The Power of your Network

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The Power of your Network

The Gym is a Networkers Dream                                                         Get Healthy and Increase you Network

One of my mentor is a MLM Company I was in told me your Net Worth equals your Network.

If you’re not networking and building relationships, then you’re not building your business or your Net Worth.

I bet you’re asking what does this have to do with Health and Wellness? Everything… I just finished a meeting with a very influencial person who works for a Large office supply company that was just purchased by Staples. This all happened because a old friend found me on Facebook, and invited me to a networking meeting. I’ve meet a ton a great people and business partners and friends because of a mutual friend made the initial introduction. Networking is everything, and it can improve your health and wealth too. Yes I said Wealth Too! It’s all about who you know, and Who they know in Business. If someone tell you different, They don’t have a network, Period.

If you’re not networking now, Go out and Start. Start building relationships and before you know it you’re going to start seeing a return on your investment.

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