Locust Valley Personal Trainers Joins Forces with Leading Supplement Company

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Hey Meta-Burners,

Coach Rahz Here with some exciting news.

Breakthroughs to Fitness is proud to announce that we are now offering Prograde Supplements to assist you in greater Fat Loss.

It was been a long time coming and we are 100 % endorsing Prograde as our Featured Supplementation provider.

We will be offering  various Prograde products and offering 15 minutes Supplement laser coaching sessions to share the benefits of

supplement use for fat loss. Book your session Today!  Call Now! 516-203-4534

Prograde Nutrition was started by two fitness professionals. Jim and Ryan, who were fed up with the traditional nutritional products for their clients.

Before Prograde, there were essentially two choices for fitness professionals.

– “Vitamin” stores with pushy sales people selling products people don’t need

– Cheap supplements with poor quality ingredients

Jim and Ryan wanted to do something very simple…

Create the highest-quality nutritional supplements for their clients at reasonable prices – without hard-sell.

So the first thing they did was recruit world-class nutritionist Jayson Hunter to head up research and development.

Then gave Jayson free reign to create the perfect supplements that work.

No fluff and no confusing, unnecessary “stacks.” Just the basics that will give  results – period!

We have tested and studied the each of the supplements that we will carry at the Meta-Burn Fat Loss Studio, and highly endorse

Prograde as the Supplement company made by fitness professionals for their clients and the everyday Jane or Joe.

If you would like to get more information on Prograde or any of their amazing product visit or Give us a call at 516-203-4534.

Dedicated to your Fat Loss Results,

Coach Rahz Slaughter

Locust Valley Personal Trainers

Meta-Burn Fat Loss Studio

Roslyn Personal Trainer-Master Cleanse Experiment

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Are detox programs valid or not? Robin Quivers, Howard Stern’s sidekick, swears by the Master Cleanse while Beyonce recently admitted to following the Maple syrup diet. With all these celebrities jumping on the Master Cleanse diet band wagon, I had to weigh in and see for myself what all the talk is about.

As a professional health coach I feel it is my obligation to the people I service to be in the know on all things dealing with health and fitness, within reason of course. We all know there are tons of products, diets, exercise equipment gimmicks, and fake health professionals just trying to make a quick buck. After learning that a good friend had completed the Master Cleanse several times and spoke highly of the results he experienced, I was intrigued to learn more about this program and go through it for my own personal research. After I read Peter Glickman’s book, Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, I was pumped for my 10 day discovery into the mystery of the now growing fad called the Master Cleanse.

Night before Starting

As instructed by Peter Glickman the fast starts with a glass of laxative herbal tea. I don’t mind the tea because I usually enjoy a nice cup of tea before I go to bed. I have to admit this tea doesn’t taste like my Earl Gray or premium green tea.

Day 1-Monday, June 21, 2010

Woke up at 5:30 am and prepared my first of 10 salt water flushes. I didn’t realize 1 quart was 4 cups, and this didn’t go down so easy. I waited 30 minutes before having my first lemonade mix of the day. The fun began again when I mistakenly added 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper instead of 1/10 teaspoon, needless to say it hit me like a ten ton bomb exploding in my mouth.

After training my first client of the day and figuring out the right amounts to add to my lemonade mix, I was off and running.

I experienced slight headaches throughout day 1, and some light food cravings. I really thought it was going to be much worse that it was but it is only day 1 and I have 9 more remaining.

My only question is should I workout or not? This is a mystery, but my gut says no. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a quick full body hyrid workout just to burn a few calories and get a little pump. So till tomorrow, it’s laxative tea time and a few minutes of downtime.

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Long Island Personal Training Success Story Impacts Another Life

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If you haven’t read last weeks blog post, be sure to read it by clicking here

We mentioned a few great tips on how to become successful in releasing fat safely but efficiently through the story of Client of the month Adam Grayson. However, Adam’s story is incomplete.

The missing piece is his lovely wife Brenda Grayson who originally started with B2F with the fitness and nutrition programs combined. Her results and dedication is what drove Adam to pursue his health goal in the way that he did.

This couple is unstoppable. Allow me to share a few extra tips through Brenda’s story.

Brenda works full-time in the city and has 3 beautiful children to care for. So as you can see, like Adam, she is already at a great disadvantage. Most people I meet either give me the excuse that they work too much, have no time, or their kids schedule don’t allow them to workout or prepare their meals.

As I said it’s just an excuse because Brenda has two odds against her yet she had been able to train under the B2F System 3 times per week and go through a nutrition session 1 time per week. So that’s 3.5 hours of dedication with our system at the gym on top of her additional 2-3 hours of working out on her own.

Brenda’s dedication to the B2F system has produced an 8.4 pound fat loss and a decrease in her body fat by 5.2% in under 8 weeks.

Those are some amazing results, because they continue to improve each week. Now it wasn’t always smooth sailing. There were some challenges she faced along the way. Who doesn’t? Challenges always arise. It’s just a matter of how you respond to them.

Below are a few tips we recommend from Coaching with Brenda:

1. Always eat breakfast. The one week Brenda missed breakfast is the week results stopped. As soon as she got back on the breakfast wagon, the results improved quickly

2. Drink more water. Yes you will experience consistent trips to the bathroom, but that’s normal. As a tip, drink about half about if not a little more of your body weight in water. You won’t understand the impact it has until you do it consistently

3. Resist your cheat items and cravings in the beginning. Usually after 2-3weeks they tend to go away. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yummy fat foods, just avoid them for the beginning phases. Not only will you notice big drops in your fat loss, but always a decrease in those hunger cravings.

4. Always have Cinch Shakes and Cinch snack bars on hand. They are great for when you are unprepared for the day or your require something easy to carry around. They are packed with nutrients and a great saver when in need. Adam and Brenda have consistently installed these items into their life which produced a combined 22 pounds weight loss result.

So as the headline says Long Island Personal Training Success Story Impacts Another Life, Brenda truly impacted her husband’s (Adam) life but dedicating herself to the program and encouraging him to pursue his health goals. Congratulations Brenda and Adam for a such a phenomenal job you have done in under 8 weeks.

If you would like results like these, call the office at 516-203-4534 to learn more about how our 12 week Weight Management program works. You can always combine it with a Fitness program to enhance the results.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

P.S. If you set a goal. Act on it. If you don’t you already lost the passion you had for achieving that goal. Stop spinning your wheels and follow a proven plan.

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Your most important fat loss tool (and it’s not what you think)

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I am not sure if you noticed anything different, but I sure have. Sunday was the first day of Spring and some amazing things are occurring.

These last few days have been amazing with the sun and the warmth. If you noticed most people have high energy and there is a lot more activity in the parks and people running in the street.

The question is how long will that last?

To be honest not long because most people are missing this one item and it’s something we haven’t talked about before.

It’s what we call a MAP. And not a road map. MAP stands for Massive Action Plan. This is a tool that breaks down all the actions necessary to achieve your goal.

The important thing to remember is it is not just words slopped together. This plan is very specific with timely actions and deadlines. I know that sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make these actions very small and subtle so it doesn’t feel like a complete 180 degree turn away from what you are doing now. Or you can make them aggressive and detailed if that works better for you.

Here’s an example below and I will use my MAP to show you how simple this is:

I (Coach Rahz) want to bring back my 2008 health and body. This means I have about 11-13 pounds of fat to release by June 11th which is 12 weeks away.

My massive action plan is as follows:

1.Strength training (mixture between heavy weights and high intensity conditioning): 4 times per week for a total of 55 minutes per session.

2. Cardio (mixture between steady state and interval training): 2 times per week of interval training for 25 minutes each session and 1 time per week of steady state for 30 minutes as a recovery session.

3. Eat clean 80% of the time with 20% of cheat meals. To clarify what that means is I am able to have small portions of things I enjoy for about 8 meals out of 42 per week. For example a glass of wine or a small frozen yogurt would be a cheat meal.

For the sake of time, I will just tell you the next steps instead of detailing out mine plan. The next step is to plug actions like that into your calendar and block those times. Those times are for you only so make sure they are times that aren’t usually interrupted.

Last step is to find someone to hold you accountable and take action. There is nothing worse you can do is to set a goal, get excited, and take zero action. Doing this time after time will condition you to rarely follow through which makes it harder each goal you set.

So there you have it. Your MAP is the tool to start your Spring off with an impact. What I want you to do is email me over a rough draft of your MAP to

I will take a look at it and give you some suggestions. If you are a client of Breakthroughs To Fitness, you are expected to create this because your coaches have those expectations for you.

Go make it happen and remember take MASSIVE ACTION!

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

P.S. Here are some other goals our coaches are pursuing and they are creating their MAP

Coach Greg: Goal is to complete a 7 mile obstacle course created by the British Elite Special Forces on May 2nd with his team.

Coach Frank: Training to compete in his next Muay Thai Fight

Coach AnnaMaria: Goal is to compete on stage for Ms. Fight. Dates are TBA

Angel: Putting together a Corporate Fit Challenge for the B2F team and is looking to transform his body in 6 weeks. This challenge starts April 12th

Coach Matt and Coach Christina just joined the B2F team so they are in the process of setting up their goals and their MAP.

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Is this the reason why you can’t lose weight?

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We are 17 days into January of 2010. This is the mark where a good number of people tend to start dropping off from the goals they have set. They tend to make excuses and find convenient scapegoats so they can feel better about themselves when they quit. Instead of me going into this subject, a colleague of ours posted something very similar and I thought it was best to share his story. Read what Mike Roussell had to say below.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

The REAL Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

January 14, 2010 | Comments (9)

Today I wanted to share with you a very insightful story that a friend of mine who runs a gym shared with me.

A woman came into his gym and said that she really wanted to join as she needed to lose weight for health reasons but she could not afford the monthly membership fee. My friend told the woman that he wanted to help her so he’d make her a deal…

He would give her a free 30 day membership. During those first 30 days, if she came in and exercised 15 times then he would give her the next 30 days for free, the same for the next month, and the next month. So in essence this woman could have a lifetime free membership IF she used it. The woman was so happy and very grateful to my friend for making such a generous deal with her. Do you know what happened in the following 30 days?

She showed up 6 times and never came back.


You can probably see what I’m getting at here….money wasn’t the issue. The cost of the gym membership wasn’t the ‘thing’ that was holding this woman back from losing weight. It was a convenient scapegoat.

What are your convenient scape goats?

What are the reasons you give for not losing weight and reaching your goals?

Write them down, crumble up the paper, and throw it in the recycle bin never to mention them again.

Then get down to work and lose the weight.

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Fake It Til You Make It

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Advice: Men, women will love you if you offered the 5 strategies listed below to fake it til you make it on the beach.

Advice: Women, use these strategies as temporary fixes and get your butts to the gym to shape up that body.

Before we get into what I mean by the title Fake It Til You Make It, I just want to remind you of the great event we have planned for this Thursday August 6th at 12:30. It will take place at the Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in the conference room at 2 Medical Plaza in Glen Cove. The event will last for about an hour with light snacks offered and prizes to be handed out.

Cost to you is just your time. For more information, please call us at 516-203-4534 or email us at

Ok now on to the juicy stuff. My eye caught this article written about how celebrities use quick fixes before they head to the beach. As usual, I shook my head, because these magazines are usually filled with useless or horrible strategies to incorporate into our lives.

However, I was inclined to buy the Life and Style magazine for some reason (the clerk looked at me funny since it was an all womens magazine :) ). They actually had some sound advice about bikini body tricks, but the message in my opinion was wrong in how they portrayed it.

Their message was to forget the trainer and exercise and came across that the advice they offered was all you need. Complete nonsense, but the point of this post is to go over how you can fake it like the celebrities til you make it with your fitness and nutrition program. Below are some strategies to incorporate immediately for instant results:

  1. Cleanse your body for 2 days by cutting out all carbonation, salty food, and sugar-free gum. Drink plenty of water, eat only fresh veggies, fruits, and lean meat. This will decrease the bloating in midsection fast
  2. Have a cover up accessory for your bikini wear. A sarong cinches at the waist, making you look like you have a tiny middle.
  3. Runched one-piece makes waist look smaller and hides trouble spots
  4. Natural spray tan can take 10 lbs off instantly. Be sure to get this done by a professional to avoid streaking.
  5. Flirty ruffle top piece can distract eyes from other areas of the body.

These are just a few tips any woman can use for the remaining beach days as summer closes out. These are not permanent solutions rather, instant fixes to hide trouble spots, decrease bloating, and take the public eye of areas you don’t want noticed.

If you have any secrets you personally use, be sure to post them in the comment box below. We would love to hear your strategies.

Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

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Breakthrough Transformation Step 1

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Remember last week we mentioned the 5 Keys To Transforming You Body In Record Time for beach season?

Well, it doesn’t have to be just for beach season or just for fat loss. Applying these 5 key steps can accomplish any goal.

We just figured you would want to know how to use them just in time to look great on the beach…It’s never too late to start.

Well the first step is ::drum roll::


Alright I know…how many times have you heard that crap before.

However, that “crap” is what sets apart the 95% who fail and 5% who succeed in transforming their body in record time. You tell me: which category would you like to fall into?

The first part is defining your goals. What is it you truly want to accomplish this summer? Be as specific and detailed as possible because what you don’t know, you won’t get. So instead of saying I want to lose weight, get specific of the areas you want to lose weight in, how much weight you want to lose, and how much of that weight do you want to be actual fat. The more specific and detailed your goals are, the more successful you will be.


The second step is defining your motivation. We call this your WHY. What drives you everyday to want to pursue the goals you have ahead of you? If you give some type of BS answer to this, you will get BS results.

Seriously think about what drives you in life to want to be successful and use the power of that to accomplish your health and fitness goals. If it doesn’t get you emotional and excited, then you have to dig deeper to find the true answer that will keep you going. This can take some time, so be sure to go into a relaxed environment where you can think.


The last phase of the first step is your commitment level. How commited are you to your goals on a scale of 1-10 (10 being you will do your very best). And when we say 10, we do not mean perfection, rather, you are prepared to give it your all and constantly improve your situation. Warning: if you are not a 10, it will be very difficult to achieve your goals because you will give yourself an out or excuse not to succeed.


That’s it for today. Be sure to complete this first step before you do anything else. It’s the foundation that will hold you up during the tough times.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. If you answer the above 3 questions in the comment box below, we will give you a FREE gift that will assist you along the way to transforming your body in record time. You have to take action in order to receive value out of life. We reward those who are action takers.

I almost died, But I lived my dream…Have you?

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Message from the President

The Breakthrough Specialist

A Strength Coach for your Mind and Body

This article will be featured with many more great article on health and wellness hitting in boxes next Tuesday February 3rd, 2009 to get your copy visit

Breaking News……………………………..

Everyday we are challenged to learn new and exciting lessons. This morning I learned a painful lesson of patience and better time management. I would like to start this month message with a quick story of how quickly life can hand you an uncomfortable situation and opportunity to grow.

I woke from a very deep sleep after a extremely exciting few days working with clients and preparing for the How to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Charity Event. I thought this was going to be another wonderful day and at 7:06am that all changed within 10 second. I lost control of my car and slid into coming traffic hitting one car and just missing another. Why am I sharing this story? First it’s moments like this that make you really appreciate living. Last night I had the opportunity to live a dream; I hosted an event where I was the featured speaker and if I say, I did pretty well. The scary point to this story is less than 9 hours later I was in a situation where I could have lost my life. Yes that real as it get, Time is precious, so it my mission to inspire, educate and empower people everywhere to make the necessary changes in there lives to live everyday as if it where there last. I want people to feel, look, and experience everything life has to offer because only the higher powers know when all of this we call LIFE can END…

As I write this I’m living the most amazing dream anyone could ever ask for and I hope to never wake from it. I have great friends, thriving business with a truly wonderful partner, and most importantly a loving grandmother. This morning I wrecked my car, and less than one hour later I was back living the dream.

You may be asking how he can do that. Its simple just understand there is a lesson in every situation and experience in life. Always look for the positive and stay focused on your dreams and goals. As long as I have my health and breathe in my lungs I will continue to live with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

2009 is going to be a wonderful year, but it will only become what you desire if you set yourself on fire with passion and stay Positive. We look forward to continuing to deliver our best and most up to date health and wellness information every Month. Thank you for continuing to read our newsletter and as always please feel free to email us with suggestions.

Get you Free Copy of the B2f Wellness Newsletter at

Dedicated to your Results,

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

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Biggest Loser Champ Gains Back 122…Part 1

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The Slide back Effect Hits The Biggest Loser Winner

Erik C

Why has Erik Gained 122 pounds back?

The answer is simple, without his T.V Trainers he just did have the following….

  1. Not having the knowledge of how to put a complete program together
  2. Not having having a workable plan that irrigates all components required for your success long term
  3. Not having the support system requires to make the lifestyle necessary to not only achieve your goals but also maintain them for Life

So let me tell you a little about our programs and how we’re going to help you solve these problems…

5 Keys to Reclaiming your Body in Record Time

Part of the B2F Training Systems

  1. Define your goals, motivation, and commitment
  2. Evaluate where you are right now
  3. Design a COMPLETE program to achieve your goals
  4. Take ACTION and implement your program
  5. Regularly assess your progress and update your program
If you’re ready to reclaim your Body Back, release unwanted body weight, tone up, or gain some hard lean muscle we can assist you in your journey.
Visit us at and sign up for our Free News-Letter where we will be discussing the
6 components of success necessary to reach success and keep it!!!
You will be able to avoid the slide back effect and hit your goals in record time.
So if you’re serious about your results Sign-up for February’s Free Newsletter which hits email in boxes Tuesday Febuary 3rd, 2009…
You Don’t want this to be your Story Line ” Biggest Loser Winner, Regains 122 Pounds Back………” Free Newsletter and Coach Rahz Monthly Rants Free Newsletter and Coach Rahz Monthly Rants

This Isn't How Erik Looks Today Add 122 Pounds...Not Good

Dedicated to your Results, Coach Rahz Slaughter

“The Breakthrough Specialist”
Allow me to assist you in your next Breakthrough in Health and Life….
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Long Island Fitness Experts Give Back during Tough Economic Times

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‘How To Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever’

Health & Fitness Seminar To Raise Funds For

Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect

Port Washington, NY- On January 27th, at Harbor Links Clubhouse, five leading North Shore health, fitness and personal care professionals will deliver the seminar, ‘How to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever,’ as a community awareness and fund raising event for Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect.

“The purpose of this event is to kick-off 2009 by teaching North Shore residents a proven strategy for achieving their New Year’s Resolutions of health and fitness and raising money for a great charity that I feel strongly about,” explains Breakthroughs To Fitness owner, Rahsheen Slaughter, a certified fitness and nutrition professional with 10 years experience serving over several hundred people both nation wide and internationally.

“Most people set health and fitness goals for the New Year, and start off with full momentum, but burn out quickly and never reach their goals. At this seminar, we will reveal how anyone with the desire can make 2009 the year their weight loss and fitness goals are finally achieved,” says Slaughter. “The line-up of health, fitness and personal care experts I’ve assembled is formidable. We’re all very confident we can have a real impact on the health of our community – and raise money for a worthy cause at the same time. We intentionally chose the name of the event because of its big promise. North Shore residents have supported our businesses over the years, and now we want to give back by showing them how to make 2009 their best year yet,” explains Slaughter.

Dr. Fred Blum, Dr. Edward Rubin, Joe Kasper, and Joe Kasper will also be in attendance to share tips and information on their programs for making 2009 the best year ever for all in attendance.

The ‘How to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever’ seminar and fund raising event for Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect will begin at 7 p.m. in the Harbor Links Clubhouse. All North Shore residents over 15 years of age are invited. There is no cost to attend other than a small $10 donation to Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect at the door. Additional information about the event is available at

Dedicated to your Health and Serious Results….

Download Event Flier Here—-><—-Click—->

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