Is Qnexa the next big solution for personal training in Greenvale

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If you haven’t heard yet, the Pharmaceutical industry may have found the “holy grail” of weight loss pills called Qnexa. According to CBS NEws, “People on the drug lost more than 10 percent of their body weight in company-sponsored trials”

When I read this I was amazed because the only side effects that occurred in this trial is:

•    memory lapses
•    suicidal thoughts (just what someone needs)
•    heart palpitations

As you can tell I am being facetious about the situation and thank the FDA for taking a stand and voting against this new drug because the side effects of the drug outweighed its ability to help people lose weight.

I am tired of hearing about these piss poor attempts at helping people where our time should be focused on connecting and coaching these individuals who struggle with their weight. It is shown that only a small percentage of people medically can not lose weight by adjusting calories and exercising. But millions of others can!

Below is an article as well:

Hope you have an amazing week!

Coach Rahz

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Greenvale Personal Trainer

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Greenvale Personal Trainer Uses Body Weight Workouts to Burn Fat – Workout 2

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Had a great weekend with this beautiful weather in New York. We had an amazing Meta Cardio class from our Meta Burn Fat Loss System. All body weight movements with easy transitions. Coach Greg wore a monitor and he was able to beat last Meta Cardio class with 971 calories burned in 57 minutes. We will be posting sample Meta Burn workouts in the near future along with creating an entire system you can use at home. Watch workout 2 of our body weight workout series below:

Greenvale Personal Trainer Rahsheen Slaughter, demonstrates how to use your body weight as an effective tool in burning fat and creating a metabolic disturbance within your body. Performing these exercises in a circuit fashion back to back will get your heart pumping.

There are always ways to modify the workouts, so if you feel you can not complete them, either rest between exercises or complete the exercises a little slower. Adjust your body position to make the exercises easier.

This is workout 2 of the body weight workout series. Check back every week for a different exercise routine with a different exercise tool. Our personal training in Greenvale has been touted as the fastest Fat Loss system in town. Check us out to see if we live up to that expectation at

Any questions leave your comments below or email us at

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Greenvale Personal Trainer

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Greenvale Personal Trainer Reveals Why Our Minds Sabotage Our Weight Loss Results

Posted in Nutrition on July 20th, 2010 by RahzS

We have been harping on how important nutrition is for your results and it’s a given. We all know nutrition is extremely important. We have also been detailing how portion size, proper combinations of food, thermic effect of food, resting metabolic rate, etc.

However, what we have yet to explain is how your mind sabotages your weight loss results. I read a great article from the Science Daily that explains a research study at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior by Dr. Jeff Brunstrom of the University of Bristol UK and colleagues.

Could Our Minds Be Tricked Into Satisfying Our Stomachs?

I came across this article when I read a post a colleague of mine Mike Roussell sent yesterday. It brought back all the memories when I first competed in an all natural body building show. I dropped down to 4% bodyfat because of all the mind games I played and what the research article talks about is exactly what I did.

It talks about the perception of food and your past experiences with different types. In the study they showed one group a large portion of fruit going into a smoothly and another group a small portion of fruit.

Here is what the results showed “Test subjects were more satisfied for longer periods of time after consuming varying quantities of food for which they were led to believe that portion sizes were larger than they actually were.”

Now it would be impossible to trick yourself into doing a similar study with your food, but the hidden message behind this post is to find foods that look large in portion size but lower on calories and fat. These foods are also known as Fruits and Vegetables.

When I packed on about 2 cups of veggies on my dinner plate during my competition I felt very satisfied physically and emotionally. It filled me up and I had the perception that this is a lot of food. I almost felt guilty sometimes.

It just goes to show how powerful our mind is and the perception it creates in certain situations. If you want some more great tips, be sure to educate yourself by picking up a book called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink

What the book talks about and the research they have done is mind blowing. We carry over these lessons, and strategies into our Nutrition Coaching program to assist our clients in not mindlessly eating and to prepare food in a food that satisfies you visually and emotionally.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences in dealing with food and your emotions behind them when you are finished eating.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Greenvale Personal Trainer

Breakthroughs To Fitness

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Roslyn Personal Trainer uses TRX Suspension System to Burn Fat – Workout 2

Posted in TRX Workouts on July 15th, 2010 by RahzS

Roslyn Personal Trainer, Rahsheen Slaughter from Breakthroughs To Fitness, demonstrates the next series of workouts using the TRX Suspension System to burn fat.

What may seem like a plain old strap is actually an amazing conditioning and strengthening tool to use during a fat burning program. Don’t be fooled.

You can pick up one of these systems at Perform Better.

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter
Roslyn Personal Trainer
Breakthroughs To Fitness

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Is Organic food really healthier for you?

Posted in Nutrition on July 14th, 2010 by RahzS

There are a ton of debates out there about organic food and is it really worth it. Our friend Mike Geary from Truth About Abs actually wrote an article on this with some great tips.

He talks about the use of local farms which I agree with. If you haven’t tasted food from these farms, you have to find one in your area. It’s absolutely delicious and treated under much better conditions then conventional farming.

Below is Mike Geary’s article on Organic vs. Conventional Foods

The TRUTH about Organic vs

Conventional Foods:  it’s About More

Than Just Pesticides

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist

organic foodsI know there seems to be an on-going debate out there these days with health professionals, nutritionists, and the media giving different opinions about whether organic food is worth the slightly higher prices.

But there are a few VERY important aspects of organic food that I rarely see anybody out there talking about.

First, as you know, the main aspect that most people talk about in the organic vs conventional food debate is simply whether the food in question was grown with pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and whether that food contains pesticide/herbicide residues on the actual food when you eat it.

And that IS important… I mean, I know I don’t want to be ingesting pesticide residues that are potentially carginogenic or even estrogenic and can possibly increase belly fat (due to the xenoestrogens)… and I’m sure you don’t either!

But there’s another another MAJOR aspect of organic vs conventional food that most people are overlooking, and that is:

–> The impacts of conventional farm chemicals on the SOIL, and how that affects the nutritional composition (quantities of vitamins, minerals, and healthy soil makes more nutritious plantsantioxidants in the food)

The harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in conventional farming can destroy a large part of the microbial activity in the soils (bacteria and fungi) that help to make soil minerals more available to the plants roots.  Conventional farming degrades this aspect of the soil which results in lower micro-nutrient levels in the plants that you eat.

In organic farming, these harsh chemicals are not used, and the soil is healthier and more biologically active (fungi and bacteria aid the plant roots with uptake of minerals and nutrients), and the plants roots can therefore obtain more nutrition which produces foods with higher micro-nutrient levels.

Also, it’s quite possible that the heavy use of chemical fertilizers, which make crops grow much faster than normal, leads to a shallower root system, that inherently absorbs less micro-nutrients from the soil column compared to organically raised plants that are forced to have deeper, more extensive root systems to obtain all of the nutrients the plant needs.

I think it’s quite easy to see why organic foods can have superior nutrition levels and more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than conventional foods.

But beware of conflicting “reports” out there on this topic.  Although there is much data on the superior nutrition levels of organic foods, you may also find some data that contradicts these findings in particular studies.

The reason that this happens is that science isn’t perfect, and someone may measure the nutrition levels of a certain type of conventional tomato, for example, compared against a different type of organic tomato, grown in a vastly different geographic area in vastly different soils and climate.  There are dozens, or even hundreds of complications with these types of studies, which is why you can’t always make direct comparisons.

organic vs conventional vegetablesHowever, I think with the evidence we talked about in terms of soil quality, nutrient uptake, and also just the pure fact that we don’t want carcinogenic and estrogenic chemicals in our food, it makes it worth it to try to buy organic as much as possible.

Sometimes Local may be MORE important than “Organic”

Here’s another vitally important thing to keep in mind…

If your choices at the grocery store for the organic food come from half way around the globe (such as organic produce from Chile or New Zealand when you live in North America), then you might want to consider favoring local produce even if it’s not labeled “organic”.

For one reason, many local farm stands may actually have organic produce but simply aren’t legally allowed to label their food “organic” if they haven’t acquired whatever necessary licenses they need for that.  If you ask the farmers, many times you may find out that the local farm produce is in fact organic, or at least close to organic (meaning they use very minimal chemicals compared to a large industrial farm).

Also, local produce that is picked at it’s peak of ripeness, and on your plate in a matter of hours or days, will usually have much higher nutrition levels compared to “organic” produce that was picked halfway around the world well before it was ripe and traveled weeks to make it to your grocery store.

The one caveat to this is frozen produce… sometimes fruits and veggies are picked at their peak of ripeness and frozen rather quickly, even if they were picked halfway around the world.  In this case, organic frozen fruits and vegetables can sometimes be just as nutritious as local produce (although they may carry a bigger petroleum burden than local produce)

So, if I were to give my overall recommendations to save yourself from the inherent health dangers of pesticides and herbicides, while also eating food that contains the highest levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it is this:

1. choose organic over conventional most of the time, when it’s available

2. choose local foods over organic if the organic food came from very long distances away (although frozen organic fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious as local)

3. Don’t forget that choosing organic also helps to protect the environment from chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution that can harm ecosystems and your own drinking water supply.

4. Don’t fall for “organic junk foods” — I’ve been seeing this trend lately — Just because crackers, cookies, cakes, and corn chips may be labeled “organic”, doesn’t mean they are healthy… junk food is still junk food!  And these are still overly processed foods that can make you fat!

Remember that forcing change for responsible agriculture starts with your choices as a consumer.  The more we demand responsibly grown and raised foods by choosing those foods in our shopping carts, the more that producers and suppliers will respond to that demand.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Greenvale Personal Trainer

Breakthroughs To Fitness

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Greenvale Personal Trainer Uses Medicine Balls To Burn Fat – Workout 1

Posted in Medicine Ball Workouts on July 8th, 2010 by RahzS

Greenvale Personal Trainer Rahsheen Slaughter, demonstrates how to use a medicine ball as an effective tool in burning fat and creating a metabolic disturbance within your body. Performing these exercises in a circuit fashion back to back will get your heart pumping.

There are always ways to modify the workouts, so if you feel you can not complete them, either rest between exercises or complete the exercises a little slower.

This is workout 1 of the medicine ball workout series. Check back every week for a different exercise routine with a different exercise tool.

Any questions leave your comments below or email us at Come join our personal training in Greenvale.

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter
Breakthroughs To Fitness
Greenvale Personal Trainer

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Motivation has “jack” to do with your results…

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Greenvale Personal Trainer Doesn't Motivate You

Greenvale Personal Trainer Doesnt Motivate You

We hear it all the time “I just need to be motivated again to lose the weight I gained.”

I’ll admit, early in the game, I fell into this trap by expressing to people how I can motivate them and pump them up to do the things they couldn’t get done on their own. But what happens when that motivation wears off every time they walk out of the gym or something triggers an emotional response that brings them back to their old habits?

After going through a lot of personal growth in my life from mentors like Tony Robbins, Jeffrey Combs, Mark Victor Hansen, and Michael Gerber to name the few, I’ve realized that it is much deeper then becoming motivated.

We are all motivated at every moment whether we like it or not. What we don’t realize is that most times we are motivated to do the things we keep saying we don’t want to do.

So it comes down to defining a few items to make sure we can achieve our goals. It’s defining:

1. Our Vision

2. Our Mission

3. Our Purpose

Those 3 core items are something I am constantly answering everyday for my life and my business. Now it’s time for me to open them up to you in regards to your health.

Before you write this off as hocus pocus, grab a pen and just write what comes to mind regarding your health in these 3 core items.

What’s the vision you have the the type of health or body you want to create? Describe an ideal body internally and externally.

What’s the mission you are seeking to accomplish everyday when it comes to your health? What is so powerful that will drive you everyday to get up and be excited about doing something positive for your health?

Finally, what’s your purpose in this world in pursuing a healthy lifestyle? Is it a personal purpose or impersonal, meaning are you doing things for your health for YOU or to inspire others to do the same?

I know you may not be used to reading questions like these when it pertains to your health. You are used to reading about how to lose fat, build strength, live longer, look better, etc. Which is all great.

But until you define the above core items, most likely you wont get to where you want to be. Or if you do, you wont stay there long enough to truly enjoy it.

If nothing else, just do me the favor I asked about and define your vision, mission, and purpose in regards to your health. Even if you do not have a clue of how to answer them, just write everything that comes to mind. By all means write them in the comment box below or email me at I would love to hear your thoughts.

We have some of the most sound and efficient fitness and nutrition programs in the area, but what makes us unique and more effective is the coaching we provide that creates the back bone of these programs. Our One-on-One Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and Meta-Burn Fat Loss System all contain that coaching that is essential in creating those breakthroughs in life through fitness.

You require a coach that will assist you in developing answer to those questions. The greatest lesson I learned is you can’t do it all alone. I have several coaches to assist me in growing as an individual and I urge you to do the same.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Greenvale Personal Trainer

Breakthroughs To Fitness

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