10 Exercises I Hate!


This was inspired by a client who handed me a sheet of paper with a list of 10 exercises she hated.

They weren’t just listed, but drawings and descriptions of why she hated them.

It amused me and had me thinking, were there exercises I so called hated?

I think hate is the wrong term, rather uncomfortable.

So here is my top 10 list of exercises I “hate”:

  1. Burpees-they absolutely drain you
  2. Biceps curl-I know they are loved by all men and women love to hold them, but I just never became too interested in them
  3. Steady state cardio-it has its purpose, but to be used on a daily basis I get too bored. Plus I love my intervals :)
  4. Crunches-never found enjoyment in these. I have more interests in more stabilizing ab exercises.
  5. Pullups-now these are one of the most effective exercises, but I would have to say my weaker area so it made the list
  6. Lunges-again another effective/natural movement, yet something not practiced on a consistent basis so it makes the list as well
  7. Front squats-great to alternated between back and front, however as weight increases, front squats are looked at with displeasure
  8. Flys-whether on pec deck or with dumbbells, they create discomfort in joints so not a favorite
  9. hyper extensions-due to my anterior pelvic tilt this creates more strain on lower back then necessary.
  10. Leg curls on machine-creates a poping sensation in back of knee so I prefer hamstring curls on ball or wheel

So there you have it, 10 exercises I “hate.”

Now do notmisunderstand what I mean. Just because they are termed with the word “hate” does not mean I do not do them. Some of them I see great advanatages in and do them, just not always with a smile.

In life it’s the uncomfortable things that makes us better when consistently sought after.  In terms of fitness, we generally stick with exercises that we are comfortable with and used to.

Try this exercise. write down your top 10 exercises you hate. Post them on the blog and attempt to do all of them within a day period. You may not like doing it, but when you do, you will feel accomplished.

Here at Breakthroughs To Fitness, we explore new experiences with ourselves and our clients.

What Breakthroughs will you have today?


Dedicated to your results,



Greg Kalafatic


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