B2F Metabolism Stimulus Plan

Breakthroughs To Fitness can not fix the economy but we can give you the Top 10 foods to stimulate your metabolism. Nutrition is the foundation to creating the body you desire. If you’re not eating to stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat and then you’re not going to receive the results you’re seeking to see in the mirror.

If you just start eating these ten foods you’ll be on your way to creating the body you deserve.

Top Ten Foods To Stimulate your Metabolism

And they Taste Great Too!

  1. Water : Minimum of 1 96 oz Per Day
  2. Oatmeal : Breakfast of Champions
  3. Apples : 2 per Day…
  4. Grape Fruit : Wonderful Treat
  5. Multi- Colored Peppers Red, Green, Yellow
  6. Green Tea: Great Antioxidant and Help Boost Metabolism Naturally
  7. Food High in Fiber: Beans are Great
  8. Broccoli and Cabbage
  9. Celery
  10. Fish: Not Fatty Fish

If you want the secret to looking great and feeling even better all you have to do is ask my client Connie who I would like to highlight here because she gave me this list of food she eats. She’s really amazing because the lady just never stop going. She’d working 30 hours per week, Personal training 3 times per week, Dancing 2 times per week, and baby sitting her grand children a few night per week. If you’re seeking the Fountain of youth Just ask Connie, and she’ll tell you it’s all about eating Right, exercising Daily, and Staying Positive.

The B2F Exercise Stimulus plan is simple EAT MORE, Move More, and Concentrate on where you want to be not where you’ve been…

Go be Great,

Caoch Rahz Slaughter, “The Breakthrough Specialist”

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