7 Secrets to New Year?s Resolutions

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Coach Rahz & Greg

Meet Your Fit Coaches for 2013

With all the talk this past week of “New Year’s Resolutions” I really
got to thinking about a system for setting a goal – I’m big on setting
goals- for the entire year and having 100% success with achieving
it. Here are some observations I’ve made about “Why Resolutions
Don’t Work”

1. Too unspecific: starting the year with a resolution to lose weight
is a recipe for failure. You need to be specific with how much weight
you want to lose, when you want to lose it, why you want to lose it etc.

2. Too far away: setting a goal for the entire year is not bad in itself
but if you don’t break it down into smaller goals with their own individual
deadlines it becomes too large of a task or worse you may feel like you
have all the time in the world to achieve the goals and end up
procrastinating and not achieving any of them.

3. Only solves a tiny problem: setting a resolution like, “I won’t drink
soda all year” is great……for a 1 month goal. After that point it should
be a habit and you should then be focusing on the next new habit. So
instead of one new good habit for the entire year you now have 12.

4. Do or die: most people set out to do a resolution and end up quitting
at the first sign of trouble. “Don’t drink soda for a year” works for a while
until that party comes up that you have a soda and then you go, “damn
I ruined my resolution!” Oh well I guess I can have soda now.” 80% of the
time is better than 0% of the time. Stick to something and realize you’re
not going to be perfect.

5. Resolution boredom: focusing on one singular goal for an entire year
is extremely boring.

6. No Carrot: most people don’t establish the real reason behind their goal.
You set a goal to not drink soda for a year. Why? To lose weight. Why?
Seriously! There are plenty of fat people that don’t care they are fat. Why is
it a problem for you and why is it important for you to change?

7. No stick: Lastly, the big one is that nobody sets a consequence for their
resolution. Establish what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal and
share that with 5 people who will hold you accountable if you fail.

Example: “I want to lose 50 pounds in the next year because I don’t like the
way I look and feel and if I don’t reach this goal I have to take my fitness
Coach Rahz out to a fancy dinner at his favorite restaurant.”

Now that is a resolution?

Go make it happen. I know you can.

Your supporting Coach,

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3 fat-burning pastas (pics and recipes below)

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One of the biggest myths in the fat-loss industry is that carbs like pasta make you fat.

Don’t get me wrong…unhealthy pastas (we’ll get to the 3 healthy ones in a sec), and certain carbs can definitely cause more fat storage. They can also lead to insulin resistance and cause certain food sensitivities that will KEEP you in a fat storing environment.

For example, most folks don’t even realize that today’s modern wheat is TOTALLY different from the wheat our ancestors ate, or even the wheat from just 10 to 20 years ago.

In fact, research is now showing that just two slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar MORE than 2 tablespoons of pure cane sugar.

And this is only the beginning.

  • Store bought fruits and vegetables are now loaded with pesticides, herbicides, and even genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These residual chemicals and modified fake foods can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals — and have been linked to several diseases including cancer.
  • Corn fed beef and pork has been shown to contain 9xs the bad estrogen than natural pasture raised pork and grass fed beef. It also tends to be too high in omega 6 fats compared to its grass fed buddies.
  • Most over the counter dairy are loaded with fillers, hidden chemicals, and poor quality protein. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are the only two exceptions to this rule, but watch for hidden sugars and preservatives.
  • Store bought egg yolks can tend to be loaded with hormones passed along from the cage raised chickens.
  • Roasted nuts are an “ok” source of friendly fat, but the roasting process basically destroys all the “good” fats.

Even the most popular trendy grocery store chains have been shown to carry so-called “healthy” foods that contain GMO’s, which is basically “fake” food that causes aggressive cancer tumor growth in mice.

I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. Today’s food systems are designed to be fast and convenient.

As a result, the nutrient quality is not only poor…and it can be downright dangerous for your health. I’m not trying to be a fear monger. I’m just trying to raise your level of awareness.

Knowledge is half the battle.

And sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.

However, my good friend and fat-loss expert Shaun Hadsall’s 4 Cycle Fat-Loss product allows you to eat things like pasta to burn MORE fat.

Sound crazy?

Well even though I usually save pasta for my cheat days, Shaun just gave me 3 healthy pastas that are exceptions to the rule.

Holla! :)

3 healthy pastas that can help you burn more fat

By: Shaun Hadsall – CPT and Creator of 4 Cycle Fat-Loss

#1: Gluten Free-Organic Brown Rice Pasta (higher carb)

This pasta is still considered a starch, but if you’re a pasta freak give this a try a few hours before or after a workout with a piece of wild caught fish or a turkey burger.

*Use this on your Carb Up days when you carb cycle.

#2 Gluten Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti (medium carb)

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was. My wife threw some homemade red sauce on it and cooked me up a grass fed burger with some Swiss chard, garlic, and mushrooms on the side.

Man she can cook. :)

This has 16 grams of healthy low glycemic carbs and 20 grams of protein. It also only contains one ingredient. Well two really; black beans and water.

*Use this on your baseline days when you carb cycle.

#3: Shirataki Spaghetti (low carb)

I’m basically working sun up til sun down on the release of my new updated 4 Cycle Fat-Loss system — so I had this particular pasta last night because I’m going low carb this week from not exercising.

It only has 4 grams of carbs per serving, it’s gluten free and vegan…and it tastes like real spaghetti.

My wife cooked it up and than added some free range chicken breasts, shitake mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, bamboo shoots, ginger, red pepper flakes…and then added some gluten free low sodium soy sauce.


*Use this on your carb down or deplete days when you carb cycle.

So there you have it.

Three healthy pastas that can help you burn more fat.

Just make sure to…

  1. Always combine these pastas with a complete protein source (you can get away with eating the black bean spaghetti by itself, but I still recommend adding a little more complete animal protein).
  2. Time your intake of these pastas properly.
  3. Don’t use them everyday.

And that’s pretty much what my new updated 4 Cycle Fat-Loss system is all about. Understanding how to “cycle” healthy carbs using the 4 proven cycles of Macro-Patterning.

And don’t forget about all the bonuses you get when you take action today…

Bonus #1: Food Timing Tricks for RAPID Fat-Loss

Bonus #2: The 7 Day Ab “Targeted” Cardio & Interval Solution

Max out your body’s ability to burn lower belly fat by synergistically using Shaun’s food timing tricks WITH his Ab “Targeted” exercise protocol.

Experience 7 days of your FASTEST fat-loss ever:

==> 4 Cycle Solution HALF price + TWO Rapid Fat-Loss Bonuses FREE

Remember, the price doubles tomorrow and the *free* rapid-fat loss bonuses disappear for good – so take action now.

Here’s to staying lean through the holidays this year!

Coach Rahz and Mr. Nutrition

Long Island Personal Trainer Discovers Best Mexican Restaurant in Glen Cove

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Long Island Personal Trainer Discovers Best Mexican Restaurant in Glen Cove

It’s not often you hear about the smaller places here on Long Island because they have a hard time competing against the bigger restaurants when it comes to popularity in the media or marketing budgets to spread the word.

But…they absolutely compete and most times surpass the bigger competition with great quality food, amazing customer service, and an exceptional experience upon leaving.

Well your two favorite Long Island Personal Trainers from the Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio right here in Locust Valley are on a mission to visit the smaller restaurant, do an honest review, and help uncover the hidden restaurant gems on Long Island.

Today we have our Best Mexican Restaurant on Long Island…


They have some of the best tasting dishes (Mr. Nutrition loves the Avocado and Shrimp salad) and delicious Margaritas!

Here is a video below of us visiting Puerto Vallarta in Glen Cove and talking about our two favorite dishes with some nutrition tips behind them.

Hope you have a chance to visit Puerto Vallarta and odds are you may just run into your favorite and best Long Island Personal Trainers :) . Leave us a comment with any of your small hidden gem restaurants and we will set up a visit to give our review and nutrition advice.

As always, if you found this video or blog gave you some insight on nutrition or fitness, or opened your eyes to a new place to try, share this in social media world by Facebooking the blog link or tweeting it. The more we work together by sharing our favorite places with Social Networking, the longer these places will continue to serve at a high level.

Stay Fit, Stay Firm, The Surgery Free Way!

Coach Rahz and Mr. Nutrition

P.S. If you need more assistance with your fitness or nutrition plan, we are happy to help and offer you a complimentary consultation and tour of our fat loss studio. Just give us a call at 516-203-4534 or Contact Us Online and fill out a form.

P.P.S. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any updates! <—click here

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Locust Valley Hottest Shoulder Workout

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Sexy, Hot Shoulder without the Bulk

Hey It’s your Coach Rahz Slaughter here. It’s been along time since we talked so I thought I put up a crazy cool shoulder workout video for you today. If you missed me I’ve been hanging out over at www.metaburnfittv.com Come over and say hello, but more importantly subscribe to MetaBurn Fit TV channel and never miss a show. So with out further ado I introduce you you to the Metaburn Newest team member Elaina Estrada WBFF Fitness Model competitor.

MetaBurn Fit TV Presents:

Sexy Lean Shoulder Exercises for Women | Weight Loss | Tighten Up Tips

Click the YouTube Link and Let me know what you think. Leave your comments below the post.

Stay Fit, Stay Firm, The Surgery Free Way…

Coach Rahz OUT!

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Carb Cycling Path to Rock Hard Abs

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Guest Blog Post

Hey Coach Rahz here and I got a really good guest Blog post today from a fellow Fit Pro from across the pond. His name is Mirsad Hasic and he’s a online publisher for multiple blogs and has a really cool website called Ab-Solutely-Fit.com

So without further a do, Let’s give a Big MetaBurn Welcome to Mirsad Hasic.

Carb Cycling — The Under appreciated Path to Rock Hard Abs

MetaBurn Training Studio|Fat Burning on Long Island| Long Island Personal Training

MetaBurn Training Studio

Yeah, we get it — you’ve heard it all before. Abs are made in the kitchen, not on the gym floor. Ooh, we even got a little poetic flow in there too, who knew?

All jokes aside, we can’t ignore the power of nutrition when it comes to building the bodies we want. Any bodybuilder will tell you that food is fuel and nothing more than that, so if you really want to build your own Ferrari, you need to know how to fuel it up for maximum performance.

Shattering the Diet Myths Surround Ab Work

Getting great abs and keeping them can often be two different things. Yes, there are ways people shortcut their way to getting abs, but they’re temporary. Nothing lasts when you go about it with unsound principles dancing in your head.

To say that diet doesn’t matter would be like saying you don’t really need a good engine in your car to get from Los Angeles to Vegas. Sure, you could travel the length in a soapbox derby car and rely on human power, but it’s going to take you five times as long and you’re going to be exhausted by the time you get there — if you don’t just turn tail and go back to L.A., of course.

Carb Cycling, Defined

Bodybuilders have been using carb cycling tactics for years to do a wide variety of goals with their bodies. If they want to shred fat, they’re going to be carb cycling. If they want to bulk up, they’re going to be carb cycling. But that doesn’t describe what CCing is really all about.

Well, it’s straightforward enough — you want to feed your body different macro-nutrient profiles in order to keep your body guessing so that it doesn’t fall into just burning at a set point and keeping you from your goals.

It does make carbs the star of the show, but it doesn’t just focus on the carbs. You also will need to adjust your protein and fat accordingly.

Most bodybuilders do this basing it on activity rather than just going by “feel”. You will naturally want to adjust later, but there’s nothing wrong with starting with a higher amount of carbs for your lifting days, and then lowering it during times where you’re not lifting.

The body uses carbohydrates as glucose to fuel the system, but protein to feed and build those muscles. You will also need to ensure that you’re giving the brain enough fat to function.

Different percentages work for different people. You might want to try 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat — or switch over to 50% carbs, 45% protein, and 5% fat when you’re lifting. There are so many ways to carb cycle, but the importance is that you’re changing things up. The standard schedule seems to be three days “low”, with 1 day high.

The Quality of Your Carbs Matters

You have to make sure that you’re going with quality sources for all three macro-nutrients. When it comes to carbs, the type of carbs that you choose matter. Don’t just bulk up on pasta and bread and crackers. You will want to go with roots, tubers, and nuts as well. Those are going to give you more energy and also break down slower, nourishing your body better than a loaf of white bread ever could.

Don’t forget the veggies, either — going with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onions and celery aren’t bad options and they can really make your dishes burst with new flavors. Fruits also have their place — natural sugar isn’t a bad thing at all, and our ancient ancestors would have eaten fruit if it was ripe and in season! Apples, pears, bananas, tropical fruit and more are all great selections to add.

Protein Power?

Protein sources can include chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, tuna, oily fish like salmon and mackerel, as well as cod, halibut, walleye and more.

The Big Fat Question

Fat is something that people have been having a hard time dealing with forever. Here’s a newsflash: your brain needs it! Your body needs it! Your mood depends on it! However, not all fats are created equal.

You will definitely want to make sure that you’re getting it from animal fat, butter, coconut oil and sparingly from olive oil and other polyunsaturated fats. The body gets a lot of Omega-6 fatty acids as it is from a standard Western diet, and this often leads to inflammation and slower recovery. Olive oil has a place, but it doesn’t need to steal the show.

Avoid vegetable, canola, and soybean oils as much as possible — they are often rancid from the beginning, or they become rancid quickly. Overall, now is the time to seize control of your health through nutrition. Even though it might sound boring, it’s really the best way to go if you really want to build those rock hard abs!

Coach Rahz Back… As I said Mirsad delivered a great post and if you liked his post check out is blog too. Let me know if you have any comments or questions about any the the information in this post I will be more than excited to break it down for you.

As Always Stay Fit, Stay Firm the Surgery Free Way!

Coach Rahz :-)


MetaBurn Fitness Studio | Guest Post Rajdeep Paulus

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Hello and Wzup it’s your Coach Rahz Here and I am fired up to Bring you another great Guest Post from one of our outstanding and amazing MetaBurn Clients. She’s really shown what it mean to live the Meatburn Effect and embrace living a healthy and positive lifestyle. Raj is a super person and a amazing writer that’s why I’m so super she decided to share her Metaburn experience in her own word. Without further ado I give you Rajdeep Paulus. Enjoy

“Digging deep in 2012” by Rajdeep Paulus

Personal Trainer, Long Island Personal Trainer, Metaburn Studio, Rahz Slaughter

MetaBurn Fitness Studio Locust Valley NY

I love to work out. Well, not exactly. But I do love the side effects, the after effects and the future effects.

I began to take my health more seriously after my fourth daughter was born. When my back decided not to wake up one morning, only days after giving birth, and it took me over twenty minutes just to sit up in bed to nurse my newest princess, I had no choice. I had to go to the doctor. When you’re married to a doctor, you triage ninety per cent of ailments, and save yourself the trip and just detour to the nearest Walgreens. This time, the card I picked up said, “Straight to the MRI center, do not pass go or collect any Advil, until you know what the heck is going on with your back.” Or something to that effect. Come to find out I have four, not one, not two, but FOUR herniated discs in my lower back. Which when aggravated, can make my life a living hell and keep me from doing just about anything.

This was my red light moment. Everyone has one. The point at which you have to stop ignoring your health and take action. I called up my primary care physician and discussed the results. She happens to struggle with back issues as well, and told me the exact words I needed to hear:

“Well, you can get several epidural shots for a temporary fix, you can have a very complicated surgery on your back, or…I’ll see you at the pool.”

“I’ll see you at the pool.”

I knew that I had no choice. If I wanted to continue to do the things I love like hiking, kayaking, and playing basketball, I had to take care of my health, especially my back. And the truth of the matter is, every less inch of unnecessary weight you rid yourself of also decreases the stress on your back.

I’ve worked out pretty consistently for the last four years, but I’ve yet to shed all the prego pounds that have accumulated over the last ten, during which I had my four children. In a recent decision to change gyms, I have yet again made a life altering turn in my progress. When I first walked into the Metaburn studio, I was skeptical, wondering how different could it be from all the other gyms and classes I’ve taken. The first trainer I saw was Greg, and immediately, I laughed. I know this guy. When he used to run classes at the YMCA, he kicked my butt every time. I’d be hurting for days afterward. In a good way.

And sure enough, in a matter of thirty minutes, I probably burned a thousand calories. Okay, maybe closer to four hundred. He also works with your nutrition, helping you to tweak your eating for maximum results. That first day, he had us doing a buzillion squats, lunges, push-ups, weights, and ten burpees to finish. What are burpees you ask? They’re like push-ups power packed inside jumping jacks if you ask me. And I love them! NOT! But they do what Greg and his team argues give you the cardio-metabolic finish that helps you burn fat all day. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Greg’s three words that ring in my ears during his sessions are “You Got This!” And he’s with you till you get there! With a high five in one hand and a protein shake in the other. Well, not really [about the shake], but his enthusiasm brings you back week after week.

Then there’s Rahz. He’s actually a walking miracle. I hope someday I can interview him and give you the lowdown of his humble beginnings to the strong man that he is today. He runs the place, and when you walk in to his class, you know there will be no apologies, no whining, and no excuses. He’ll work you hard and you’ll thank him when you finish.

Rahz says the two words that are my words for 2012. Since my name is Rajdeep after all. Those two words are “Dig Deep!” And when he says them, you just want to dig a little deeper and finish the race.

Another trainer I so admire is Ann-Marie. She’s the female strong woman I aspire to be. She’s gentle yet firm, pushes you to your limits, but also helps you to listen to your body and adjusts your work out to prevent injuries. She always has a smile on her face and her story is also an inspiring one. I hear she’s planning to share it someday on her Blog! So I won’t steal her thunder.

Her three words that she’ll say as you turn the corner and see the finish line ahead of you are “You’re Almost There.” Because she’s not settling for you to give up half way. She sees you through and her voice of encouragement fuels your weary muscles to keep going.

Finally, there’s John. What can I say about the guy who greets me when the sun still hasn’t risen three times a week when I make it to the gym at 6:30 in the morning? He’s all about the mapped out workout. He lays it out on the board so you know exactly where you’re going and he helps you get there. He tells you that you’ll be glad you came. Just not before or during the workout. But definitely afterward. And he’s right. Every time.

John’s two words that remind me time and time again that my health is ultimately in my own choices and in my hands are simply, “Challenge yourself.” Because the truth of the matter is, if you don’t challenge yourself, no one else can do that for you. You have to want it that bad.

And I do. I want the health. The body. And the strength that I am willing to fight for. Cuz it’s a fight. But I’m getting back in that ring every week. Because it’s not about four months or fifteen pounds for me. It’s a lifetime commitment to my family and to myself. I plan to hike mountains on my fiftieth wedding anniversary and run around with my grandkids. I’m planning for that now. Plus, doesn’t hurt to look good. Gotta think about my picture on the back of my book after all.

So what are you waiting for?

Challenge Yourself!

Dig Deep!

You’re Almost There!

You Got this!


For other writings by Rajdeep Paulus, come dive into her Blog at www.insearchofwaterfalls.com …she warns…you will get wet!

Hey Coach Rahz back again, wasn’t that great? Don’t forget to show some Love and leave a comment below in the box you know how I love to hear from my loyal MetaBurn Readers…

See you Soon!

Let’s Burn!

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Eat Less Meat and Burn Fat

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To EAT Meat or Not That is the Question?

It’s You Choice make it Fit your Goals and lifestyle…..

Hey it’s coach Rahz here with a post that may shock our loyal readers.  Many of you know my love for body building and sports in general. I would consider myself a purest when it comes to eating like a bodybuilder. I feel we’re all bodybuilders of sort. You are either building a strong Adonis body or a soft Michelin man body. What you eat directly influences how you look and feel. So with that said brings me to the topic of should we eat meat or not?

Old school bodybuilder were carnivore and that’s what I’ve been my whole life until now. Over the last few months I’ve been studying and researching alternative ways of eating healthy and not losing my hard earned lean muscle. After a few hundred hours of reading, I’m going to make a bold statement. “Not eating meat will not make you lose muscle.” Not training hard and sitting on your ass is what make your body loss muscle.

So here’s where I am today. one of my 2012 goals is to eat significantly less animal protein and kick up my natural plant based protein. I feel I’ve discovered a happy medium between my animal protein and plant based protein ratio. I’m not going to become a 100% veggie guy because it just not for me. I don’t knock those who are vegetarian or vegans, I just have my personal opinion on the subject and it works for my clients and I.

Coach Rahz’s 2012 Resolutions

So I thought I share some of the ways I’m committed to eating less animal protein in 2012.

  1. Meatless Monday- No Meat in my diet all day Monday
  2. 1 meal per day will consist of Nuts or Bean Protein Only
  3. Reduce my Macro-nutrient ratio to 45%/30%/25% – Carbs, Protein, fat- My Protein intake was higher last year about 35%
  4. Start each Weekday Morning with Greens Smoothie or a cup Green Tea & Fruit at 4:30am :-) Genesis

I thought I would also share my favorite Green Machine Power Shake Recipe which I am going to be start my weekdays off with as of Jan. 2nd

Greens Veggie Smoothie

  • 1 cup coconut, rice, or almond milk, or water [I Prefer Water]
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of another fruit (fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries)
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 4 or 5 ice cubes to make cold

Blend all the ingredients together and you are all set to kick-start your body’s fat burning engine. If you rather not have to blend all the fruits and veggies up or you’re just tight for time Prograde Nutrition makes a great green mix call Genesis. It tastes really good and very convenient. I’m super impressed but the taste, and how good I feel hours after drinking the shake. If you would like to get more details on the Genesis Green drink or any other Prograde Supplement  [CLICK HERE]

If you liked this post don’t forget to pass it on to your social networks. Also let me know your your favorite morning drink.

Have a outstanding day, and I’ll chat with you all again real soon.

Post Summary: You make your decision to eat more meat or less, but I’m committed to less because it’s clear as the day is bright that less animal protein is better for your health. So as a matter of health start slow and make healthier choices daily. Go Green!

Coach Rahz :-)

MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio

Locust Valley, NY

10 Fast, Easy, and Effective Strategies to Jump Start your New Year Fat Loss Program

Posted in meta burn on December 12th, 2011 by admin

How To Make  2012 your Fittest Year Ever

Hey it’s Coach Rahz here,

Today I want to talk about creating your road map to having your fittest year ever. I personally love December and it’s not just because my clients bring and send me awesome gifts…Hint! :-) Over the past 12 years I have been blessed to work with thousands of people and I’ve discovered a few common trends that set successful clients and non successful clients apart when it comes to setting and achieving breakthrough fat loss results.

In this post I’m going to share ten strategies and tips I have seen work year after year with many of my best body transformation success stories. One such story is a young lady, Let’s call her Melissa. She began her personal transformation by joining my famous 7 week body transformation challenge almost one year ago. After 11 months of sweating it out and creating personal bests month after month, Melissa is down over 30 pounds and has revitalized here life in more ways than just redesigning her body.

You may be asking why is Melissa so successful and I’m not? My mentor and someone I have a tremendous amount of respect says it best, “If you want what successful people have you have to model what successful people do.” Anthony Robbins

Before I give you my 10 Fat Loss Tips here’s a quick checklist to ask yourself. If you’re not doing at least 95% of the list below then you have your answer why you are not getting the fat loss Results as my Superstar Client Melissa.

Success Checklist the Anatomy of a Superstar Client

  • Following a detailed Meal Plan – Schedule your meals, and only eat when scheduled to eat.
  • Grocery Shop weekly – Buy Fresh Fruit and Veggies
  • No drinking Alcohol Daily – Liquid calories Make you Fat
  • Stop Making Excuses why you can’t get to the Gym- You are either Committed or Not, there is no middle.
  • Ask for Help- Online, Hire a Coach
  • Write your Goals on PAPER – 90 Day increments
  • Goal Setting for Fat Loss in Locust Valley

TEN Tips and Success Strategies for Success Fat Loss

  1. Plan your Meals out in advance
  2. Use Measuring cups
  3. Do Smart-Cardio in The Morning
  4. Track all meals with a Journal
  5. Stop Eating all Starchy Carbs after 6pm
  6. Strength Train 3 Times per Week for 30 Minutes
  7. Educate yourself on the Science of Fat Burning ( Read My Blog :-) Great Post 7 Of The BEST Foods For Belly Fat Fighting
  8. Lift Heavier Weights
  9. Drink 70-80 oz Pure Water Everyday [MetaBurn Fat Loss Secret to Optimizing you Metabolism]
  10. Get a Coach or Accountability Partner  [ Contact Us email: b2f@b2finc.com ]

If you follow the 10 tips and strategies above and start modeling what Melissa did to create such amazing fat loss results over this past year, you will begin your own journey to creating your best year ever in 2012.

Please Share this post with some of your loved ones and friends….Thank you for helping me spread my message…

As always please ask questions in the comment box or just leave a me a comment with your thoughts about this post. Your Feedback inspires me to create and get better at delivering you the best fat loss information I can. I wish you all the best this New Year, Let’s make it Rock.

:-) Coming Soon Surgery Free Tummy Tuck Workouts DVD…

Dedicated to empowering women to create their best body.

Rahsheen Slaughter, MPT aka Coach Rahz

Handsome Fella Right? Compliments get you more great Fat Loss Posts.

10 Holiday Cheat Meal Strategies to Burn Fat

Posted in meta burn on November 23rd, 2011 by admin

10 Holiday Cheat Meal Strategies to Burn Fat The Right Way

What's your favorite Cheat Meal?

Before I get into the 10 Holiday Cheat Meal Strategies To Burn Fat, I just want to announce we are hosting our 3rd Annual Gut Buster Workout on Thanksgiving morning at the Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio. This is a free metabolic workout designed to prepare your body for the Thanksgiving feast ahead.

It begins at 8am sharp. All we ask in exchange for your revved up metabolism is 3 canned food items to feed those in need this holiday. Whether near by or somewhat further, this will be your best fat burning workout to date! We are located at 480 Forest Ave in Locust Valley, NY (inside Forest Executive Center on corner of Forest Ave). Here is a flyer for the event, just show up.

Gonna be a great time and will be the start of your 10 Cheat Meal Strategies below for the holiday season.


Researchers have proven that weight gain during the holiday actually isn’t that bad. They shown that on average most people only gain a pound and those who are more overweight or obese tend to put on about 5lbs. From a number view that might not shock people to change or seem like a lot. But…what they don’t tell you is about the rabbit hole this weight gain can lead too.

Those who gain weight during the holiday typically have a difficult time burning the fat off, and psychologically go into the new year at a disadvantage.

Let’s cut to the chase and give you these strategies. There is a condensed version you can download and print below to hang on your frig. I’ll explain them in detail on the blog.

10_Holiday_Cheat_Meal_Strategies<—right click and save as

Strategy #1: DO NOT eat until discomfort. People tend to blow cheat meals/days out of proportion by stuffing loads of calories down their throat until they are ready to vomit. Eat whatever you want, just don’t push it til you want to puke. If you over do it, your body will begin to shut down because it won’t be able to handle an overspill of food. Hence why we get tired and sluggish after we eat. Gain the self control to eat what you want but in a tolerable quantity your body can handle. You’ll know when you reached the limit

Strategy #2: Depending on what you are cheating with, eat your protein first.  Protein will help fill you up and keep you satisfied. If you haven’t heard of the thermic effect, protein has the highest above carbohydrates and fats. Meaning it takes more calories from the body just to breakdown and digest protein. If your cheat meal is more based on items like ice cream or pizza (which are low on the protein count), then just slow your time of eating them to help fill you up to comfort level.

Strategy #3: Make sure you have taken in plenty of vegetables (7-10 servings) for the day before your cheat meal. This gives your body plenty of nutrients and fiber to help fight the calories and push them out. If you are not familiar of what a serving size is, you can get the answers here SERVING SIZE CHART. Don’t get hung up too much on the exact serving. Just be sure to eat more vegetables then normal to keep your body healthy during the cheat meal experience.

Strategy #4: Have your cheat meal in the afternoon or night. Most people make a BIG mistake by going to a place like IHOP for breakfast and starting their day off with a cheat. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of continuous cheating all day.  Start your day right and eat clean up until your cheat meal. Cheating in the morning can also lead to a lack of productivity and focus.

Strategy #5: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS eat at a table and never in front of a TV. Doing this will keep you conscious of how big of a cheat meal you are actually having. If you haven’t read the book Mindless Eating, grab a copy today. It explains all about how we mindlessly eat throughout the day. It’s backed by a ton of research they did observing hundreds of people. You can experiment yourself. Grab a large bag of chips and watch your favorite movie. At the end measure how many calories you just ingested.

Strategy #6: Don’t plan your cheat meal. Have whatever you want at the moment of your cheat. Don’t go grocery shopping for it, because then there is a chance of left over cheat meal for the next day. Typically we are bad estimators. So we may estimate we need X amount of Y and Z to create your cheat meal. What happens most times is there is left overs. What’s left over leads to temptation the next day unless you toss it as soon as you are done eating.

Strategy #7: Don’t excessively drink alcohol. 1-2 drinks is ok, but more will reverse the effects of a cheat. They have shown that an excess amount of alcohol can decrease your levels of the hormone Leptin (fat burning hormone). Whereas the cheat meal is intended to burst the level of Leptin upwards, alcohol can reverse this process. 

Strategy #8: Feed yourself consistently throughout the day. Don’t skip meals to save calories for your cheat meal. The guilty like to do this because they like to even things out. Drop the rules of balance when on your cheat meal. Feed yourself every 2-3 hours until you get to your cheat meal. Make sure to start your first meal when you normally do in the morning.

Strategy #9: Exercise the next day at an intensity of an 8 out of 10 (to your ability level). Now there are two schools of thought and both work exceptionally well. One school of thought is to go right back to your normal way of eating and have a good workout to help fight off the overflow of calories in your system. This way your metabolism stays fired up above normal and will continue to burn at a high rate up to 36 hours later. The second school of thought is to have a complete fast day with a strong workout. Since you have enough energy stored from the cheat meal, the body can handle a workout on a fast which will burn maximal calories for the day. You decide what type of person you are what you can handle. Personally I like going back to a normal way of eating, but I have to say I’ve done the fasting numerous times and it works great!!!

Strategy #10: Consume above your normal level of water. This will help fuel your metabolism. Water is your metabolism’s best friend and is the body’s favorite nutrient. The key is to keep your body at a high rate, and water is it’s fuel. Go into the next day dehydrated, and you are looking for trouble on the scale.

Print the 10 Holiday Cheat Meal Strategies To Burn Fat above and paste on your frig. They have worked extremely well for our clients who implemented them properly.

I look forward to taking pictures of my cheat meals during these holidays and even show you before and after photos of the progress.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know your favorite cheat meal.

Dedicated to your fat loss results,

Mr. Nutrition

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