a type of Trans Fat that makes you leaner? Is it POSSIBLE?

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Found a great article that our good friend Mike Geary wrote about a type of trans fat that can actually make you leaner. This is a great topic and resource for you to know. We actually have a company that we use and recommend when it comes to the trans fat Mike is talking about. Here is his email to us below:


We all know that trans fats are horrible for your health right?  But what if I told you that there is a specific type of trans fat that’s natural (not man-made) and actually helps you to lose fat faster and build lean muscle?

Well, check out the excerpt from my new program that I co-authored called “The Fat Burning Kitchen” ( http://www.truthaboutabs.com/fat-burning-kitchen.html ) below:

“…Not many people know this fact, but CLA is actually a natural form of trans fat, but it is FAR different than the artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils that are so deadly and that you hear all of the negative information about. CLA is actually one of the only healthy trans fats in existence.

CLA is a natural form of healthy trans fat that occurs in the fat on the meat, and in the dairy from ruminant animals such as cattle, bison, deer, goats, sheep, kangaroo, etc.  CLA in natural form has been shown to help in burning off abdominal fat and also maintaining or even building lean muscle.

Warning: do NOT use CLA supplements as they contain an artificially created form of CLA that is a different CLA isomer compared to the natural CLA isomer that’s found in meats and dairy from ruminant animals. The CLA isomer found in CLA supplements can have negative effects in the body and is more similar to an artificial trans fat. The only form of CLA is that going to benefit your health and help you to reduce body fat is the natural CLA isomers from grass-fed beef, bison, venison, etc or from grass-fed raw milk or cheeses.

Also, grass-fed meats and dairy contain 3-5x the CLA of grain fed meats, so avoid your typical grain-fed grocery store meats.

So that is the reason why I focused more on red meats such as grass-fed beef and bison during this 23-day cutting cycle instead of chicken, turkey, or fish — because the extra CLA can really help in accelerating fat loss and preserving lean muscle…”

There you have it… there actually IS such a thing as a healthy trans fat… bet you didn’t know that!

This was an excerpt from my brand new program I just co-authored with an extremely knowledgeable nutrition expert named Catherine Ebeling.

The program is called “The Fat Burning Kitchen”.

Because this is our launch week… you can grab the program for half price this week only. The price will double in a few days at the end of the week.

Also, I wanted to really knock your socks off with this program, so if you grab a copy this week, I even decided to throw in a special bonus section that gives you every single nitty gritty detail of how I just went from 10.2% bodyfat down to 6.9% bodyfat in only 23 days while I prepped for a photo shoot recently.

This is advanced stuff for when you might have an event such as a wedding or a beach vacation coming up and you need to knock off some significant bodyfat in only 3-4 weeks time frame.  There’s nothing unhealthy here… but these techniques are definitely “amped up” from the norm.

When I say nitty gritty details… I’m talking everything, including specific spices, teas, nutrients, exactly what I ate, carb/protein/fat ratios and how I manipulated timing of nutrients to accelerate fat loss.

Seriously, we did the body comp tests and I went from 10.2% BF to 6.9% BF in only 23 days.  I’ll be sharing the pics on my blog in a week or 2, when I get the finals back from the photographer.

You’ll find out all of those details of how I did this in the bonus chapter if you grab a copy this week.

check it out:


Get your copy today so you don’t miss out on the half price special.

Talk soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


Mike is on top of his game when it comes to research and someone we turn to when we have questions.

Be sure to get your CLA’s and start burning that fat.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Training

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Long Island Personal Trainers Launch Your Best Body Challenge

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Coach Rahz and Coach Anna at Your Best Body Event-Long Island Personal Trainers

Coach Rahz and Coach Anna at Your Best Body Event-Long Island Personal Trainers

So we began the climb to reach our coveted “best bodies” on Saturday at the Your Best Body 8-week Challenge, and the event brought to light our greatest obstacle, commitment. Though many have registered and said that they want to participate in our event, only a handful of dedicated participants arrived at the registration location to fulfill their desire.

While we realize that the path to our and your goals is a difficult mountain climb, we remind everybody that the difficult part is not watching your diet or finding the time to exercise but to remain committed. Perhaps the most treacherous and difficult of characteristics, commitment is the first essential necessity of any challenge that a person might face in life.

So while we commend and praise the participants that arrived on Saturday full of determination to accomplish their pre-determined goals, we would like to remind any stragglers that all you have to do is put forth the effort and commitment to achieve your fitness goals and we can help with the rest.

It is not too late to register for our event and we welcome all late contestants with open arms, just go to www.LongIslandBestBodyChallenge.com and register before Friday, September 25, 2009. The contest will officially begin on Saturday, September 26, 2009. Don’t forget to download your free transformation guide and be prepared for our live Q&A teleconference calls to be on your way to your best body.

To our registered contestants we remind you that helping you reach your best body is only part of our goal, helping you keep your best body is the ultimate goal we are reaching for. So here are a few reminders and important points from our registration event:

-remain committed to the goal’s you have set for yourself and remember that we are here for support

-remember that you have to take things slow, change does not come all at once it’s more of a gradual steady change

-small changes for the first couple of weeks will help make the transition easier to make in the long run so start off with things like:

-take a short walk after your dinner to help with digestion and to help get you started exercising

-substitute soda consumption with water (not only does it quench your thirst better than soda but it also reduces unnecessary calorie consumption)

-substitute less healthy snacks like chips, cakes, candy with healthier options like pretzels, fruit or yogurt to satisfy your munching sensation.

-try to minimize any sugary snacks or dessert intake (we recommend trying to limit consumption of snacks and/or desserts after 5pm when your body takes longer to digest food)

Dedicated to your Results

Breakthroughs to Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainers

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Long Island Personal Trainer Fights For Charity-Round 1

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Had some technical issues with the blog, but they are finally fixed and we are back to educate, empower, and inspire you. If you have been reading the emails, you will notice that I am putting the gloves on to fight for charity.

All my blood sweat and tears will go into the training for this event. I could use your support and it would mean alot to me and Breakthroughs To Fitness. We all know having a strong support group can create greatness.

With your support, I will promise to uphold my end of the bargain by training hard, transforming my body, and raising money for the Long Island Fight For Charity. Check out the video below of the beginning stages of my workouts:

For more information on how you can support me, visit www.LIFightForCharity.com

Thanks in advance!

Dedicated to your results,

Rahsheen Slaughter

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