The #1 Diet that rules them all…

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This is How We Get it Done at the MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio of Locust Valley

Hey what’s up out there It’s your Coach Rahz back with a great post from my right-hand man, and best friend Mr. Nutrition Greg Kalafatic.It’s been a crazy 18 days here at the Metaburn Fat Loss Studio in Locust Valley. We’ve been swamped training our clients, and launching a new online fat loss program called 10X Fat Loss. O’yeah and it is that little weekly Fat Loss Show for women that launched on Jan. 9th. If you haven’t checked it out yet

Before we get into his awesome post about #1 DIET that rules them all, I got a great quote for you today. Let me know if this quote gets your juices flowing and inspires you to step up you output over the few weeks.

Awesome Quote: By: Brendan Burchard – One of my Personal Favorite Authors and Thought Leaders

“You have a clean slate every day you wake up. You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it; This is going to be my day.”

We Welcome Mr. Nutrition,

There is a lot of hype out there about burning fat at a rapid pace. So much hype you don’t know what or who to believe.

This is called having “too many Chefs in the kitchen”

When you listen to all these diet gurus, you will most definitely hear conflicting data,

yet they can back it up with science.

So who do you believe?

Well you can’t believe anyone until you try it out and see if it works. That’s a tough statement

to absorb. I created my 10X Fat Loss System. It’s backed by science and also backed but hundreds of transformations. But is it right for you in your current state? Maybe?

But I am not here to talk about 10X. I am here to talk about the 1 Diet that rules them all.

It doesn’t have a cool sounding name (like 10 X :) ) but it’s pretty damn powerful.

It the Diet that control INSULIN…

I know you have heard about it, but do you understand the importance?

You see INSULIN is a very powerful transporter of nutrients. More powerful then a Columbian drug lord.  Like a drug lord it can create a lot of chaos in this world, but it can also create alot of good when used properly.

This funky “little” hormone needs to be controlled in order to win the fat loss game and come out victorious with a lean, fit & firm body.


You can’t eliminate INSULIN because it’s a necessary hormone, but you can control it. Here are my Top 3 Secret ways to control INSULIN:

1. Try your best to eat at least one cup of vegetables with each meal. If you can’t at least with your main meals. The phytonutrients and fiber from vegetables will slow down the how fast carbohydrates enter the  body and convert into glucose in the blood stream.  Therefore keeping a steady flow of minimal insulin pumping (this is a good thing)

2. Eat some type of protein with each and every meal. The termogenic effect of proteins again will help slow down the absorption of carb and keep insulin to a minimum. Here is the link to the webinar where I explain a little more about that

3.  Have healthy fats with each meal. Fat’s take a while to break down and get absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore whatever else is with it slows down as well. Healthy fats are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado, Mixed Raw Nuts, Grass fed Organic Beef, Salmon, Flaxseeds.

WARNING!!! The only time I highly recommend not eating fats is right after a workout, especially when using my Replenish method right after a workout. I explain that in 10X, but I’ll clip it out just for your eyes only.

There you have, 3 simple straight forward strategies to control your insulin (there’s more but not today).

If you want to burn more fat, be healthier, and look leaner and tighter you must follow the diet that controls INSULIN at all costs…

or you’ll be paying for it later on.

Your Fat Loss Coach,

Mr. Nutrition

P.S. What are your major challenges you are facing right now that are affecting your fat loss progress? Post them in the Comment Box Below.

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Eat Less Meat and Burn Fat

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To EAT Meat or Not That is the Question?

It’s You Choice make it Fit your Goals and lifestyle…..

Hey it’s coach Rahz here with a post that may shock our loyal readers.  Many of you know my love for body building and sports in general. I would consider myself a purest when it comes to eating like a bodybuilder. I feel we’re all bodybuilders of sort. You are either building a strong Adonis body or a soft Michelin man body. What you eat directly influences how you look and feel. So with that said brings me to the topic of should we eat meat or not?

Old school bodybuilder were carnivore and that’s what I’ve been my whole life until now. Over the last few months I’ve been studying and researching alternative ways of eating healthy and not losing my hard earned lean muscle. After a few hundred hours of reading, I’m going to make a bold statement. “Not eating meat will not make you lose muscle.” Not training hard and sitting on your ass is what make your body loss muscle.

So here’s where I am today. one of my 2012 goals is to eat significantly less animal protein and kick up my natural plant based protein. I feel I’ve discovered a happy medium between my animal protein and plant based protein ratio. I’m not going to become a 100% veggie guy because it just not for me. I don’t knock those who are vegetarian or vegans, I just have my personal opinion on the subject and it works for my clients and I.

Coach Rahz’s 2012 Resolutions

So I thought I share some of the ways I’m committed to eating less animal protein in 2012.

  1. Meatless Monday- No Meat in my diet all day Monday
  2. 1 meal per day will consist of Nuts or Bean Protein Only
  3. Reduce my Macro-nutrient ratio to 45%/30%/25% – Carbs, Protein, fat- My Protein intake was higher last year about 35%
  4. Start each Weekday Morning with Greens Smoothie or a cup Green Tea & Fruit at 4:30am :-) Genesis

I thought I would also share my favorite Green Machine Power Shake Recipe which I am going to be start my weekdays off with as of Jan. 2nd

Greens Veggie Smoothie

  • 1 cup coconut, rice, or almond milk, or water [I Prefer Water]
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of another fruit (fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries)
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 4 or 5 ice cubes to make cold

Blend all the ingredients together and you are all set to kick-start your body’s fat burning engine. If you rather not have to blend all the fruits and veggies up or you’re just tight for time Prograde Nutrition makes a great green mix call Genesis. It tastes really good and very convenient. I’m super impressed but the taste, and how good I feel hours after drinking the shake. If you would like to get more details on the Genesis Green drink or any other Prograde Supplement  [CLICK HERE]

If you liked this post don’t forget to pass it on to your social networks. Also let me know your your favorite morning drink.

Have a outstanding day, and I’ll chat with you all again real soon.

Post Summary: You make your decision to eat more meat or less, but I’m committed to less because it’s clear as the day is bright that less animal protein is better for your health. So as a matter of health start slow and make healthier choices daily. Go Green!

Coach Rahz :-)

MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio

Locust Valley, NY