Breakthrough To Memorial Day With Record Speed Body Transformation

Why not enjoy your summer instead of fighting off the pounds? We can show you how!!!

The big day is almost here and Breakthroughs To Fitness (Long Island Personal Training company), is ready to celebrate along with you:


A time of rememberance and a time of celebration as the unofficial start of the summer.

The problem is this…

So many people see this as barbeque season that they forget about their health and often give excuses that they have to indulge in big barbeques every week.


Understand the 5 keys to transforming your body in record time so you can enjoy some of these barbeques without feeling guilty.

Below we will list the 5 keys and over the next 3 weeks, we will break them down into specific detail so you can create that killer body while enjoying the summer. These 5 keys will work for any goal of yours as long as you stick to the plan. Some may not want a killer body, but just to be healthier. That’s fine, because this will work for any fitness goal. Here are the 5 keys:

  1. Define your goals, motivation, and commitment
  2. Evaluate where you are right now
  3. Design a complete program to achieve your goals
  4. Take ACTION and implement your program
  5. Regularly assess your progress and update your program

Now you may be saying “come on this is very basic.” We agree and that’s how it should be, but as promised we will map specifics out for you to get a complete picture of how to transform your body in record time for post memorial day.

By the way, we have something special for you and it’s FREE! All you have to do is go to and answer the question below:

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From there we will compile all questions and answer them live on a free teleseminar. But hurry, there are limited seats and you will only know the details of the teleseminar if you ask your question at

We look forward to assisting you in creating amazing results for the summer.

As always…

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. If you have always felt nervous about asking certain questions, don’t be. We want to hear your voice and the challenges you are facing. Remember to visit Just Ask Coach Rahz to ask your most burning question.

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    Great Post….I’m ready for the summer!

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