Breakthrough With Balance Living…North Shore Long Island

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Life without Balance isn’t Life. Coach Rahz believes that you Must Work hard, and Play Hard…

Highbar NYC Josh Kofi's Birthday Party...

Highbar NYC Josh Kofi

I’m Focus on Breakthrough through my 2009 Goals to Have my Healthiest and Best Year Ever…

Janaury 1st 2009, The B2f Guyz will be turning the North Shore Long Island Health and Wellness industry upside Down. Stay Tuned and Get excited for 2009!

Where: Harbor Link Golf Course

Theme: How to make 2009 your Healthiest and Best Year Ever!!!

Hosted by: Breakthroughs To Fitness

Charity: The Coalition Against Child Abuse & Neglect

As always Bwell,

Have a Happy New Year See YOU in 2009…

Thank you for making 2008 a super fantastic year.

Rahz Slaughter,

Happy New Year...B2F

Happy New Year...B2F

MPT, Wellness Coaching

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A Breakthrough in Connecticut

Posted in Uncategorized on December 24th, 2008 by Greg

Christmas eve has ended, and I am lying in bed reflecting on the day before it’s ligts out.

It was a great day spending time with the in laws for the first time here in Connecticut. I am very happy to have them in my life because of the values and family support they offer.

But the breakthrough occured before we even left brooklyn this morning.

My sister is getting married and has been struggling with the fact that her wedding is 9 months away and she has not been in the gym since we last trained a few weeks ago.

People tend to freak out when events like this occur. They feel so overwhelmed that no matter how much time they have, it’s never enough.

That’s a limiting belief that many require to drop. Freaking out and complaining about the situation will only make it worse and in the end you will be further away then where you started.

Here are the tips I gave jeanne to release her tension on

1. Cut the crap and focus on the end result. Stop worrying where you are and visualize where you want to be.
2. When you have a vision, write down goals you want to hit and break them down into smaller segments. Measure results at end of each month.
3. Stop making excuses why you aren’t going to the gym and eating healthy. Just accept you haven’t done what is necessary and move on.

Sometimes you have to be blunt and straight with people. Tell them what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.

So my objective, since it will be hard to physically coach her since distance, is to support her via phone and email to empower to complete small tasks.

I will keep you posted in how well she does with breakthrough methods via electronic means.

Do we all require a coach to physically be by our sides to accomplish great things, or is it possible to be great with mentoring skills via electronic means?

Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

P.S. What breakthroughs did you have this week or month? What’s your vision for your health for 2009?

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Don’t be derailed by the Cold Weather…Winter Workout #1

Posted in Coach Rahz Slaughter Workout Video, Nutrition, Tips and Strategies on December 23rd, 2008 by RahzS

Breakthrough the cold and Workout Now!!!

You can not get sexy and make excuses at the same time. How many of you are seeking to make 2009 the Year you reclaim your college bodies, Lose 20 pounds of unwanted “Good Living”, or simple become more active?

If you’re crunch for time and you really don’t want to go to the gym, Try this quick but intense body weight routine. I have to let you know it’s not for the beginner. If you require rest between exercises please take you time to regain your breath.

Breakthrough the Cold and Try Rahz's Winter Workout #1

Breakthrough the Cold w/ Coach Rahz

Coach Rahz’s Winter Workout #1

“Design to Burn Calories, Make you Sweat, and Say I hate Coach Rahz”


  • 10 minutes Fast Walk Treadmill
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Body Weight Squat ( Hands on Hips )
  • 2 Sets 10 Push-ups

Winter Workout #1 Lower/Upper Body Blast

  1. Speed Body weight Squat 20 Repetitions
  2. Push-up 10 Repetitions
  3. Jumping Jacks 30 Repetitions
  4. Push-up 9 Repetitions
  5. Split Lunge Squat 15 Repetitions each Leg
  6. Push-up 8 Repetition
  7. Step Back Lunge 15 each Leg
  8. Push-up 7 Repetition
  9. Jumping Jacks 30 Repetition
  10. Push-ups 6 Repetitions
  • Total: 40 Push-up

Cool-Down: 5 Minutes Static Stretching Lower and Upper Body

The entire routine should not take longer than 20-25 minutes with cool-down!

This workout is design to stimulate the lower and upper body. You are consistently moving keep your heart rate elevated and pumping more body to the working muscle. You are burn calories, and because of the intensity you are working you will continue to burn calories long after you compete this short intense winter workout.

If you like this workout and want more workouts let us know by leaving comments in the space provided at the bottom.

Stay Warm and Bwell,

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

“The Breakthrough Specialist” A strength Coach for your Mind and Body

P.S.   Click Here… for A Free Nutritional Report That gives you the secret to releasing fat without going crazy. Coming Soon… A New B2F Service…Can’t tell you just Yet what it is, but It’s going to be Huge…Stay Tuned…..

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What I Want From Santa…

Posted in Personal Development on December 22nd, 2008 by RahzS

Hello and Everyone,

Three days before the Big Christmas Holiday, and I hope you’ve been Nice this Year.

Today, I need to ask you for your advice…

…if you can offer your voice, it would be an amazing favor.  If you haven’t got me a Christmas present yet, consider this it :)Your answers will help me better plan and execute a future product and services that is in the works for early 2009.

Would you take a moment to give me your opinions by answering a few simple questions below?

  1. Would you sign up to a “interview of the month” CD that is mailed to your door each month?
  2. Who would you want to hear from each month?  Nutritionists Bodybuilders?  Fat loss gurus? Motivational speakers?  Supplement experts? Dating and relationship authors?  Professional athletes?  Or a mixture of everything related to physical, intellectual and relational development?
  3. Would you like to participate in a Fitness/Hip Hop Cardio Boot-Camp?
  4. Would you like to participate in a Fitness/ Cardio Kick Boxing Boot-Camp?
  5. Would you be 0pposed to 75-90 minute Classes?
  6. Would you consider telephone coaching where I teach a different fitness related topic to a small group on the phone where you can ask your fitness specific questions?  How often would this be beneficial?
  7. How much would you pay to be apart of my “inner circle platinum coaching group” that gets a monthly Instructional/ inspirational CD, Monthly Nutritional session, Unlimited email communication with your coach and 2 phone coaching sessions each month?  $300 a month? $200 a month? $100 a month? $50 a month? $25 a month?  This content will include my BEST, and latest fitness techniques, systems and tricks to getting your best body ever.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback and get some direction on this new goal of mine. Thanks for squeezing some of your precious time into your schedule for me.

As always Bwell,

Rahsheen Slaughter, Wellness Coach

The Breakthrough Specialist “A strength Coach for your Mind and Body”

Don’t forget it’s time to plan your 2009 Goals…Get it Done, Don’t wait till next year to see what you could have accomplished by planning your Year Now…

I wish you all the best in making 2009 your Healthiest and Best Year Ever!

The Breakthrough Method" The Ultimate Goal Setting System

The Breakthrough Method

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How To Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever

Posted in Inspiration, Motivational, Personal Development, Resolve and Motivation on December 19th, 2008 by RahzS

Focus is a key component to your overall success when it comes to your health and wellness.

Download you Free Copy Of The “Breakthrough Method” The Ultimate Goal Setting System

Focus is something I find many people lack, and it’s the number one reason so many people don’t reach there goals. If you’re seeking to have your Healthiest and Best Year Ever in 2009 it’s going to start with setting goals, and then focusing on the actions steps required to get the job completed. In the Ultimate Goal Setting System guide I walk you step by Step how to set goals and how to make sure you stick to the plan and most importantly accomplish your goals. In creating the system I used information I’ve learned from multiple goal setting trainings, and put together what I would consider the secret to accomplishing any and every goal you set. The system begins by explaining the SMART System and in part 2 of the Breakthrough Method you learn the How to which most people forget to teach. The step required to accomplish a goal is really the most important aspect of goal setting.

I beleive most fitness expert don’t teach goal setting because they don’t set goals themselves. If you don’t exercise or practice what you preach then you’re a fraud. In 2008 I set many goals and because I believe in being transparent with my loyal clients and customers I’m goal to share a few of my goals for 2008.

Coach Rahz’s Goals for 2008

  • Created my company BREAKTHROUGHS TO FITNESS INC.
  • Created my First Audio Inspirational CD
  • Co-Create The #1 Fat Loss Boot-camp On Long Island
  • Read over 23 Books in 2008 My Goal was 18
  • Got Certified as A JSL Wellness Coach
  • Personally Trained Clients over 1000 hours in 2008
  • Got my Body Fat % Under 4 percent
  • Squatted 340 Pounds
  • Bench Pressed 320 Pounds

I think you get the picture, setting goals and staying focused on them throughout a calendar year will assist you in having your best year ever.

Stay Tuned to read what my goals for 2009 are, and Yes they get crazy out of this world BIG. Think Big or don’t think at all…

Dreams are tomorrows coming attractions.

Thank you for allowing me to impact your life and assist you in creating the mind and body connection you deserve.

Rahsheen D. Slaughter

“The Breakthrough Specialist”

“A strength Coach for your Mind and Body”

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Breaktrough Competition, Long Island Personal Trainer-Day 13 Coach Greg Reveals Nasty Celebration Trap

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13th, 2008 by Greg

Today is December 13th, 2008 which marks the 13th day in this Breakthrough Bodybuilding Competition for the Breakthroughs To Fitness Coaches.

I am out here in Memphis, Tennesse celebrating my cousins wedding. Now we all know what celebrations mean; they usually contain high calorie, high fat meals, high empty calorie drinks, lose of inhibitions, irrational support system, and lack of focus on one’s health.

Now my point is not that celebrations are bad. They are essential to living and is a way to praise a special occassion. I am all for it. But there are always obstacles to be careful of.

Since Day 1 of this competition, I planned for this event. Unfortunately, I did not create a bullet proof mindset. Something that is extremely important.

I fell into the trap of the celebration estacy. I got overwhelmed and enjoyed a few meals that can potentially set me back. The great thing is that I was able to catch myself and use a tactic that we teach in our New Body Transformation Workshop.

That is the start fresh mindset. The concept behind this tactic is that no matter what situation you are in, or what type of mental hit was bestowed upon your body, you have control to start over.

So even though I enjoyed a few drinks, and a high calorie, high fat meal and dessert, I was able to recoup the next day. I brought with me pre-cooked meals that were high in nutrient value and had supportive nutrition. They were also about 250-350 calorie meals which is perfect for my ody composition.

So here are my top 5 tips of avoiding the celebration massacre:

  1. If traveling and staying in a hotel, bring a few pre-cooked meals (meals prepared by you not a grocery store box) that you can turn to when a time of hunger kicks in
  2. Drink plenty of water and even eat a high fibrous fruit or some almonds before a celebration meal (generally a dinner filled with cocktail hour, salad and bread, main course, dessert and after hour drinks).
  3. Try to stay active the entire day and devout 30-45 minutes to a full body workout (I reside on the 8th floor of the Marriot Residence Inn. 90% of the time I take the stairs up and down. Don’t be lazy unless you have a medical or physical condition)
  4. Ask for the support of like minded individuals (I asked my little sister to remind me of my competition each time she saw I wanted to enjoy a treat)
  5. Ask yourself every situation “Is this going to take further or closer to my goals?” (granted there are times you will take the wrong path, but thats ok if you incorporate the start fresh mindset)

I hope the above tips help, because they have assisted me in truly setting myself back to day 1.

What you can expect from these posts during the competition is complete honesty and transparency. My goal is to share with you my ups and downs, daily challenges, positive moments, transformation marks, breakthroughs, etc. You will see the good and the bad.

We are all human and fall into different traps. The goal is to learn from these situations so you can apply that knowledge to the next similar siutation you face.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about growing as a human being.


Dedicated to your results,


Greg Kalafatic

P.S. Last night was the rehearsal dinner which set me back. Tonigth is the big test. The actual wedding dinner. My goal is to have one social drink and eyeball my dinner to be about 400 calories with my dessert as fresh fruit. I will keep you posted on my task at hand :)

Oprah Battle Continues…

Posted in Breakthroughs To Fitness News, Long Island Health News on December 13th, 2008 by RahzS

Oprah needs a Breakthrough

Are you ready to Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever?

Oprah Deserves a Breakthrough

Oprah Deserves a Breakthrough

Oprah gained 40 pounds since 2007 and she’s upset at herself for allowing her weight to get out of control Again. She saying it has something to do with her thyroid, but I think it has more to do with her eating and busy schedule. She’s everywhere and trying to be everything to everyone. I wonder what Bod Green thinks of his most famous Client ballooning over 200 pounds. As a Health Professional I don’t Blame Bob, but He’s got to take some blame for not catching this before her weight got to this point.

Oprah is a role Model and really should work harder at keeping her weight under control. I have the same feeling about Health Professionals who are Fat and out of shape. How can you preach one idea and live a totally different way.

B2F Coaches walk the walk, and talk the Talk. Coach Greg and I are embarking on another fun learning experience and beginning training for a June 6th Body Building show. I will be releasing 20 to 25 Pounds of body Fat. I don’t recommend anyone release that type of weight unless they are training for a specific event like a Fitness Show. Everyone has a ideal body weight which is healthy. Health is the one factor when it comes to body weight. If you’re seeking to design your ideal body,seek professional assistance to help you design a plan to create the desire results. Releasing fat and increasing lean muscle is science.  Have the professional preform an fitness assessment which includes you RMR, Body Fat Percentage, and VO2 MaX Test. With this information you can really design a plan to reach you goal.

Oprah is going to have to start over and get it going for 2009. It’s never a better time than the beginning of a new year to set goals and begin to make it happen. Breakthroughs To Fitness is launching several informational products to assist you in Making 2009 you Healthiest and Best Year Ever…

Till Then get moving, eat healthy, and stay positive…

Come be apart of a Fun, Education show at the Harbor Link Golf Course Jan. 27th hosted by Breakthroughs To Fitness Inc.  This night will go down as the Biggest and Funniest Health Event on the North Shore Long Island in 2009. Don’t Miss out….Visit Get educated and Help a great cause…The Coalition Against Child Abuse & Neglect

As Alway Bwell, Coach Rahsheen Slaughter

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Breakthrough Competition, Long Island Personal Trainer-Day 10 First Poses

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10th, 2008 by Greg

Today is December 10th, 2008 and this is the 10th day into the Breakthrough Bodybuilding Competition.

Coach Greg is marking his progress and going through his first poses (he has no clue of how to pose yet :) )

Although this is Coach Greg’s first time, you will truly see a huge difference from today’s date up to June 6th, 2009. Progress takes patience and dedication. It’s not about instant gratification.

Take a look at the video below for Coach’s Greg first posing video:

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. To learn the techniques and strategies coach rahz and greg use to drop body fat, visit

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Breakthrough Bodybuilding-Day 8 Coach Greg Cooks Meals For The Week

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9th, 2008 by Greg

December 8th marked the 8th day for the Breakthroughs Bodybuilding Competition coming up on June 6th, 2009.

Coach Greg takes you through his kitchen as he preps and cooks his meals for the week.

See the types of foods, supplements, and cooking ware that makes a successful new body transformation.

Without a plan of attack, you will absolutely fail. Take the extra few minutes to plan out your week. This took Coach Greg about 85 minutes to prepare for 5 days worth of food.

Watch the video below for the amount of food that was prepared for the week. It will amaze you how much you can prepare in less then 85 minutes:

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. if you haven’t checked out what are you waiting for! You can follow the same strategies we use. Learn what it takes to transform your body

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Breakthrough Bodybuilding-Day 1 Grocery Shopping

Posted in Breakthroughs To Fitness News, Nutrition on December 9th, 2008 by Greg

December 1st, 2008 marks the day that Coach Rahz and Coach Greg prep for their body building competition on June 6th, 2009.

This will be coach Rahz’s 3rd competition and Coach Greg’s 1st.

We understand that bodybuilding is not for everyone nor do some people have any interest in training like one.

That’s not the point with these videos.

The point is to show you:

A) We practice what we preach by setting goals, facing challenges, expanding our comfort zones, and making no excuses

B) Some techniques you can use in your lifestyle when it comes to intensity, grocery shopping, cooking, etc

C) Anyone can accomplish any goal that they set their mind too

Take a look at day 1 of the coaches at the grocery store:

Any questions on what you would like to learn or see done by one of the breakthroughs coaches, type them in the comments section or email us at

Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

P.S. Join us for a new body transformation. Visit New Body Workshop to follow the strategies we will be using for our competition. What competitions will you join in 2009? Can be any activity you enjoy.

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