Long Island Personal Trainer Proves Fat Loss Is Simple

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Long Island Personal Trainer Proves Simple Fat Loss

Long Island Personal Trainer Proves Simple Fat Loss

I want to share with you a few patterns that we have been noticing with the clients that have been achieving great success. The main ingredient is SACRIFICE.

Clients who rock with our program are willing to sacrifice the things they were doing in the past that took them farther from their goals for the things that take them closer. Below I list a few items they are currently doing that if you adapt even just one of them, you will see great success as well.

As your coach, I am going to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. I am not saying this is an easy ride.

Believe me, I feel your pain when it comes to transforming your health. But what I can promise you is that if you consistently follow the methods below you will feel completely different physically and mentally.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. If you don’t like you you “got” then it’s time to rethink what you are doing because it’s not working. Don’t be stubborn and say the program is not working, because most times it’s the individual that is not working the program.

3 Items to install into your daily life today:

1. Make your nutrition plan ridiculously easy

I am talking about keeping it super simple. This does not mean this is your lifestyle. This is just a great way to create massive momentum. Here are what clients in our nutritional program are doing to lose up to 21lbs and 7.4% bodyfat in 12 short weeks. A Cinch Shake and multivitamin for breakfast, Cinch snack bars with fruit for snacks, lean proteins with a salad and veggies for lunch and dinner, and small treat at night to fuel their body as they sleep. There are a few tweaks or additions to the plan, but that’s the simplicity in a nutshell. If you haven’t heard or read about the success Cinch products from Shaklee are having, head over to Shaklee right now!

2. Keeping track of your activity and nutrition

We’ve mentioned this so many times, yet many people still refuse to do this because they see this as tedious. Well if you don’t start, then obviously your health and goals are not a top priority. Again this does not have to be your lifestyle. Use this to create that momentum until you have created enough healthy patterns. Journaling can be as easy as writing what you ate and drank at what times of the day. This way you have an idea of the frequency of the types of foods and liquids that are going into your body. If you want to take it a step further, you can start tracking the portion sizes of each meal.

3. Keep practicing compound movements

Clients that have used the exercises they learned during their sessions on their non-coaching days keep their body from plateauing and adapting. Better yet they practice movements that require multiple muscles to efficiently burn more calories. For example, a pushup over a tricep extension is way more effective. Using multiple muscles at once not only increases the caloric burn, but teaches the body how to work in unison versus in isolation.

These 3 items above, are the major pieces that keep our clients losing fat, increasing energy, and feeling great. Try implementing one at a time and within 8 weeks you will feel and see some great changes. Getting healthy is not rocket science, yet we complicate more then we have to.

Keep consistent with a proven plan and never give up.

Dedicated to your results,

Coach Rahz

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

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Your most important fat loss tool (and it’s not what you think)

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I am not sure if you noticed anything different, but I sure have. Sunday was the first day of Spring and some amazing things are occurring.

These last few days have been amazing with the sun and the warmth. If you noticed most people have high energy and there is a lot more activity in the parks and people running in the street.

The question is how long will that last?

To be honest not long because most people are missing this one item and it’s something we haven’t talked about before.

It’s what we call a MAP. And not a road map. MAP stands for Massive Action Plan. This is a tool that breaks down all the actions necessary to achieve your goal.

The important thing to remember is it is not just words slopped together. This plan is very specific with timely actions and deadlines. I know that sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make these actions very small and subtle so it doesn’t feel like a complete 180 degree turn away from what you are doing now. Or you can make them aggressive and detailed if that works better for you.

Here’s an example below and I will use my MAP to show you how simple this is:

I (Coach Rahz) want to bring back my 2008 health and body. This means I have about 11-13 pounds of fat to release by June 11th which is 12 weeks away.

My massive action plan is as follows:

1.Strength training (mixture between heavy weights and high intensity conditioning): 4 times per week for a total of 55 minutes per session.

2. Cardio (mixture between steady state and interval training): 2 times per week of interval training for 25 minutes each session and 1 time per week of steady state for 30 minutes as a recovery session.

3. Eat clean 80% of the time with 20% of cheat meals. To clarify what that means is I am able to have small portions of things I enjoy for about 8 meals out of 42 per week. For example a glass of wine or a small frozen yogurt would be a cheat meal.

For the sake of time, I will just tell you the next steps instead of detailing out mine plan. The next step is to plug actions like that into your calendar and block those times. Those times are for you only so make sure they are times that aren’t usually interrupted.

Last step is to find someone to hold you accountable and take action. There is nothing worse you can do is to set a goal, get excited, and take zero action. Doing this time after time will condition you to rarely follow through which makes it harder each goal you set.

So there you have it. Your MAP is the tool to start your Spring off with an impact. What I want you to do is email me over a rough draft of your MAP to b2f@b2finc.com.

I will take a look at it and give you some suggestions. If you are a client of Breakthroughs To Fitness, you are expected to create this because your coaches have those expectations for you.

Go make it happen and remember take MASSIVE ACTION!

Dedicated to your results,
Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

P.S. Here are some other goals our coaches are pursuing and they are creating their MAP

Coach Greg: Goal is to complete a 7 mile obstacle course created by the British Elite Special Forces on May 2nd with his team.

Coach Frank: Training to compete in his next Muay Thai Fight

Coach AnnaMaria: Goal is to compete on stage for Ms. Fight. Dates are TBA

Angel: Putting together a Corporate Fit Challenge for the B2F team and is looking to transform his body in 6 weeks. This challenge starts April 12th

Coach Matt and Coach Christina just joined the B2F team so they are in the process of setting up their goals and their MAP.

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Long Island Personal Trainer Joins The Battle Against Childhood Obesity

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What an amazing experience!!!

I’ve never had so much fun this weekend in working with the Junior League of Long Island. This powerful group of women had planned for the last 8 months their annual Kids in the Kitchen event to assist Long Island children in living a healthy and active lifestyle. The passion and care that went into this event for the children was unbelievable and highly applauded.

Breakthroughs To Fitness was honored to be a part of this event. The children did everything from doing bear crawls on the floor, playing monkey tag, running around, participating in Tug-of-War, and learning proper exercise techniques.

The smiles and laughter on their face brought back such great memories of being a kid and evoked that feeling that life is about having fun and playing games. Long Island Children are in need increasing their physical activity, knowledge of nutrition, and their understanding of proper movement patterns.

Below is a short clip from the event. My hope is that after watching this video, you too will seek an opportunity to join an event like this or make an impact in a child’s life. Do something out of the ordinary for a child this week. If you have any stories on how you’ve impacted a child’s life in being more healthy and active, please let us know in the comment box below:

Long Island Personal Trainer Aids Kids In The Kitchen

Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Training

P.S. If you haven’t heard of the Junior League of Long Island, be sure to check them out at www.jlli.org. They are a phenomenal group of women that are making a great impact here on Long Island

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Long Island Corporate Fitness Challenge Makes A Difference

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Corporate Fitness Challenge

Corporate Fitness Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the worldwide Corporate Fit Challenge Movement, allow Breakthroughs To Fitness to introduce it to you.

Corporate Fit Challenge is a 6 week challenge that any company of any size can install into their workforce in less then 24 hours. Not only is it effective, but it is affordable with a low one time investment.

It’s not unheard of to have companies invest in the health of their employees. In fact businesses are understanding the importance of this. I will cover 5 key points why you want to have the Corporate Fit Challenge installed into your company immediately.

There are too many programs out their that either focus on one component of health or they simply diagnose you with high blood pressure for example and give very little advice on how to solve that issue.

With the Corporate Fit Challenge all 5 components of an effective program are addressed. Those 6 components are:

1. Resistance training
2. Smart Cardio
3. Nutrition
4. Supplementation
5. Flexibility
6. Coaching

WIthout all of these components in a program, you are setting your employees up for either short term success or failure. No one wants to see that happen, especially as a business owner.

So why is the Corporate Fitness Challenge so powerful over other programs?

1. This challenge equips each participant with their own personal coach. Each participant receives personal training, cardio vascular programming, nutrition and supplementation counseling, proper flexibility techniques, and of course weekly accountability sessions.

2. Camaraderie is key to a successful challenge. Every challenge includes optional group training classes on Sunday evening to start the week fresh and with a focused mind. All participants are able to get together as a team with a coach to work through a great workout.

3. Your bottom line is impacted. Take care of your employees health and they will take care of your bottom line through higher productivity rates, increased morale, and laser like focus.

4. Your most important asset is protected. YOUR PEOPLE! There is nothing more valuable then your people and their health. If you protect them, they will be loyal and productive. As point number 3 states, your bottom line will be impacted for the positive.

5. Finale Party! There is nothing more impactful in a challenge then throwing a kick ass finale party that celebrates the victories and successes of all participants. Here is where the tears, the joy, the laughter, and the fun times begin. The stories you will hear in how this program impacted your employees health will be unbelievable.

For more information on how to get a Corporate Fitness Challenge at your workplace, you can email us at b2f@b2finc.com or call 516-203-4534.

As always…

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

P.S. To hear some success stories on this challenge you can go to www.corpfitchallenge.com

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