Long Island Personal Trainer Gets Rewarded With An “Apple”


There is nothing better than rewarding yourself with something you have worked so hard for. With your health and fitness there should be a sign of recognition and reward when you hit a goal or a milestone within your program.

Long Island personal trainer, Coach Greg, rewarded himself with a new apple macbook computer. He set it up where when he hit a certain savings goal and a set point within the business, he was going to reward himself with this specific item.

However, this was a very strategic reward. Coach Greg decided on this item because it was portable to do work on the go, it contained programs to make his life easier and more efficient, and it’s considered to be one of the top performing laptops. Not only does he get to enjoy a great gift, but also optimize his work on the go in his busy lifestyle.

So when it comes to your health and fitness, try to reward yourself with a strategic gift that will benefit you in multiple ways (i.e. massage, piece of equipment, athletic gear, etc). This way you not only get the instant gratification, but also the ongoing benefits of buying that item.

If you haven’t rewarded yourself yet for a goal you hit, be sure to go out and do so immediately. A gift we can assist you with immediately is waiting for you at www.WhatsYourMetabolism.com.

You will receive a free download of one of our most in demand ebooks “How To Master Your Metabolism” In it we teach you how to reset your metabolism and what to watch out for that is sabotaging you right now.

Also, you will receive a complimentary Metabolic Blueprint Consultation ($97 value) with a B2F nutrition counselor to learn how you can get access to a tool we use to accurately measure your metabolism and create a meal plan customized to your needs.

Go ahead and treat yourself today to a gift that costs you nothing, yet will impact your health and fitness going forward.


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P.S. Long Island personal trainer, Coach Greg, has set a high goal for himself for the end of 2010. When he achieves this goal wait til you see his next reward.

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