Long Island Personal Trainer Discovers Best Mexican Restaurant in Glen Cove

Long Island Personal Trainer Discovers Best Mexican Restaurant in Glen Cove

It’s not often you hear about the smaller places here on Long Island because they have a hard time competing against the bigger restaurants when it comes to popularity in the media or marketing budgets to spread the word.

But…they absolutely compete and most times surpass the bigger competition with great quality food, amazing customer service, and an exceptional experience upon leaving.

Well your two favorite Long Island Personal Trainers from the Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio right here in Locust Valley are on a mission to visit the smaller restaurant, do an honest review, and help uncover the hidden restaurant gems on Long Island.

Today we have our Best Mexican Restaurant on Long Island…


They have some of the best tasting dishes (Mr. Nutrition loves the Avocado and Shrimp salad) and delicious Margaritas!

Here is a video below of us visiting Puerto Vallarta in Glen Cove and talking about our two favorite dishes with some nutrition tips behind them.

Hope you have a chance to visit Puerto Vallarta and odds are you may just run into your favorite and best Long Island Personal Trainers :) . Leave us a comment with any of your small hidden gem restaurants and we will set up a visit to give our review and nutrition advice.

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Stay Fit, Stay Firm, The Surgery Free Way!

Coach Rahz and Mr. Nutrition

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