Coach Rahz feels the Pressure, and Keeps on Still Smiling :-)

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Have you ever had one of those days that everything just went wrong. Well I’m hear to enlighten you and let you know we all have bad days. Yes, even always smiling coach rahz has bad days. I came back from Jeffery Comb’s Breakthroughs To Success empowerment weekend seminar thinking I can’t wait to get back to work. Hears where the story shifts to a nightmare on rahz street. Monday’s I train 11 sessions and that’s the good news, 2 clients decide not to show up, or call. I miss place my wallet with all my credit cards, drivers license, and banking information. To add to this crazy day my bumper to my new car gets scarped because the driveway is too high. OK I can handle a few challenges, but Tuesday 4:30 am rolls around it’s time to get up and film the B2 Wellness Show. This is not how you want to start your Tuesday morning rushing to the gym to shower there and filming the show, all to find out your clients decided his 9 am appointment was more important and didn’t feel the need to call you earlier than 8:30am.

Ok I handle that too….. Next Challenge Broke House Phone. This is my grandma’s only communication top the outside, and she’s been driving me crazy without it. Now the Verizon guy is standing in my doorway, Rahzco my 40 pounds Black Lab is barking like crazy, and this guy is ready to leave because he can’t get into the power room. Yes as Jeffery Combs would say, ” We have a developing situation, It’s time to get into solution mindset. So I ask him if I can get him a drink while I call the landlord. Thank God he answers his phone that usually goes right to voicemail. He picks up and say he’ll be at the apartment in 15 minutes. To speed this story up, The phone was fix, and now I can my grandma can talk again. Next adventure car accident, with a lady that just wants my money $$$. No damage, but she still wanted to call the police. I decided to let her be right and I pay for the bumper, b/c it will cost me more in the long run to fight this.

The day has just begun, because although I’ve a few challenges today, I’m still fire’d up and believe everything is going to turn out awesome. Why? Because theses event happen to everyone at some point and today was Coach rahz’s day to Stand strong in the face of adversity. I won’t allow a few bad, or challenging event shape hoe the rest of my day continues…I have a meeting at 5:30pm and It’s going to rock…Till next time Bwell, 

Coach Rahz Slaughter