[Video] Powerful Video on the 10 Golden Rules of Nutrition You Must Live By

So we talked about step 3 in Transforming your Body in Record Time which was designing a complete program. If you didn’t read the last post (which we suggest), we retouched below what the 6 components are that make up a complete program…

Step 3 is designing a complete program which consists of 6 components:

  1. Nutrition- foundation of a program
  2. Resistance Training- helps build lean tissues
  3. Supplementation- fills the gaps in your nutrition
  4. Smart Cardio- keeps the heart healthy and lungs conditioned
  5. Flexibility- increases recovery and prevents injury
  6. Coaching- provides accountability, knowledge, and support

Today’s lesson we will be covering just nutrition and covering the following components over the next 3 weeks to detail them out.

You will hear us say this numerous times, where focus goes, energy flows. In regards to nutrition, if you complicate it too much or see nurtition as being something difficult, then you will create negative energy in that direction. The end results: You get frustrated and feel there is a better quick fix solution out there and become a diet hopper or worse a crash dieter.

Therefore, to get an indepth lesson on the 10 golden rules you must live by in order to create massive results, we created a 20 minute educational video on them as well as the chance to download our nutrition manual. You can watch that video by clicking the link below:

10 Nutrition Golden Rules

Be sure to take some notes and put those rules into action. They do not have to be incorporated all at once. We understand that can be a challenge. So take 1 rule a week and implement it. Within 10 weeks you should be a pro with nutrition and seeing some great results with your health and body.

We are putting the finishing touches on our nutrition program. Quite honestly, it will be one of the top nutritional programs out there. It’s completely a customized done-for-you program that has some powerful one-on-one coaching that goes along with it. Whether you are local or not to our facility, you will have access to this program. So stay tuned for when we unleash the Beta program, because we will only accept a few people.

If you have interest in being a part of this program and want to know when it will be released, simply email us at support@b2finc.com with the subject line Beta Nutrition Program and we will respond within the next 24-48 hours.

We hope you learn alot from the video above to get you started.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. We may be a Long Island Personal Training and Wellness company, but we are able to reach a wide audience nation wide with our powerful consulting programs where we give you done-for-you personalized workouts, nutrition plans, coaching, or a combination of all. For more information, simply email us at support@b2finc.com and we will get back to you with further details.

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