Can diets kill you?

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Coach Rahz here with an important post. October has been a crazy month but I am loving the progress we are having.

My great friend, and Fit Body Bootcamp Coach Greg wrote an important (actually made a video too) fact about how diets kill us internally both physically and mentally. He went through a challenge that he could not control nor could anyone else. His sister had a major brain surgery which had his family on the edge of their chair yesterday.

He felt it was important to share his post about how the things we can control are killing us and killing us fast. Fat loss is not this complicated process yet we make it complicated by trying all these new things versus sticking to the basics.

Go watch his video now and read the information he has below the video because it gives you 5 steps to creating your own successful meal plan without having to go to the extremes of dieting.

—>Diets Kill!<—

Coach Greg knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition and fat loss. Just recently he had a new client break the 20 lb mark in less then 14 weeks and another client who lost her last 8 pounds and looks amazing. Follow his advice and you too will be successful. Make sure to follow his Long Island Fit Body Bootcamp Blog. It will complement all the great fitness strategies I post.

—>Diets Kill<—

Dedicated to your results,

Rahz Slaughter

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Making the Decision to Lead a Healthier Life is the Hard Part

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Something we see here at B2F very often with prospective clients, friends and acquaintances is that they’re indecisive as to whether or not they really want to go through a fitness and nutrition program. Indecision can be the hurdle between starting a successful healthier lifestyle or continuing to dance with excuses.

The Top Five Excuses we hear from people that still not have cleared the indecision hurdle are:

If you’re nodding your head or smiling to yourself right now, yea, you’ve used one or more of these (perhaps in combination) before. Don’t worry though, many people have and many people will continue to do so because frankly, it’s easy, but try these five ways of breaking free of these potentially life threatening habits.

If you do the math, there are 168 hours in a week. Those people who claim not to have time to workout can surely find 3-4 hours a week to squeeze in some exercise and for some nutritional planning. Find the time and you could plan your meals in advance for the week so that you can avoid spending money on high calorie, high fat meals and snacks. Take the rest of the time and do small group personal training or better than nothing is to try an exercise DVD like the P90x or Insanity DVD which Coach Greg has tried and highly recommends it.

For those who say that they don’t have the money for training, an option can be to try boot camp personal training, it is less expensive than one on one personal training yet can still deliver great results, and finding a guaranteed program can ensure your money isn’t waster. Remember prioritizing where your money is spent is important too, training might cost a little money now but it can save you from a gigantic medical bill later.

Family obligations can be a big obstacle for those who have to chauffeur their children to and from school, sports and other activities. Try coordinating with your spouse who can do what by alternating days or splitting activities so that you both can have time for health and fitness. You can also try including your children in what you do, child care centers are available at some fitness centers or even child health programs.

I wrote about procrastination a few weeks ago and tackled the severity of continuing to put things off until a later date. The problem? The simplicity of just finding a reason of why you can’t begin today but instead tomorrow. It’s too easy to procrastinate, you could do it from the comfort of your couch because you barely twitch a muscle, lift a finger or finished the thought by the time you’ve decided today isn’t the day. Make today the day so that tomorrow it can become habit.

Making the commitment to start becoming healthier and fitter can be the hardest obstacle to overcome. Indecision can create feelings of being lost or being in a hopeless situation, confusion about how or where to begin, feelings that can become overwhelmingly smothering. If you’ve tried programs before and failed, this can plague a person that doesn’t want to fail again but try getting some help or ideas from someone, preparation can overcome these feelings. Remember that you only fail if you don’t try.

Dedicated to your results,

Coach Rahz

P.S. If you are currently exercising and do not have a focused and detailed nutrition plan, you are missing the boat and being left behind. Stop killing yourself in the gym without a nutrition plan. Here is how you can get a detailed plan. <—Click here

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