The last piece to the fat loss puzzle…

Take the dirt out of your program

We have covered the first 4 steps in How To Transform Your Body In Record Time in previous posts. To recap on those they are:

  1. Define your goals, motivation, and commitment level
  2. Assess your current fitness level with a variety of measurements
  3. Design your program
  4. Implement your program

The fifth and last piece to the fat loss puzzle is to reassess not only your physical state, but your mental state as well every 4-6 weeks. So the first component is to redo all the measurments you did when you started out your fitness program.

This is important to your success because now you have data to compare and weigh if the fat loss program is working in your favor or not. If it’s not, then you may want to think about revisitng step 1 and see how commited and motivated you are to achieving your goals. Did you follow the program with your greatest effort?

If so, then you go right to step 3 where you tweak 1 variable at a time within your program until it starts working in your favor and implement it into your life.

Once you collect your data, it is now time to assess your successes and challenges. What did you do really well? What were some of the challenges and obstacles that got in your way? The more indepth you can answer these questions, the more success you will have throughout your fitness life.

And there you have the 5 step system to Transforming Your Body In Record Time.

It is now July 13th, almost 10 days after Fourth of July. Are you still stuck in the holiday rut of eating everything in site or even worse eating very little because of how much you ate during the holiday?

Or are you putting forth a great effort to transforming your body and treating it the way it should be treated?

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