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Hey Everyone. Coach Rahz here with an important message from Coach Frank. This is an important component that will decrease your level of health if you do not raise them… read below…

Today I want to discuss the topic of standards and how they affect your health.  By standards, I am referring to your nutrition, physical activity level, esteem and habits.

We need to keep our standards high in these areas.  While many in the world strive for mediocrity, we need to raise our own personal standards for success.  When you are working out, ask yourself, “Is this good enough?”  If it isn’t then you must raise your personal standards.  Ask yourself if today is going to be a great day or a mediocre day with regard to staying on your nutrition plan and exercising.  If you feel it will be mediocre it will be; that is your standard.  However, living up to a higher standard is easy because you are in complete control of your success; you simply need to recognize what you want with regard to health and fitness.  You and only you set your standards for living.

We live in a time of instant gratification.  To me, this suggests a lowering of standards.  Drive thru restaurants makes eating instantly gratifying when you are hungry.  But at what nutritional cost?  Getting on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes is much easier than intense metabolic training in the same amount of time.  You feel like you worked out on the elliptical and feel immediate gratification for what you did.  However, 30 minutes on an elliptical is the epitome of low standards with regard to exercise.  So what’s the result?  You feel like you did something, but it really wasn’t much at all and then are confused when the results you want are not coming.  Again, it is a matter of standards.
We have standards for most everything.  A standard for the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the places we go and with whom we go with.  We have these standards and they are directly related to our esteem.  My question is, if standards and esteem are connected, then how could we expect low standards to produce optimal health benefits?  Wouldn’t being at the pinnacle of great health make you feel, well, great?  Don’t you believe that it is you, and only you, who can make that happen?
If you are performing at a mediocre (sub standard) level with regard to your health, fix it.

Of course we all have different abilities when it comes to strength and stamina but that is not what I’m talking about.  Do not confuse high standards with comparison to someone else.  Your higher standard is usually going to be different than someone else’s.   However, sometimes you can try setting a standard with someone else.  Start easy with, say, the amount of pushups you can do.  If you can do 10 and your partner can do 12 the both of you should set a goal of 20 each.  You just heightened your standard for pushups and you have someone to reach that standard with.  When you reach that standard, the high 5 you give each other will be worth its weight in gold.

Finally, don’t be afraid to voice your standards.  If something is not good enough tell yourself so.  Likewise, if it is good enough be excited and share it with someone.  Setting higher nutritional and fitness standards will help you to look, feel and act great.  If someone questions your drive or motives simply tell them you are living at a higher standard.

You are allowed to be great,
Coach Frank

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