Locust Valley personal trainers 8 keys to success with nutrition

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Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you are as excited as I am for the summer. Just got back in from La Holla California where I spent a few days with some of my friends in the fitness industry masterminding how to serve our clients better.

Just wanted to give you some great content in a short video below that my good pal Greg Kalafatic “Mr. Nutrition” did over the weekend. These 8 Keys to Success with your nutrition are super powerful even though they may sound basic in nature.

Be sure to watch all 7 minutes and see how many of these 8 keys you are following now.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahz Slaughter

Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio

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21 Fat Burning Tips, Strategies, and Best Practice to get you leaner, Toner, and Sexier this Summer

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Hey Coach Rahz here,

21 Fat Burning Tips- Locust Valley Gym

This post is going to give you my top 21 tips for burning fat, getting lean, and dropping that extra winter weight fast. Over my 11 years helping thousand of clients, friends, and family members transform their bodies I’ve realized that there is a common trend that happens around this time every year. I start getting calls and emails asking me how can I lose 10 pounds, tone up, or get ripped in 6 weeks? In this post I’m going to give you my favorite and best 21 tips and strategies you can start today to burning fat, and getting lean. These are tips I use with my private Locust Valley personal training clients everyday to help them achieve amazing body transformations.

Here The Magic List….

1. Drink more Water (my guess is you may not be consuming enough)
2. Portion control is King: Eat Less each Meal, and never eat Seconds
3. Protein, Protein, Protein ( Whey or Egg Whites) Lean Meats
4. Eat More Fresh Greens: Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens (I love making Green Machine Shakes with Spinach)
5. Sleep is the key to recovery and growth ( 7 Hours Per Night )
6. Post Workout Nutrition
7. No Boring Cardio, Smart Cardio Only…Example Concept 2 Rower (Intervals)
8. Daily Multi-Vitamin
9. Resistance Training with Weight (i don’t mean 1-5lb weights)
10. Short Intense workout 4 days per Week (our 30 minute Meta Burn Workouts work wonders)
11. Muscle confusion: Change your workouts up weekly
12. Carbs are Fuel, Eat more on training days, less on Rest Days (they aren’t your enemy)
13. Muscle Connection: Slow your reps down. Don’t rush the contraction
14. Big Muscle Training: Legs, Back, Chest, Shoulders Vs Bicep and Tricep
15. Ab Training: Do very little if any: Eat clean and do more Smart cardio For 6 Pack Development
16. Train with a partner
17. Keep all workouts to 60 minute or Less
18. Use the Metaburn Carbs Cycling method to keep your Metabolism Guessing
19. Add Cayenne Pepper to favor you healthy meals
20. Drink 2-3 cups Green Tea per Day
21. Incorporate The 80/20 Principle into your Fat Burning Program 80% all meals are clean, 20% Fun Foods

The list could go on forever but what I can guarantee if you start using just a few of the above tips you’re going to accelerate your fat burning, and muscle toning so fast that you’ll be fitting into your skinny jeans and hot sexy bathing suit in no time. If you have questions leave them in the comment box and I’ll get back to you in a New York minute. If you found value in this post please share it with friends and family and make sure to (like) us on our facebook fanpage
As always Train Hard, Eat Clean, and Keep Smiling :-)

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Meta Burn Fat Loss Video Contest Rules

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Watch this Meta Burn Fat Loss Video Contest below. Here at our fat loss studio in Locust Valley we are picking the best 4 minute fat loss video that is posted to our fan page below. 1st to post gets two free weeks of Meta Burn Workouts and the best voted video get two free weeks also.

Fan Page:

Dedicated to your results,

Coach Greg

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Long Island fat loss results are doomed according to these personal trainers

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Coach Rahz here with some great answers to diet solutions from Coach John A.K.A. The Chemist. John has some great information that will save you from destroying your body and not getting the fat loss results you want for the summer.

We aren’t doomed unless we can bring back the basics

Its John over here at The Meta Burn Fat Loss Studio and I just want to take a second to break down some of the diet problems many of you have been facing and see if we can bring simplicity back (simplicity has brought successful fat loss results to our clients). Two of our biggest problems are Time and What to eat. Now I can’t make more time in the day, but I can make it easier for you to utilize the time you do have. Let’s take it back to the caveman day’s by Chris Colucci. Here we are going to break it down to three easy steps.

1) If it’s a green vegetable, you can eat it.
2) If it had a face, or would’ve grown up to have a face, you can eat it.
3) If it’s not green and didn’t have a face, don’t eat it.

Although elimination diets allow the digestive and immune systems a chance to recover from constantly attempting to process foods that it may not actually be designed to process, they often have the “accidental” effect of weight loss and reduced bodyfat. However, most people don’t realize they are burning through muscle as well which slows your metabolism. Slow Metabolism = Disaster when looking to tone up, lose fat, and shape up for the Summer!

The ins and the outs Fruit juices are, from a macronutrient standpoint, no different than regular soda, so those are definitely out of the fridge. While you’re at it, toss the milk, too. We want to eat stuff that was an animal, not something that’s squeezed out of one. You can have one or two pieces of whole fruit with breakfast and one or two pieces with the first meal that immediately follows your weight training session.

However, like with all sets of rules, there is an exception… your peri-workout plan, or what you’ll be eating/drinking while you train. For this we offer great products through Pro/grade or other recommendations based on the individual.

Chris sums it up best, If you’ve ever failed on a fat loss diet before, you might also be aware of the sneaky little snowball of compromise. “It’s just a low-carb wrap, but it’s fine because it’s high fiber,” turns into, “It’s just some milk and sugar in my coffee, but it’s fine because I only drink it at work,” which turns into, “It’s one jelly donut, but it’s fine because I’m still sore from yesterday’s heavy leg training and can put the calories to use.”
Let’s bring back the simplicity of Fat Loss and stop following the shiny objects of all these new diets.

Let’s Get Sexy for the Summer

Dedicated to your results,
Rahz Slaughter
Long Island Personal Trainer

P.S. Leave a comment below with any questions you have about nutrition

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Long Island personal trainer demonstrates Fit Fem Fifty fat loss workout

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Join Long Island Personal Trainer Sylvia Nasser from in her Fit Fem Fifty fat loss workout. This is an intense fat loss workout involving just your body weight.


Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

P.S. To join our 7 Week Summer Shape Up <——Click Here

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Commitment and Dedication leads to Locust Valley Fat Loss Results

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Commitment and Dedication leads Breakthrough Results

Hey Coach Rahz here,

Today’s post is going to be about something that most Fat Loss experts don’t talk about much. Hey don’t worry I’m still going to give you something special that’s going to help your Fat Burning efforts.

Let’s get right into topic because it’s one I know you will receive tons of value if you install it into your fat burning program right away.

What do the these two words mean to you?

Commitment and Dedication

Well let me tell you a story about two of our standout clients who define what it means to be committed and dedicated.

Cal Nathan and Jim Wissing have both been Breakthroughs To Fitness clients for just about a year now. Both of these outstanding gentlemen have really transformed their bodies, and athletic performances through following the Meta Burn nutritional guideline and fat loss system.

Let’s start with Cal who came to Breakthroughs to Fitness to improve his strength and endurance to compete in a marathon. Over the past eight months Cal has been extremely committed and dedicated to his training and nutrition program. Cal who is a business owner, family man, and running enthusiast has never made any excuses why he can’t make time for his workouts. He travels over forty minutes to meet his coach 2-3 times per week, and when he has to miss a session he makes it up on his own. Cal finished his 1/2 marathon today improving his best time by over 12 minutes. Cal and his coach Greg Kalafatic got to celebrate this amazing accomplish together at the finish line.

All I can say if more people had Cal’s level of commitment and dedication to a goal we would have a lot more extraordinary human beings in this world. Here’s a take away lesson you can use to increase your Fat Burning efforts that Cal used to improve his marathon time.

Never settle for ok, always push yourself to do just a little more. For example one more pushup, three more minutes on the treadmill, or something as simple as not giving into the negative mindset of I’m too tired today to go the gym.

The second client I am 100% sure if you followed his lead, your fat burning success would be guaranteed. Jim is a true student that all the coaches love to coach because of his dedication to always busting his ass every session. A common story line in both of these awesome client is they have every excuse everyone else has but never choose to use them. Why, because they are committed and dedicated to their personal goals.

Jim was referred to Breakthroughs to Fitness by another one of our many amazing transformation success stories. Jim started out with simple goals to get fit, and loss a few pounds. Within a short period of time coach Greg knew Jim was going to be one of our breakthrough success stories because he approached each session with a sense of commitment and dedication only someone with a white hot burning desire would. Jim is the type of client that makes training fun, exciting and rewarding. Over the past year Jim has reach and exceeded many milestones such and releasing over thirty pounds, improving his bench press to over 225 pounds, and most recently beating his personal best for the deadlift of over 315 pounds.

Hey we all have to agree these are exceptional results and accomplishments but they haven’t slowed Jim down for one second. That is why he continues to be a success in the gym, as a family man, and in business. Jim attacks each day with a commitment and dedication that far exceeds the average client. Here’s what you can take away as a fundamental lesson to success that both Jim and Cal live by:

Show up, Pay attention, and Take Action

If you simply decided to follow those three action steps tomorrow your fat loss results would sky rocket. You would be on the fast track to health and success within the next 90 days and I would be writing about you and sharing lessons that others can take and get inspired to commit and follow through on their own personal breakthroughs in life through fitness.

Last but not least Cal and Jim were selected by the Coaches as Clients of the month and both will receive a special gift. You could be a client of the month just like Jim and Cal, but first you’re going to have to get committed and dedicated.

Until next time, Be Well.

Dedicated to your Fat Loss Results,

Coach Rahz :-)

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