Thanksgiving: The Enemy Holiday?

While many of us may be dreading the return of the holiday which is associated with huge feasts, bountiful banquets, and loosening of belts, the truth is that we are dreading a wrongly condemned holiday. Thanksgiving isn’t the culprit behind the gorging…we are.

Let’s remind ourselves we didn’t get the idea of topping yams or sweet potatoes with marshmallows from the pilgrims. So here we are once more, bringing you the Thanksgiving survival guide so you aren’t the adult non-chalantly undoing your belt buckle under the table…yea we know what you’re really doing.

While many of us think that the mistakes are happening when the serving spoon is already in our hands that’s not always the case. The first tip we have is don’t skip any meals Thanksgiving day because you’re trying to “save” calories for later. Remember when you’re starving, you’re more likely to load your plate with your eyes than with your stomach. So eat like you normally would on any other day so that when you approach the feast, you’re not already thinking of grabbing two plates to “space” everything better.

When you’re finally in front of the banquet and your eyes light up by the sight of all the choices you have, remember to make smart choices. Help yourself to a little of everything first rather than loading up your plate and then coming back for an equally portioned second plate of the things you missed.
Properly porportion out the things that are higher in fat (like dishes made with cheeses, milk or cream), this doesn’t mean you cant have them but have less of them since they’re stacked with calories. Eating your turkey helping skinless also reduces the intake of calories while also reducing the cholesterol content. Don’t neglect the side dishes that contain vegetables, pumpkin, cranberries and greenbeans are Thanksgiving favorites and provide high amounts of vitamin’s and antioxidants.
Lastly, remember that you also want to watch your intake of beverages. Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body, while sugary beverages like apple cider won’t help with trying to cut back on calories. So remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and meal to better keep your body hydrated, feeling quenched and satisfied.

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