Shaklee is a bust! Do supplements really work?

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Depends on who you ask…

This is the fourth component of transforming your body in record time. A subject not many people understand or they feel they can’t trust many companies. It all depends if you can find someone who is truthful and honest to you.

Ask someone who takes very little care of themselves, has limited activity, makes tons of excuses, and sticks to a program for only 3 days.

What do you think the outcome will be?

They will blame everything but themselves. They usually will blame it all on Shaklee supplements because people feel these are supposed to be magic potions since the company has strict procedures on ingredients and processing. If that person doesn’t feel better in a few days they tell all their friends it must have been the Shaklee products.

Now let’s flip the scenario.

Ask someone who keeps active daily, overcomes obstacles, takes shaklee supplements on a daily basis long term, and constantly taking care of themselves.

They will proclaim that they feel amazing, yet they won’t credit everything to the Shaklee supplements. They understand it’s only a supplement to whole food nutrition, but they do realize the power a combination of supplements can have on overcoming plateaus, feeling better, avoiding sickness, and reaching the next level.

So it all depends on who you ask to get the proper answer to the question of do supplements really work.

The last part you have to look for is the quality of manufacturing and ingredients. Generally you get what you pay for, but thats not all the time. Be sure to investigate every aspect of a company before investing loads of money into their products.

Here at Breakthroughs To Fitness, we have been searching for the last 6 months and finally came upon a company we can trust in giving quality results with our health. It’s not the magic bullet, but it sure does help to have aiding factors with your health.

If you would like to reasearch the quality behind Shaklee products to reach the next level for the summer, you can just click here.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Trainer

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How to get FITT (that’s not a typo)

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It was yet again another great father’s day this year. Happy father’s day to all.

During dinner the discussion of working out came up. My older sister is getting married, younger sister is looking to transform her body, and my dad wants to recapture his health. All different goals, but the same issue came up.


This brings us into the fourth component of designing a complete program.

It’s not uncommon for so many people to complicate exercise. We tend to focus on the latest and greatest exercises seen on tv or read in magazines. Focus is lost on the basics, we get caught up and eventually quit.

When it comes to starting a program, or even breaking through a plateau, results are found in the basics. When in doubt, move the way your body was intended to move and follow a simple formula.


It’s called the FITT principle. Not something we created, but a principle we follow. To learn more about how you can incorporate the FITT principle into your life today and start seeing great results, just watch the video below:


If you have any questions about the FITT principle, you can email us at 

Try not to confuses or analyze deeply what you just saw. Make a few tweaks every 2 weeks from that principle and you should be on your way to a new you.

Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

Head Fitness Coach

Long Island Personal Training

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. Be sure to watch the video above if you skipped all the way down here without clicking play. Sometimes all it takes is one small change to produce the results you are looking for.

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Does stretching assist with your fat loss goals?

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The third component of designing a complete program from Transforming Your Body In Record Time is STRETCHNING!!!

Most of us hate it, because it is boring, sometimes a little uncomfortable, and if we are short on time, is the first thing to be dropped.

However, stretching should be just as important as the other components. So to clear things up, we will refer to stretching as soft tissue work.

Before and after a workout you should be performing some type of soft tissue work for injury prevention, increased blood flow circulation, relaxation of tension, and to reduce soreness. You can do this either through traditional stretching or some type of foam rolling.

If you haven’t learned how to use a foam roller or do not know what it is, we highly suggest you look into in investing in one. It’s like a self-massage that will leave you with a floating experience. It can get uncomfortable, but that’s ok. Keep massaging around until you feel the area recevied enough attention.

There is no magic bullet or stretch. The key is to keep consistent on doing at least 5-10 minutes of soft tissue work a day. You will reap the benefits overtime and will notice a difference in how you look and feel.

For a more in depth discussion on stretching be sure to click the link below to watch the video (may take a few minutes to download)


Any questions on this topic, be sure to leave them in the comment box below or email us at

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Personal Training

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Smart Cardio Just Got Smarter

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We are diving in to the second component of designing a complete program of the Transforming Your Body In Record Time system. This component is called smart cardio.

You would probably agree that we are all pressed for time and that we do not have hours to do our cardio routine. That is why Breakthroughs To Fitness threw dumb cardio out the video and created our version of smart cardio.

What we mean by smart cardio is performing cardiovascular activities that are efficient, effective, and fun. Most fitness routines lose people when they say jog on a treadmill, stairmaster, or elliptical for 45-60 minutes.

Do those fitness routines work?

Of course! Any physical activity will work on getting you in better shape. However, there are limitations and traps to this. Most fall into plateaus with this programming or they give up because it’s just to boring. The problem with long steady state cardio is once your body gets accustomed to the patterns, it uses less calories which requires a person to run longer.

That is why Breakthroughs To Fitness incorporates smart cardio into our training systems the B2F way. We use fun activities, sports conditioning drills, intervals on cardio machines, etc. With such an assortment of activities and intensities, the body doesn’t have time to adapt, therefore burning more calories.

Did we mention you only have to do these activities for 10-20 minutes a day?

Depending on your goals and time constraints, you can do less then that or more depending on your intensity levels.

To get a clearer understanding of how to burn more calories in less time watch the webinar below by clicking the blue link.


It is our hope that you utilize this method within your program. You won’t be sorry you did when you see the results that will occur. If you require more information or one-on-one coaching, just fill out the consultation form under the video when you click the link above.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island Fitness and Nutrition Resource

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[Video] Powerful Video on the 10 Golden Rules of Nutrition You Must Live By

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So we talked about step 3 in Transforming your Body in Record Time which was designing a complete program. If you didn’t read the last post (which we suggest), we retouched below what the 6 components are that make up a complete program…

Step 3 is designing a complete program which consists of 6 components:

  1. Nutrition- foundation of a program
  2. Resistance Training- helps build lean tissues
  3. Supplementation- fills the gaps in your nutrition
  4. Smart Cardio- keeps the heart healthy and lungs conditioned
  5. Flexibility- increases recovery and prevents injury
  6. Coaching- provides accountability, knowledge, and support

Today’s lesson we will be covering just nutrition and covering the following components over the next 3 weeks to detail them out.

You will hear us say this numerous times, where focus goes, energy flows. In regards to nutrition, if you complicate it too much or see nurtition as being something difficult, then you will create negative energy in that direction. The end results: You get frustrated and feel there is a better quick fix solution out there and become a diet hopper or worse a crash dieter.

Therefore, to get an indepth lesson on the 10 golden rules you must live by in order to create massive results, we created a 20 minute educational video on them as well as the chance to download our nutrition manual. You can watch that video by clicking the link below:

10 Nutrition Golden Rules

Be sure to take some notes and put those rules into action. They do not have to be incorporated all at once. We understand that can be a challenge. So take 1 rule a week and implement it. Within 10 weeks you should be a pro with nutrition and seeing some great results with your health and body.

We are putting the finishing touches on our nutrition program. Quite honestly, it will be one of the top nutritional programs out there. It’s completely a customized done-for-you program that has some powerful one-on-one coaching that goes along with it. Whether you are local or not to our facility, you will have access to this program. So stay tuned for when we unleash the Beta program, because we will only accept a few people.

If you have interest in being a part of this program and want to know when it will be released, simply email us at with the subject line Beta Nutrition Program and we will respond within the next 24-48 hours.

We hope you learn alot from the video above to get you started.

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. We may be a Long Island Personal Training and Wellness company, but we are able to reach a wide audience nation wide with our powerful consulting programs where we give you done-for-you personalized workouts, nutrition plans, coaching, or a combination of all. For more information, simply email us at and we will get back to you with further details.

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