i’m having a bad week, but this will make yours better

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This is what I need someone to do :)

I’m totally having a horrible week. I’m being tested with one thing after another just falling out of place and placing more stress in my life.

Can you relate to having an awful week that doesn’t seem to get any better?

Would love to hear some of your horror stories so I know I’m not alone :)

Don’t worry I’ll be bouncing back, because that’s what I do best in my life…just taking some time to clear my head and send you some cool information Mr. Nutrition has been testing out.


Hey Mr. Nutrition here and I wanted to brighten up your day. I’ve already pulled out some childish pranks to cheer up Coach Rahz, so now it’s your turn (minus the childish pranks).

There’s this new thing going around called Carb Syncing, some call it Carb Splitting, others have different names for it to make it sound cool. It’s a marketing game to make you feel like there is this new way of eating that has never been discovered until now!

Don’t fall for the names of things and get caught up until you do some reading of your own. It’s been around for ages but there’s so many diets and eating protocols out there, that it seems brand new. It will be for most, but the concept is quite old.

With that being said I actually like this way of eating and it’s something I have taken to for my first Fitness Modeling show at the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

Let me break this concept down into the science and then show you how you can apply it. I’ll keep this real short so not to bore you.

Insulin Injection

Let’s talk about Insulin. No we are not referring to the insulin diabetics inject into their bloodstream. We are talking about our natural sources of insulin our body creates.


Although at certain times insulin can be a great transporter of nutrients into our muscles and tissue, most times you want to control your insulin because it’s a dangerous transporter.

Ever see the movie Transporter with Jason Statham?

He’s quite a dangerous dude and he transports dangerous items no matter what and nothing can get in his way…much like Insulin.

To give you a more scientific picture here is a definition of the fat storing hormone Insulin:

So as you can tell from the process above, when insulin is present at high levels in the body (doesn’t take much to do with the amount of sugar and processed carbs we consume), the use of fat as an energy source is shut off. When we consume fat with insulin present, they break down into fatty acids in our blood stream. With no use and no where to go, the Insulin present in blood stream pushes those fatty acids into the cells and stores them for later use (if the insulin ever drops).

This is very powerful knowledge to understand and to absorb because if you want to prevent fat gain, control your insulin. I’ll address foods and ways to control your insulin next week, but for now let’s give you a brief understanding of how to avoid the ugly fate of fat storage. Let me caveat something though, this does not mean that meal plans with carbs, protein, and fats combined are bad for you. Those actually work very well with the proper combination of foods like seen in our 28 Day Belly Fat Diet Guide we created.

What I am saying is for most people who typically have a poor dietary habits, to regulate your body and advance your fat loss results to a new level, this is a great strategy to test out with your body. Don’t forget to add a crucial component of exercise which I will discuss in a future post as well about how and when insulin should be spiked to increase your results. Click the link right above this to get a great Butt and Thigh Fat Loss Workout for Women.

Here is a sample meal plan of how to separate fats and carbs through out the day for you action takers who want to try this out. This is just a template so be sure you are not allergic to any of these foods and consult your physician before you try a new nutrition strategy (yes it’s that famous disclaimer :) ). Quick note: it’s impossible to separate fats and carbs altogether so it’s ok to have small quantities (under 10 grams) of each when the other is present

Breakfast: 1 egg and 3 egg white omelet with mixed veggies and 1 cup of Uncle Sam cereal with cup of unsweetened almond milk

Snack: handful of mixed nuts and Polly O String cheese

Lunch: Lean Turkey Burger on whole grain bun with side salad of mixed veggies and chopped fruit topped with light serving of balsamic vinegar

Snack: 1 apple with 1 cup 1% cottage cheese

Dinner: White Fish served with side of Quinoa and mixed steamed veggies topped with lemon

Late night Snack: celery stalks topped with peanut butter

Stay tuned for future posts on how to control your insulin and what foods are best for that as well as a super ninja fat loss tactic for using insulin to your advantage. This is quite powerful since it helped me put on 15 lbs of lean muscle with little fat gain. Ladies don’t worry you won’t gain a ton of muscles like that. I purposely ate over 3,500 calories a day to put on size along with my intense workouts.

Leave a comment below with any questions you may have concerning this subject.

Dedicated to your fat loss results,

Mr. Nutrition

P.S. You can join our Meta Burn Transformation fan page and get more great information like this and support.

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Strong is the New Sexy

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Strong is the New Sexy

More Muscle + Proper Nutrition = Fit and Sexy

Lift Heavy or Go Home!

Today’s Post is about the NEW Revolution in Sexy. Women all across the world are starting to realize and embracing the fact that muscle is the New Sexy.

I can tell you from personal experience because my clients are getting ripped and loving it. Most women that I first come into contact with when discussing health and fitness goals have some preconceived fear that if they lift heavy weights they will become muscle bound and bulky…making them look “manly”.  This could not be further from the truth, and there are three basic reasons why.

  1. Muscle is more dense than fat – because muscle is more dense it takes up less space or volume per pound than fat does.  In fact, adding muscle tone over the entire body will actually cause you to shrink.  More muscle changes everything from your metabolism to your posture. These positive changes happen with as little as 2-5 pounds of lean muscle.
  2. Women are not hormonally designed to build large amounts of muscle – most women think that if they lift weights they will end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this just cannot happen because women do not produce the right hormones to increase muscle size like that.  Women, in general, do not produce enough testosterone to promote rapid muscle growth.  I’m not saying that women cannot produce muscle, they can.  I’m simply saying that women are not designed to build muscle the way a man is able to.  Strength training will produce muscle growth in women, just not to the extent that it does in a man. “I always joke with my female clients that if they put on too much muscle I’ll put you on stage and we’ll start their new career.”
  3. Women are not bio-mechanically designed to support large amounts of muscle – a woman’s hips are typically wider than their shoulders, and their skeletal frame cannot hold lots of muscle like their male counterparts.  Because men have wide shoulders their skeleton can support more muscle mass in the upper body.  It’s simple physics, and a woman lifting heavy weights is not going to change that. Once I’m able to assist my clients to create that paradigm shift a whole new world opens to the capability to change their body through weight training and lifting heavier weights.

Strong is the New Sexy

My Top 10 list of crazy ass statements I’ve heard from prospects and clients about weight training and women getting bulky.

  1. More Protein will make me bulky
  2. I have big bones
  3. My legs blow up after one workout
  4. I can’t eat that it has fat in it
  5. I don’t eat carbs they make me bulky
  6. I have broad shoulders
  7. I’ll look like a Boy
  8. I have Man Calves
  9. Squatting make my Ass Bigger ( No Eat too much makes your Ass Bigger)
  10. Lifting more than 5 pounds dumbbells will cause my arms to bulk

As I began this post I wanted to change the mindset that women lifting weights and gaining muscle is a positive results and part of a new revolution in female fitness. With proper nutrition and a systematize weight training plan women can gain lean muscle and receive all the benefits as men do from a strong sexy body. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Holly Berry, Hillary Swank come to mind when I think of fit and sexy Hollywood superstars.

I recommend keeping the program simple yet high intensity because you will have a higher success rate of completion and results. My 28 day belly fat diet is simple, fast and very effective in helping women get the tight, tone, firm look without hiring me and paying me thousands of dollars to help sculpt your rock hard sexy body. If you’re looking for a workout program  check out my girl Holly Rigsby’s  Fit Yummy Mummy Home workout DVD Program, it rocks and goes well with the 28 day belly fat diet program.

40 Never Looked So Good

I highly recommend you check out Holly’s Kit, she’s a mother, entrepreneur, and she makes no excuses for not staying Fit and Sexy.

So until next time go out there, lift heavy, get strong, and create the Sexy New You Today.

Coach Rahz Slaughter, MPT

Co-Author 28 Day Belly Fat Diet Guide <—–(Download your Free Belly Fat Guide Today)

Creator MetaBurn Fat Loss System

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Are You Committed or Not?

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Committed Vs. Want

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.

Peter F. Drucker

Hey There it’s your Coach Rahz Back with a very short post about being Committed verse just Wanting something. Over the years I have coached hundreds and talking to thousands of people about goals and being committed, I’ve discovered that there are a few common ways to determine if someone is serious or just curious about reaching there goals. There goal could be to lose 20 pounds, get a raise, start there own company it really doesn’t matter because you are either committed or Not.

Five Ways you know you’re Committed…

  1. Willing to Invest you Hard earn Cash
  2. Willing Sacrifice Sleep to attain your Goals/Commitments
  3. You seek Solutions not Excuses to Challenges
  4. Never Quit Mindset-
  5. There is Only One Option—> SUCCEED or Die Trying

Are your Goals Tight or Loose?

Five Ways you know you are Not Committed…

  1. Not willing to Put Cash on The Line for your Goals/Commitments
  2. You can always find excuses why you can’t do what needs to be done
  3. Always looking to cut corners
  4. Negative Mindset
  5. You Never Finishes what you Start

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Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best toward your Goals and dreams.

Eat Well, Train Hard, and Live with Passion!

Creator of 28 Day Belly Fat Diet Guide

Rahz Slaughter, MPT

Leave a Comment or a questions and I will get back to you Fast! :-)