a personal recommendation. Every day for two weeks I worked with a physical therapist for two one-hour sessions, and for an additional hour with an occupational therapist. By the time I left rehab I could walk with a walker, climb stairs with a handrail, and dress myself.

Despite early assurances from my first nephrology team, whom I eventually fired, I did not regain my kidney function. Many challenges accompanied my return home. I was still physically very weak and required dialysis three times a week. I was in complete renal failure; so that short of a transplant, I would require dialysis indefinitely. I had to learn the parameters of a renal diet and measure my fluid intake to the ounce (maximum 32 oz/day). My new nephrologist started campaigning for a transplant as soon as I began outpatient dialysis, advising me to “never become complacent with dialysis.” I felt overwhelmed! At the outset, the notion of an organ transplant seemed out-of-reach to me. As the weeks went by, my doctor stressed that transplantation was a necessity, not only for my survival, but also for a certain quality of life. In addition to all of these new issues confronting me – I had other matters that were waiting for my attention since June – not the least of which was the completion of my Master’s thesis in Developmental Psychology.

I contacted my thesis adviser while I was in rehab. She suggested that it would probably be best for me to set aside my thesis and concentrate on my health. Her advice did not sit well with me; as this would mean I would give up the opportunity of completing my degree. I had already satisfied 75% of the academic requirements for my degree – quitting was not an option. So I became reacquainted with my partially-completed thesis – working on it as my physical and mental energies allowed. On June 20, one year plus seven days since my initial hospitalization, my thesis was accepted by the university, and ten days later a Master of Arts degree was conferred upon me.

Eight days after I completed my degree requirements, I received a kidney from my husband. The fact that Paul was a match was nothing short of a miracle – as we are not biologically related and I am a rare blood type. Most people react to my story with the comment “It wasn’t your time.” While this sounds like a sage explanation – I invite you to look back over the last twenty months of my life through another set of lenses.

I attribute my recovery and good fortune to several factors: my indomitable will to live; the love and support I received from Paul, my children, sister, mother, and my friends near and far; learning and strictly following a renal diet plan; making every dialysis appointment; the attentive care I received from many physicians overseeing my treatment at both hospitals; the professional support and inspiration from my treating nephrologist; building a strong network of other physicians – while not hesitating to let go of those doctors who did not meet my needs; resuming my work-outs with Rahz twice a week, every week, from November until transplant; contacting the Transplant Center at LIJ North Shore University Hospital; the exceptional knowledge and skill of this transplant team; making and keeping all of the doctors’ appointments necessary for a medical clearance for an organ transplant; realizing a dream – by completing my degree in psychology; putting my intention out to the universe that I was going to have a kidney transplant; and greeting each new day as an opportunity for change.

What have I learned from these experiences? Never give up – because you cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. Each new day is an invitation to experience something new – if you are open to the possibility.


Coach Rahz Back….. Are you inspired to step up and take your life to new heights? Jillian is and always will be our MetaBurn Shining Star, Will you join Her? It’s your choice.

Glen Cove Personal Trainer Exposes the untold Secret about Fat Loss

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Glen Cove Personal Trainer Exposes the untold Secret about Fat Loss

Coach Rahz here with the untold secret about fat loss.

For some reason, most fitness professionals speak only in terms of nutrition and working out when it comes to fat loss. Great start, but the wrong place to start.

When it comes down to it, most people have a hard time sticking to meal plans and fitness programs.


Because they are programmed to be unsuccessful or to fail!

Seriously. You may not believe it but it is true. Look around you. See how many people are unhappy about their weight, low on energy, or frustrated with how they look. They programmed themselves to fail without knowing it.

I just met a lady the other night. Sweet lady and full of energy deep inside, but because of a tragic incident in her life, she programmed herself to fail on her health and lost all care in the world.

We are not the motivation company (although we provide plenty of it).

We are the WHY company. Why do people do what they do…that’s what we help you figure out and understand so you can move forward in life.

So the untold Secret to fat loss is…


I know sounds like a load of shit but I promise you it’s not. Understanding the why behind a goal is the most important thing. It’s not motivation you need. You have plenty of it. So many people are motivated to do the things they say they don’t want to do.

Instead of motivation seek out the drive. What drives you? Why do you really want to improve your health or lose that weight? We can help you with that. Come on in for a 1 week trial membership and we will help you with your WHY and putting together the 6 components of a program.

Call the office today at 516-203-4534 to schedule a discovery session and 2 training sessions on us!

Dedicated to your results,

Coach Rahz

P.S. Here is another reason people fail in pursuit of the fat loss results they want. FEAR. They fear the unknown or the truth buried deep inside. Don’t be afraid anymore. We can help you, but you have to make the decision to reach out 516-203-4534

Breakthroughs To Fitness, 480 Forest Ave, Locust Valley NY, 11560© 2011 All rights reserved.

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Is this the reason why you can’t lose weight?

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We are 17 days into January of 2010. This is the mark where a good number of people tend to start dropping off from the goals they have set. They tend to make excuses and find convenient scapegoats so they can feel better about themselves when they quit. Instead of me going into this subject, a colleague of ours posted something very similar and I thought it was best to share his story. Read what Mike Roussell had to say below.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

The REAL Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

January 14, 2010 | Comments (9)

Today I wanted to share with you a very insightful story that a friend of mine who runs a gym shared with me.

A woman came into his gym and said that she really wanted to join as she needed to lose weight for health reasons but she could not afford the monthly membership fee. My friend told the woman that he wanted to help her so he’d make her a deal…

He would give her a free 30 day membership. During those first 30 days, if she came in and exercised 15 times then he would give her the next 30 days for free, the same for the next month, and the next month. So in essence this woman could have a lifetime free membership IF she used it. The woman was so happy and very grateful to my friend for making such a generous deal with her. Do you know what happened in the following 30 days?

She showed up 6 times and never came back.


You can probably see what I’m getting at here….money wasn’t the issue. The cost of the gym membership wasn’t the ‘thing’ that was holding this woman back from losing weight. It was a convenient scapegoat.

What are your convenient scape goats?

What are the reasons you give for not losing weight and reaching your goals?

Write them down, crumble up the paper, and throw it in the recycle bin never to mention them again.

Then get down to work and lose the weight.

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Fake It Til You Make It

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Advice: Men, women will love you if you offered the 5 strategies listed below to fake it til you make it on the beach.

Advice: Women, use these strategies as temporary fixes and get your butts to the gym to shape up that body.

Before we get into what I mean by the title Fake It Til You Make It, I just want to remind you of the great event we have planned for this Thursday August 6th at 12:30. It will take place at the Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in the conference room at 2 Medical Plaza in Glen Cove. The event will last for about an hour with light snacks offered and prizes to be handed out.

Cost to you is just your time. For more information, please call us at 516-203-4534 or email us at

Ok now on to the juicy stuff. My eye caught this article written about how celebrities use quick fixes before they head to the beach. As usual, I shook my head, because these magazines are usually filled with useless or horrible strategies to incorporate into our lives.

However, I was inclined to buy the Life and Style magazine for some reason (the clerk looked at me funny since it was an all womens magazine :) ). They actually had some sound advice about bikini body tricks, but the message in my opinion was wrong in how they portrayed it.

Their message was to forget the trainer and exercise and came across that the advice they offered was all you need. Complete nonsense, but the point of this post is to go over how you can fake it like the celebrities til you make it with your fitness and nutrition program. Below are some strategies to incorporate immediately for instant results:

  1. Cleanse your body for 2 days by cutting out all carbonation, salty food, and sugar-free gum. Drink plenty of water, eat only fresh veggies, fruits, and lean meat. This will decrease the bloating in midsection fast
  2. Have a cover up accessory for your bikini wear. A sarong cinches at the waist, making you look like you have a tiny middle.
  3. Runched one-piece makes waist look smaller and hides trouble spots
  4. Natural spray tan can take 10 lbs off instantly. Be sure to get this done by a professional to avoid streaking.
  5. Flirty ruffle top piece can distract eyes from other areas of the body.

These are just a few tips any woman can use for the remaining beach days as summer closes out. These are not permanent solutions rather, instant fixes to hide trouble spots, decrease bloating, and take the public eye of areas you don’t want noticed.

If you have any secrets you personally use, be sure to post them in the comment box below. We would love to hear your strategies.

Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

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I almost died, But I lived my dream…Have you?

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Message from the President

The Breakthrough Specialist

A Strength Coach for your Mind and Body

This article will be featured with many more great article on health and wellness hitting in boxes next Tuesday February 3rd, 2009 to get your copy visit

Breaking News……………………………..

Everyday we are challenged to learn new and exciting lessons. This morning I learned a painful lesson of patience and better time management. I would like to start this month message with a quick story of how quickly life can hand you an uncomfortable situation and opportunity to grow.

I woke from a very deep sleep after a extremely exciting few days working with clients and preparing for the How to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Charity Event. I thought this was going to be another wonderful day and at 7:06am that all changed within 10 second. I lost control of my car and slid into coming traffic hitting one car and just missing another. Why am I sharing this story? First it’s moments like this that make you really appreciate living. Last night I had the opportunity to live a dream; I hosted an event where I was the featured speaker and if I say, I did pretty well. The scary point to this story is less than 9 hours later I was in a situation where I could have lost my life. Yes that real as it get, Time is precious, so it my mission to inspire, educate and empower people everywhere to make the necessary changes in there lives to live everyday as if it where there last. I want people to feel, look, and experience everything life has to offer because only the higher powers know when all of this we call LIFE can END…

As I write this I’m living the most amazing dream anyone could ever ask for and I hope to never wake from it. I have great friends, thriving business with a truly wonderful partner, and most importantly a loving grandmother. This morning I wrecked my car, and less than one hour later I was back living the dream.

You may be asking how he can do that. Its simple just understand there is a lesson in every situation and experience in life. Always look for the positive and stay focused on your dreams and goals. As long as I have my health and breathe in my lungs I will continue to live with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

2009 is going to be a wonderful year, but it will only become what you desire if you set yourself on fire with passion and stay Positive. We look forward to continuing to deliver our best and most up to date health and wellness information every Month. Thank you for continuing to read our newsletter and as always please feel free to email us with suggestions.

Get you Free Copy of the B2f Wellness Newsletter at

Dedicated to your Results,

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

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18 WAYS to UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN and Have a Breakthrough Year

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Coach Rahz’s 18 Ways to Unleash The Power Within

and Create The Body and Life You Deserve

Breakthrough To Fitness

The Next Evolution in Wellness

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  1. Set Written Short, Medium, Long Term Goals
  2. Surround yourself with Positive People
  3. Schedule Reflection Time into your Life Daily
  4. Implement The 80/20 Rule into your Life
  5. Find someone to Model your Success after ( Mentor )
  6. Learn to Discipline you disappointments
  7. Focus on you Strengths
  8. Eat 6 Meals per Day every 3 Hours
  9. Exercise/ Move Daily
  10. Read from a Positive or uplifting book Daily
  11. Do something everyday that stretches or Scare You
  12. Eat or Drink Green Vegetables
  13. Schedule Recreation Relaxation time into your Week
  14. No TV/ NEWSPAPER/ OR MEDIA FOR 21 days
  15. Give a sincere Compliment to 5 People per Day for 21 Days
  16. Practice Smiling throughout your Day
  17. Turn your Car into a Moving University ( Listen to Uplifting Music and Talks )
  18. Thoughts are Things: Write 5 Personal Positive Affirmations

You can unleash your power when you start working on yourself and becoming everything you desire. If you want to release 10 pounds then you have to create a plan to make that a result. Set serious committed goals that stretch and get you out of your current comfort zone. I look forward to sharing more content that will assist you in unleashing your power.

Till next the entire B2F Team wishes you all the Best.

Dedicated to your Result,

“The Breakthrough Specialist”

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

Long Island’s Premier Wellness Coach

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How To Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever

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Focus is a key component to your overall success when it comes to your health and wellness.

Download you Free Copy Of The “Breakthrough Method” The Ultimate Goal Setting System

Focus is something I find many people lack, and it’s the number one reason so many people don’t reach there goals. If you’re seeking to have your Healthiest and Best Year Ever in 2009 it’s going to start with setting goals, and then focusing on the actions steps required to get the job completed. In the Ultimate Goal Setting System guide I walk you step by Step how to set goals and how to make sure you stick to the plan and most importantly accomplish your goals. In creating the system I used information I’ve learned from multiple goal setting trainings, and put together what I would consider the secret to accomplishing any and every goal you set. The system begins by explaining the SMART System and in part 2 of the Breakthrough Method you learn the How to which most people forget to teach. The step required to accomplish a goal is really the most important aspect of goal setting.

I beleive most fitness expert don’t teach goal setting because they don’t set goals themselves. If you don’t exercise or practice what you preach then you’re a fraud. In 2008 I set many goals and because I believe in being transparent with my loyal clients and customers I’m goal to share a few of my goals for 2008.

Coach Rahz’s Goals for 2008

  • Created my company BREAKTHROUGHS TO FITNESS INC.
  • Created my First Audio Inspirational CD
  • Co-Create The #1 Fat Loss Boot-camp On Long Island
  • Read over 23 Books in 2008 My Goal was 18
  • Got Certified as A JSL Wellness Coach
  • Personally Trained Clients over 1000 hours in 2008
  • Got my Body Fat % Under 4 percent
  • Squatted 340 Pounds
  • Bench Pressed 320 Pounds

I think you get the picture, setting goals and staying focused on them throughout a calendar year will assist you in having your best year ever.

Stay Tuned to read what my goals for 2009 are, and Yes they get crazy out of this world BIG. Think Big or don’t think at all…

Dreams are tomorrows coming attractions.

Thank you for allowing me to impact your life and assist you in creating the mind and body connection you deserve.

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

“The Breakthrough Specialist”

“A strength Coach for your Mind and Body”

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5 Factors of Having a Breakthrough Mindset

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What does it take to have a Breakthrough mindset?

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow that person is always excited? What does he/she have that I don’t? Have you ever met someone and you knew anything and everything they touch would turn to gold? Well I have and it didn’t take me long to figure out that  the reason they were so excited, happy, and super successful was that they all created and maintain a breakthrough Mindset. These characteristics not secrets but simple and anyone  can learn and master if they practice and take action. The challenge is that most people say they want to have a breakthrough mindset, but aren’t willing to put the action in play to develop the traits of the ultra successful people. In this brief post I’ll give you the Five Factor of developing a Breakthrough Mindset. But before I do let me ask you this, Do you Deserve to know these Five Factors? Will you take the information and put it into action or just read it and let it float away into space? I hope you’re a action person and ready to make the necessary step to achieving a breakthrough mindset.

Developing a Breakthrough Minset

  1. Focus on the Present…Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Live in the Now…
  2. Write Set Solid, Realistic Goals
  3. Write your Plan out “Journal”
  4. Take Action….Action Means doing something to move you closer to your Goals
  5. Read, Listen, and Get Mentored by others Who Have Been successful at what you’re striving for!

I will be expanding on these five factors in a New Ebook Coming early 2009…Stay Tune…

As always Bwell, because you Deserve to be Fit!

Rahsheen Slaughter, Wellness Coach, Master Trainer

“The Breakthrough Specialist”

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4 Keys To Developing the The NewBody Tranforamation Mindset

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 4 Keys To Developing the The NewBody Tranforamation Mindset

“What the Mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill in His Great Book Think and Grow Rich

What is mindset?  We hear the word used everyday in different areas of our lives, but what does it mean to you? Here’s what I found online; A fixed state of mind; A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. They both work for me. A persons mindset determines how he or she will react or respond in a certain situation. How a person reacts is a key fundamental when it comes to creating the body you desire.

As Coach Greg Kalafatic posted in a previous posting on Saturday October 25, I have transformed my body many times, and I will not begin to tell you it was easy. Simple yes, because I used the 4 keys to a Newbody transformation.  In this post I will cover each of these fours keys, and in addition, I will offer 15 minutes of Wellness Coaching to anyone who comments and leaves feedback about this post.

The 4 Keys To The New body Tranformation Mindset

  1. Decide
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Visualize the End
  4. Never Quit

A simple system to achieve anything you desire in life.

You’re going be amazed at how simple it is to create the body you desire. This system can be used in any area of your life. It has assisted me in my career as a Top Wellness Coach, Bodybuilder, and becoming the person that attracts great people into my life.

How to use the 4 Keys:

  • First you have to Decide what it is you really want to achieve. Deciding is the starting point of all your success’s or failures.  
  • Second step is Creating the Plan. The plan is super important because without it you will be like a sailboat with no sail. A great quote I love to share is, “Fail to Plan, and you Plan to Fail.” The plan give you a step by step map to follow and keep you going in the right direction.
  • Third is Visualizing the End. I can’t stress this enough. Visualization has assisted so many successful people because it works. The subconscious mind is super powerful, and we can use it to our benefit if we simply trust it. In order for this to work you have to do it daily, and always put yourself in the positive state of mind prior to your success visualization session. It doesn’t have to be long, just 5 minutes daily will greatly assist you in your process to reach the new body transformation you’re striving to achieve. Keeping your  End in Mind throughout the transformation process will keep you focused when times get rough and I promise you they will.  
  • Last but not least Never Quit. Quitting is never an option. When you set your sights on a goal, always finish it. Life is about finishing what you start. The main reason we have so many diets, gyms, and Bullshit Weight loss systems is because people are always seeking the next best Gimmick. Use the 4 keys to a New Body Transformation with the assistance of your B2f Team and you’ll be on the Road to creating a amazing body and mind Transformation…

For more information on The New Body Transformaiton  Workshop Visit

Only visit if you’re serious about changing your body and mind, It’s not for people not ready to make the decision to Make It Happen…

As Always Bwell, Coach Rahz Slaughter,

Long Islands Top Wellness Coach

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Do you Have a fear of public speaking? The B2f Team Showed true Grit today, and stood Strong.

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Today was the first Breakthroughs To Fitness Nutritional Workshop held at Two World’s Dance and Fitness center in Greenvale NY. Today was a defining moment for the B2F Team and a  Huge step in the right direction for the company. I was very pleased with the turnout, and can’t wait to schedule and rip another workshop with more powerful inspiring content.

Fear of public speaking is a true fear for so many people throughout the world. Today Greg, Sharron and I got our feet wet and Jumped into the Public Speaking arena. We hosted our first of many B2F Nutritional workshops. Our theme was Exposing the Three Lies that’s Keeping America Fat.

  1. DeceptiveAdvertising ( Fat Free) ( Zero Trans Fat) ( Low Carbs )
  2. Abdominal Machine That Promise 3 minute Miracle Ab’s
  3. Diet/ Weight Loss in a Bottle ” The Miracle Pill“ 

This workshop was the first formal introduction our RD & Certified Nutritist Sharron Zarabi to many of Breakthroughs To Fitness’s best clients and friends. Sharron joins this dynamic team to continue the explosive growth it has experienced in 2008. She bring a wealth of knowledge and true passion to the team. She has the same vision and personal mission as Greg and I do, and that is why we knew from the start she would make a great addition to our team.

Greg kalafatic opened the workshop with a strong presentation and passionate person account of his rise in the fitness industry. He then skillfully passed the torch to me like a seasoned professional, and I was off and running. We wrapped the workshop up by Raffling off a Free NBT Course to a very deserving B2F client.

We are looking forward to continuing the growth of the B2F Nutritional system and December 1st which is the Official launch date for the New Body Transformation 12 week Fat Blasting/ weight melting, so you can smile course.

We are personally guaranteeing this course will assist you in releasing 10-15 Pounds in 90 days or your money Back. If you’re curious don’t buy it, but if you’re serious about changing your life, and creating the body you always desired then this the Last Fat blasting product you’ll ever have to buy.

Till next time as always Bwell,

Coach Rahz Salughter,  Stay Tuned for our New Ab workout coming Next week…Get ready to get Shredded…

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