Locust Valley Personal Trainer Shows how to Burn Post Baby Fat Fast

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How to Burning Post Baby Weight Fast

How to Lose Post Baby Weight Fast

Hey Coach Rahz here,

WoW… is all I can say about the weather here on the east coast this summer. I’m loving it! I don’t like the cold, so you will not hear me complaining about the heat. I did have a scary moment this week when my grandmother’s power went out and I didn’t know about it until the next day. If you haven’t heard me talk about my grandmother, she is my Rock. She is my inspiration to live life with passion and zest. She never allows her tough life situations or challenges effect her positive outlook on life. Can you image if we all had her mindset: live life, love people, and as she always says, “Keep on keeping on.” Ok, enough about grandma and on with today’s post.

Over the past few weeks here at my Locust Valley personal training studio, I’ve been getting a few questions about “Burning the Baby Fat.” So I’m going to breakdown two powerful concepts that will help any mother struggling with burning their post baby belly fat fast. If you’ve followed me or been coached by me you know I start everything with mindset.  Why? The main reason is that I’ve found that most people will not achieve their goals and ambitions without having the right mindset from the start.

So what is the right baby burning, fat melting, body transforming mindset?

Here’s the secret I’ve used to helped hundreds of Long Island women shed their unwanted baby fat fast. Are you ready?

Believe, Believe, Believe!

Since opening my MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio in Locust Valley, I’ve met so many wonderful mothers all struggling with the same frustrations, challenges, and failed attempts to get their pre-baby bodies back. After talking with them I’ve found one trend that sticks out like a sore thumb, they don’t really Believe they can regain their pre-baby bodies back. In my opinion the reason for this is they are afraid to fail, they have accepted that this is as good as it gets, and some aren’t really committed to do the work necessary to burn the baby fat. Most mothers wish they could have a baby, and then bang a few weeks later see their bodies just shrink back to pre-baby size. Well news flash, that’s not going to happen, but I’m here to share that it’s easier than you think, and I have so many mothers reclaiming their bodies in 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and losing serious pounds. My client Brenda lost all her baby fat in about 8 weeks following the MetaBurn Fat Loss system. So here’s what I need you to do right know so that we can change your belief system about what you can and can’t do. Yes, I’m going to ask you to write something down on paper.

It’s called an incantation and it’s a power strategy to reprogram your mindset.

” I am 100 % committed to reclaiming my beautiful, attractive, healthy body back, and nothing will get in my way.”


Read this incantation aloud for 2-5 minutes per day for 21 days. If you’re truly committed this one exercise will give you the motivation, energy, and excuse shattering strength like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life.

The second concept I will share with you in is post is my famous 3 P’s Method:

Prioritize, Plan, Prepare

This concept is simple yet what I have found is that mothers and people in general just don’t get it.  You’ve probably heard that success leaves clues in its wake. Well, successful mothers who have transformed their bodies back to their pre-baby status utilize the 3p’s method in some form. I’m not going to go into great detail here because I have created a video that really digs deep into the 3P’s method and you can watch the short video and get all the details. For the purpose of this post here’s a basic summary of the method.


This means making Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Your Body a priority. Over my 11 years and among the thousands of mothers I’ve met and coached, the common trend is family first, me last. I completely understand that it’s a mother’s priority to take care of her family, but at what cost to her happiness? If she hates her body, feels unattractive whenever she tries on clothes, doesn’t want to go out because she feels like she looks fat, or worst of all, covers her body up in big clothes to hide her pain of not loving who she is. This has to stop because there are too many mothers who deserve to feel great about their bodies and most importantly, love themselves for creating the person they are. I empower you mothers to put yourself first sometimes and prioritize your life around your feelings and wants sometimes. You will immediately experience a sense of power and energy.


One of my favorite quotes is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Simple to understand: Plan your meals, plan your exercise, plan your life around what’s important and has value to you. Time isn’t an excuse, because time is the only equal factor we all have. If you require a more detailed understanding about planning your meals, exercise, and life contact us and let me and my coaches assist you with creating the ideal MetaBurn lifestyle. 

Prepare: Final P

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. I taught my private clients success tricks for all aspects of their lives, and I’m going to share two simple success tricks that have helped my happy mothers burn post-baby belly fat, sculpt Jennifer Aniston arms, and tighten their asses enough to rival J Lo’s moneymaker.

Jennifer Lopez Burns Post Baby Fat Fast

Coach Rahz’s Success Tricks

1) Sunday FunDay- Cook your meals on Sunday night for the week

2) Pack it- Never leave home without 1 to 2 meals. These meals can be healthy low sugar bars, shakes, or as I do, Tupperware filled with home cooked meals.

Well there you have it, a simple starter plan to jump start your baby fat burning journey today. I truly hope this information serves you, and you find value in the content I share on this blog, though my emails, and programs. It is my deepest passion to serve you and assist as many women to regain their pre-baby zest, and start loving themselves again. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk please feel free to contact me via the comment section, or via email. If we’re not Facebook friends, why not? Click —>MetaBurn Fat Loss Studio <—–  and hit the Like Button.

As always Dedicate to your Results,

Eat Well, Train Hard, and Live with Passion!

Rahz Slaughter, MPT


What’s Your Story?

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What your Story? What will your story become?

Metaburn Fat Loss Studio

Hey, Coach Rahz here,

Today I want to share with you my story. Some of you may or may not know the story of how I developed into the world’s greatest personal trainer and breakthrough coach. All seriousness, my life could have been a lot different than it is today. As you will learn in the story, it wasn’t luck, good looks, or a Brady Bunch life that helped me become successful.

My father left my mother while she was giving birth to me. She was 19 years old with no education, no money, and really no business having a child. I was born with a dislocated right hip and my right leg was visibly different to the left. We later found out that I was born without functioning right quadriceps or hamstring muscles. This disability later created many feelings of sadness, pain, and depression. I knew I was different from all the other children right away, mainly because I didn’t get to go to school at 5 like the other children. I also had to ride a yellow bus to school, which I didn’t mind too much since upstate NY is cold in the winter. I’ll speed the story up a few years; life growing up wasn’t easy. I always had people telling me I can’t do things. I eventually developed a mindset that I continue to use today: if you say I can’t do something I must do it then. For example, many doctors told me and my mother that I would never participate in sports and activities like a “normal child” but I used that as fuel to become a standout high school athlete.  Those very same doctors predicted I would be in a wheelchair with a spine as crooked as Bernie Madoff’s ethics by the age of 18 years old. I’m not in a wheelchair, and I don’t have any plans to get one anytime soon.

Metaburn Fat Loss Studio

I share these stories with you because we all have many stories we’ve told ourselves or been convinced by other that this was our reality. The story of “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m going to stay a victim”…they all hold us back. If I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that we all have challenges and obstacles, but some of us choose to allow our challenge to become who we are, while others decide to embrace their challenges and use them as fuel. I decided to turn my obstacles into opportunities. Life is going to give you ups and downs, I know I’ve had many and I know I will have more, but what I won’t allow is for the challenges to dictate my outlook on life. I know with each challenge I become stronger, wiser, and more equipped to handle the next obstacle on my way to my goals.

So how does this relate to fitness and health? It’s all about creating an unshakable mindset. I started conditioning my mind as you would condition your body through working out. I read books on positive thinking, I meditate, I take time to be grateful, theses are exercise I do in order to prepare my mind for all the little life challenges that come our way. If you want to redesign you body and get into the best shape of your life it doesn’t matter your age, your current fitness level, your hormones, or any of the other excuses most people try and buy into these days. It comes down to having a rock solid mindset that tells you that you’ve decided on a specific, measurable, and attainable goal and you’re not going to stop until you achieve your goal. Once you have made a decision and cut off all excuses the path to achievement of your goals will begin to reveal itself. We attract what we focus on, as long as you are focused on achievement and not how difficult your goal is you will find a way to achieve.

I’ve assisted clients to lose fifty pounds or more and I can tell you that at the beginning of their journey they didn’t believe or even know how they were going to achieve that goal, but with a little of my faith and their determination pound by pound the weight and fat melted off.

So I hope by sharing a few of my life’s challenges, you can find inspiration in knowing we all have challenges, but it’s more important to embrace the challenges and continue to move forward. We have the ability to achieve great things in life, but what separate some people from other is their mindset and the ability to see the solution in challenges not just the problems. I’m not going to sit here today and say I don’t have a day where I’m not feeling 100% positive and excited, but those feelings only last a short while because I’ve learned we create our reality. What I feel usually is a direct reflection of what I’m focused on.  One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is, “Energy goes where focus flows.” Focus on your problems, get more problems. Focus on the solution to your problems and you will come up with a solution.

My goal with this story was to serve you with a dose of inspiration and understanding that your story is being created daily and you are the writer. If you want to lose hundred pounds you can, if you want to run the New York City Marathon you can, just do it. You have the ability and power within yourself to accomplish any goal you decide to create, all you have to have is the will and determination to stick with it until you achieve your goal.

Here’s what I wanted to share with you today, I’m about to set my biggest public goal ever. It was inspired by many events in my life over the last 24 months. To be totally transparent I haven’t been living true to myself. I haven’t been as healthy conscious as I would have like to been. I haven’t trained at the level I have grown to expect of myself, and I feel out of balance. Balance is a core values that I live by and teach to my clients, and friends every day. Today I’m admitting to you, I’ve been living out of integrity. Thanks to years of personal development and thousands of hours of working on myself I can tell when I need a change, and Now is the time. So starting August 1st 2011 I will be setting myself on a path I’ve never embarked before. I will be giving up alcohol, toxic processed foods. I will dedicate myself to recreating my body, my mind, and spirit. I will share more details about my Total Life Transformation later, but here’s a few goals I will strive to accomplish over the next 12 months.

  • Signup and Compete in a Bodybuilding Show
  • Write a Motivational ebook
  • Record a Motivational Audio CD
  • Launch Separate Blog
  • Speak on My Mentor Jeffery Combs Stage within next 12 Month

I can promise you the list will grow, but those are one I’m focused on now. I hope that serves you, and until next time Eat Well, Train Hard, and Live with Passion!

516-203-4534 or Email

5 Diet Killer Mistakes You Must Avoid To Lose Fat

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Avoid these 5 Diet Killer Mistakes so you dont end up like Garfield

Here are the answers to your questions.

You’ve probably been asking yourself does dieting really work or is it too late to start a diet for the summer.

Don’t worry millions of people out there get so worried about the summer diet and how they look and feel. You are not alone.

That’s why I wrote this killer blog post for you with the answers you need to be successful this summer (it’s not too late!)

Here are the 5 Diet Killing Mistakes people make when trying to lean out for the summer. Take some notes on this because it’s important to your success.

Diet Killer Mistake #1: Not Focusing On Deficit

There are people out there that believe dieting is just the wrong approach but that’s because people don’t do them right or the creator behind the diet just wanted to throw crap together.

Many diets work and they work well as long as you know they are not a long term lifestyle. They get you to that timely goal. Too many people focus on the style of diets when they should be focusing on staying consistent in a caloric deficit.

So the key for looking great this summer is to find a diet that fits you and stay consistently in a caloric deficit. If you don’t the results will be staggering and eventually not where you want them to be.

Diet Killer Mistake #2: Ignorance of Measuring

There’s another group of people out there that say why live a life of measuring food, weighing yourself, or testing body fat.

There’s a great quote that states “That which does not get measured, doesn’t get improved.”

How will you know how to break through a plateau or even if you are on track for being in a caloric deficit? It’s impossible without measuring. There comes a time where you can guess after doing it for some time, but do you really want to put all your hard work on the line by guessing?

It can seem time consuming, but the results and experience are well worth the effort.

Think of it this way…would you ever go through life not looking at your checking account, guessing on what comes in vs what goes out, or continue to write checks (now a days swipe your debit card) without knowing how much money you have? You would be crazy to do that and probably broke if you guessed at your money situation, so why guess with your body?

Diet Killer Mistake #3: Too Many Voices

The internet has spoiled us because we can find any information that we want with a click of a button. Which is great but can be bad. There’s are so many proclaimed fat loss gurus out there with convincing evidence and proof of results that their diets work fast.

And it is true there are some great diets that get amazing results, but the problem is we don’t just listen to one person at a time. We tend to pick things from each guru and eventually either get confused or screw up the results because what we picked doesn’t scientifically match for results.

The best thing you can do so you don’t kill your diet is to pick one diet you feel fits you and follow it exactly as stated for a 12-16 week period. Then you can gauge whether or not you want to move on to the next diet or not. Remember measure everything and stay in a deficit!

Diet Killer Mistake #4: Falling Into Stubborn Fat Myth

Over the last decade or so we have given fat a human personality by saying it’s stubborn. With that personality we all have fallen into the belief that certain areas are just stubborn and won’t go away.

With that attitude, we don’t go far enough into the diet to allow the body to burn that fat away. It’s not that fat is stubborn, it’s that our body picks and chooses where the fat comes off. Therefore, it’s a timing issue of when that last part of “stubborn fat” comes off. If you don’t put in the time, odds are you won’t see those trouble areas come off and you will go through life with the belief that “that area of fat is just stubborn”

Diet Killer Mistake #5: Desperation

Things in this world come up fast and move fast. We feel the need that our fat loss results need to mimic that. Therefore, we go into extremes of dieting in desperation. When you go into desperation mode, you will fail miserably.

Why? Because the human body does not burn fat the way you think it will by cutting calories to extreme or by investing hours in the gym each day. You will start chipping away at your muscle, your body will preserve the fat, and you will look sickly.

Why invest so much time and torture to not look good?

Do it the right way which is moderation. Follow the plan of the diet exactly how it is designed but never crash too far into a deficit where you feel weak and keep your training to about 60 minutes or less a day.

You will see the compounding effect of fat loss and amaze yourself in 90 days how your body has transformed.

So those are the 5 Diet Killing Mistakes people make when leaning out for the summer. If you find yourself performing one or more of these mistakes, fix the issue immediately to avoid disappointment and frustration.

If you have any questions about dieting please post your comments below and we will provide you with answers to get back on track.

Dedicated to your fat loss results,

Greg Kalafatic “Mr. Nutrition”

Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio

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