It’s not about making healthy choices to burn fat!

The most common issue we experience as a strategic health coach is that most people claim they understand how to eat healthy.

Fair enough. We believe that more and more people understand how to make a healthy choice. Like eat fibrous carbs, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats like raw almonds instead of oreo cookies, fried chicken, pizza, or potato chips.

The frustration that people are seeing is they make these healthy choices yet are not seeing results. We have a few clients that bust their ass in the gym, make healthy choices, yet they are not seeing the results (of course they feel better, see changes within the structure of their bodies, but their body fat and or weight is not decreasing).

So the end result, people give up and revert back to eating those unhealthy choices because they figure what the heck I might as well eat those fatty foods and satisfy an emotional need.

The solution is educating society that its not so much about making healthy choices. It’s about choosing the right combination of healthy foods and the right portion size. We will touch about some great information further into the post.

The solution we provided to our clients 6 months ago was putting together a scientifically tested nutrition program that made it super simple to succeed with their results. Since then we have had seen results like 25 lbs lost in 12 weeks, 8 lbs and 6% body fat lost in 8 weeks,17.2 lbs and 4.3% bodyfat in 6 weeks, 23 lbs and 7.2% body fat lost in 16 weeks, 21 lbs and 7.8% body fat lost in 12 weeks.

Those are some great accomplishments and are improving to date. It all comes down to having a system in place. What we use is called the BodyGem which gives an accurate measurement of your resting metabolic rate which then we plug into our system along with other lifestyle factors and measurements which gives a client a daily caloric budget along with the proper combination of foods to burn fat. In addition these plans are created by dieticians.

So there is a proven system. But what if you do not have access to a system like this? Below we will talk about how to combine certain foods to create a fat burning state. We kept this real basic and effective so you can install this into your life today. It consists of nutrient dense, natural foods mixed with lower caloric dense foods and a higher thermic effect of digestion.

***side note: the thermic effect of food is how much energy your body uses to digest certain foods. Lean proteins have the highest thermic effect (body uses more calories to digest protein) and dietary fat has the lowest thermic effect.

So when combining foods you want to make sure you have all macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs) within a meal or snack. So a lean protein, with small amounts of essential fats, fibrous vegetables and fruits, and a portion of natural starchy carbs will turn your body into a fat burning machine (plan these meals out according to your caloric budget)

So here is a 4 Step process you can follow:

1. Select a fibrous or green vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc)

2. Select a lean protein (chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, egg whites, etc)

3. Select a natural starchy carb or grain (oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc). You can also add in some fruits)

4. Combine them all and enjoy your meal

Of course for those on the go or who don’t have time to prepare everything natural, a great company sells complete meal replacement shakes and bars that combine all 3 macronutrients with no sweeteners or artificial flavors and are low glycemic. Learn about these meal replacements from Shaklee.

Put the above 4 step process into place today and you will see and feel some great changes within your body over time. We make it even easier by handing our fitness clients a 27 page packet with meals and recipes separated into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack columns. All they do is pick one from each column and they are off to the races.

Our nutrition clients go through a more scientifically based program where we measure their Resting Metabolic Rate and give them a detailed meal plan with calories counted out, portion sizes measured, and a proper macronutrient breakdown.

If you feel you are struggling and could use some guidance and want to achieve results like those above, just give us a call to learn more about the program. Whether you are local to the Long Island area in New York or you live afar we can accommodate you with the coaching you require along with the meal plans that will get you to your goal.

Call today 516-203-4534 to receive a complimentary discovery session so we can learn more about you and you can learn more about our program. There is no obligation or pushy sales tactics to join a program. This is a relaxed and open discovery session.

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Roslyn Personal Trainer

P.S. After 4 days with our nutrition plans we were able to stabilize a man’s blood sugar and assist him in losing 3.2 pounds. There is no secret. It’s just a matter of incorporating the right combination of foods into your life.

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