4 Keys To Developing the The NewBody Tranforamation Mindset

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 4 Keys To Developing the The NewBody Tranforamation Mindset

“What the Mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill in His Great Book Think and Grow Rich

What is mindset?  We hear the word used everyday in different areas of our lives, but what does it mean to you? Here’s what I found online; A fixed state of mind; A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. They both work for me. A persons mindset determines how he or she will react or respond in a certain situation. How a person reacts is a key fundamental when it comes to creating the body you desire.

As Coach Greg Kalafatic posted in a previous posting on Saturday October 25, I have transformed my body many times, and I will not begin to tell you it was easy. Simple yes, because I used the 4 keys to a Newbody transformation.  In this post I will cover each of these fours keys, and in addition, I will offer 15 minutes of Wellness Coaching to anyone who comments and leaves feedback about this post.

The 4 Keys To The New body Tranformation Mindset

  1. Decide
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Visualize the End
  4. Never Quit

A simple system to achieve anything you desire in life.

You’re going be amazed at how simple it is to create the body you desire. This system can be used in any area of your life. It has assisted me in my career as a Top Wellness Coach, Bodybuilder, and becoming the person that attracts great people into my life.

How to use the 4 Keys:

  • First you have to Decide what it is you really want to achieve. Deciding is the starting point of all your success’s or failures.  
  • Second step is Creating the Plan. The plan is super important because without it you will be like a sailboat with no sail. A great quote I love to share is, “Fail to Plan, and you Plan to Fail.” The plan give you a step by step map to follow and keep you going in the right direction.
  • Third is Visualizing the End. I can’t stress this enough. Visualization has assisted so many successful people because it works. The subconscious mind is super powerful, and we can use it to our benefit if we simply trust it. In order for this to work you have to do it daily, and always put yourself in the positive state of mind prior to your success visualization session. It doesn’t have to be long, just 5 minutes daily will greatly assist you in your process to reach the new body transformation you’re striving to achieve. Keeping your  End in Mind throughout the transformation process will keep you focused when times get rough and I promise you they will.  
  • Last but not least Never Quit. Quitting is never an option. When you set your sights on a goal, always finish it. Life is about finishing what you start. The main reason we have so many diets, gyms, and Bullshit Weight loss systems is because people are always seeking the next best Gimmick. Use the 4 keys to a New Body Transformation with the assistance of your B2f Team and you’ll be on the Road to creating a amazing body and mind Transformation…

For more information on The New Body Transformaiton  Workshop Visit www.newbodyworkshop.com

Only visit if you’re serious about changing your body and mind, It’s not for people not ready to make the decision to Make It Happen…

As Always Bwell, Coach Rahz Slaughter,

Long Islands Top Wellness Coach

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Giants Breakthrough Steeler Defense

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Today was a great victory for the giants as they breakthrough the Steeler defense to a 6-1 record. However, it wasn’t easy nor was it pretty attaining that victory.

But the point is not about football yet the process the giants went through to achieve that victory. This game is perfect to relate to achieving your goals.

The giants had a really tough time to breakthrough the steeler defense and put the ball in the end zone. Many of us can relate. Sometimes we face challenges that seem to big to overcome. No matter how hard we try, we get rejected at the line where we stand.

We feel like we have tried every fat loss, sports performance, or strength program out there only to realize we never accomplished anything. The lesson is you can’t give up because there is always a soultion out there. You just have to be ready to accept it.

If they giants gave up, they would have been slaughtered and sent home with their heads hanging down. Instead they pushed through and had a team breakthrough.  They were willing to make sacrifices and work together as a team to pull off a 21-14 victory.

What program will you complete? By complete I mean an actual serious committment to make it happen not simply try it out. If it’s a new body transformation you seek, then accept the fact that it is going to be a challenging four quarters.

It’s time to be above average and not accept mediocrity. Have a BREAKTHROUGH today and start living the life you deserve to live.

Let me tell you, being in the end zone, looking up at the crowd, seeing what you have accomplished is a feeling like no other. I hope to see you in the end zone one day celebrating your victory.


Dedicated to your results,


Greg Kalafatic

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Breakthrough to the sexy abs you deserve

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It is safe to say that we all desire to have sexy abs that are flashed all over the internet and tv. However, most people are just so confused on how to get there.

We have done countless crunches, yet nothing to show for. So is it ab exercises that are responsible for creating the abs you deserve?

Yes and No!

Yes because they develop the underlying muscles to become more dense which gives a better looking shape as the fat sheds away. However, there are numerous exercises that can develop the underlying torso (ab) muscles. Any type of rotation, flexion, or stabilization will create stress in the abdominal region. The ab shedder 30 goes over a select few exercises for a floor workout. We will be introducing some killer ab exercises you can also do in the gym or standing and kneeling.

On the other hand, just doing ab exercises is not responsible for those washboard abs. If you have fat covering the muscles, how can you see what has developed beneath? The key point is to create a metabolic disturbance within the body to burn as many calories in the body while during and after the workout. Full body, compound movements, and high intensity workouts are the “ab displayers.” We will demonstrate a routine you can use to create that disturbance.

The last aspect that I would like to mention but not stray into in this post is your mindset. You must have a tough mindset to endure what lies ahead because it is not easy. Coach Rahz will cover some key points in how he transformed his body for his bodybuilding competition.

We put together the AB Shredder 30 for those at home who wish to start developing those underlying abdominal muscles today:


Stay tuned for some more great routines, programs, and exercises you can use immediately. Please comment below on what you would like to read about, see, or learn and we will make sure it gets done.


Dedicated to your results,


Greg Kalafatic

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The Power of your Network

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The Power of your Network

The Gym is a Networkers Dream                                                         Get Healthy and Increase you Network

One of my mentor is a MLM Company I was in told me your Net Worth equals your Network.

If you’re not networking and building relationships, then you’re not building your business or your Net Worth.

I bet you’re asking what does this have to do with Health and Wellness? Everything… I just finished a meeting with a very influencial person who works for a Large office supply company that was just purchased by Staples. This all happened because a old friend found me on Facebook, and invited me to a networking meeting. I’ve meet a ton a great people and business partners and friends because of a mutual friend made the initial introduction. Networking is everything, and it can improve your health and wealth too. Yes I said Wealth Too! It’s all about who you know, and Who they know in Business. If someone tell you different, They don’t have a network, Period.

If you’re not networking now, Go out and Start. Start building relationships and before you know it you’re going to start seeing a return on your investment.

If you’re ready to start building your network; Join ours  at www.b2finc.com   Become part of the next evolution in Wellness

As aways Bwell, Coach Rahz Slaughter

www.b2fwellnessshow.com  Blog  Check out Health Tips, Nutritional courses, and Much Much , More…..

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Breakthrough To Recognition

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“Recognition in sociology is public acknowledgement of person’s status or merits”

It has been said that babies cry for it and men die for it. What is it?


This past weekend I was out with a few buddies of mine to include some balance into my life. We went to a dance club and immediately my eyes starting grazing the crowd. The room was filled with over 300 people of which all were expressing themselves and seeking recognition from their peers and strangers.

Girls were dancing on stage seeking recognition from the corwd and guys were interacting (or as a poor attempt trying to interact) with women that appealed to them seeking their recognition.

Do not get me wrong, recognition is not a bad thing unless you are using it to show off. Recognition used in a positive sense instills confidence, competitiveness, and empowerment.

So where can you seek this recognition?

Breakthroughs To Fitness is launching its one of a kind New Body Transformation 12 Week Workshop on December 1st.  This workshop will truly assist you in transforming your body so that recognition may grow within.

Our goal is not to transform your body to use against others as a way of showing off. Our goal is to assist you in recognizing that there is more then six pack abs, firm thighs, ripped arms, etc. We want you to recognize that their is a strong, persistent, ever growing human being underneath those clothes as well.

You deserve to be recognized. When you are, it is your duty to share with those recognizing you what you did to accomplish that recognition.

If you want a head start, visit New Body Transformation site and receive your free nutrition crash course. This powerful workshop is launching December 1st, so claim your spot today by calling 516-203-4534.

It’s time to be RECOGNIZED!!!

Dedicated to your results,


Greg Kalafatic

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Do you Have a fear of public speaking? The B2f Team Showed true Grit today, and stood Strong.

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Today was the first Breakthroughs To Fitness Nutritional Workshop held at Two World’s Dance and Fitness center in Greenvale NY. Today was a defining moment for the B2F Team and a  Huge step in the right direction for the company. I was very pleased with the turnout, and can’t wait to schedule and rip another workshop with more powerful inspiring content.

Fear of public speaking is a true fear for so many people throughout the world. Today Greg, Sharron and I got our feet wet and Jumped into the Public Speaking arena. We hosted our first of many B2F Nutritional workshops. Our theme was Exposing the Three Lies that’s Keeping America Fat.

  1. DeceptiveAdvertising ( Fat Free) ( Zero Trans Fat) ( Low Carbs )
  2. Abdominal Machine That Promise 3 minute Miracle Ab’s
  3. Diet/ Weight Loss in a Bottle ” The Miracle Pill“ 

This workshop was the first formal introduction our RD & Certified Nutritist Sharron Zarabi to many of Breakthroughs To Fitness’s best clients and friends. Sharron joins this dynamic team to continue the explosive growth it has experienced in 2008. She bring a wealth of knowledge and true passion to the team. She has the same vision and personal mission as Greg and I do, and that is why we knew from the start she would make a great addition to our team.

Greg kalafatic opened the workshop with a strong presentation and passionate person account of his rise in the fitness industry. He then skillfully passed the torch to me like a seasoned professional, and I was off and running. We wrapped the workshop up by Raffling off a Free NBT Course to a very deserving B2F client.

We are looking forward to continuing the growth of the B2F Nutritional system and December 1st which is the Official launch date for the New Body Transformation 12 week Fat Blasting/ weight melting, so you can smile course.

We are personally guaranteeing this course will assist you in releasing 10-15 Pounds in 90 days or your money Back. If you’re curious don’t buy it, but if you’re serious about changing your life, and creating the body you always desired then this the Last Fat blasting product you’ll ever have to buy.

Till next time as always Bwell,

Coach Rahz Salughter, www.b2fwellnessshow.com  Stay Tuned for our New Ab workout coming Next week…Get ready to get Shredded…

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Coach Greg getting in the game with a hybrid training module: Tabatas + Heavy Lifting

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A famous quote has stated that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Does that really make sense?


I have noticed that everytime I fail to make a workout plan for myself and goals, my results are minimal. Just showing up to the gymand winging the information in my head just doesn’t cut it anymore. My mistake was putting all my effort into my clients programming and forgeting about myself. But how can I be a leader as Long Island’s top personal trainer and eventually worldwide if I do not take care of my programs like I do my clients.

My promise to myself is to create my programs like I would my clients. All my goals will be spelled out, times frames will be set, and a contract will be written. Right now my ultimate goal is to increase my maximal strength for a select few exercises, while maintaining a 10-11% body fat. Now this is a very difficult program, because it requires a strong discipline with exercise and nutrition combined.

The other difficult aspect is I will do this without counting calories. I will truly listen to how my body feels and see how effective this plan will be. In life you have to do trial and error. Absorb what works and discard what doesn’t. This is a huge test for me, and I look forward to dominating it!

Take a look below at what I mean by Hybrid Training (using multiple modalties in a single workout)

First part of workout:


Second part of workout:

Fat Blasting Music System


Over the next few weeks and months you will see some of the B2F coaches workouts. This way you can see how we overcome some challenges and how we push through our workouts.

If there is a certain exercise you would like to learn, or routines we can put together for you, just write below in the comment box of what you would like to see more of on this blog.

Question of the day: What drives you to get up and complete a difficult workout?


Dedicated to your results,

Greg Kalafatic

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New Body Transformation Workshop Launches Soon!

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Here at Breakthroughs To Fitness, we have been working diligently around the clock to create a workshop that will assist people in creating the body they deserve.

Now we are not a company of hype, false claims, or bogus statements. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire individuals to create the body and health they deserve.

Over the years we have seen weight management programs, diet plans, and exercise programs claim to be the “NEW BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR.” 99% of them are marketing hype programs that bank on the idea you will not return their product or ask for a refund.

It’s a shame because those 1% programs are being hidden in the clutter and those programs are the ones that will make a difference in your eyes.

Take a look below at a video Coach Rahz put together to inform you of our New Body Transformation program:

If you are tired of being a yo-yo dieter, then decide today to make a change in your life. We promise to assist you in any way possible to ensure you reach your goals.

Visit the New Body Transformation site to collect your free copy of the B2F Nutrition Crash Course.


Dedicated to your results,

Breakthroughs To Fitness

Long Island’s #1 Wellness Company


P.S. If you feel someone you love deserves to hear about this program, please send them to this page and insist they sign up for the free B2F Nutrition Crash Course

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Keeping your Word!

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As the president and founder of one of the fastest growing wellness companies in the tri-state area, It is very important that we stay true to our mission and our vision. In addition to staying true, we must always keep our word to our clients, customers and friends. All B2F Team members follow the same principle of keeping our word, and staying true to our mission.

Keeping your word;  What does that mean to you? I can tell you that yesterday was a beautiful day, and when I woke up with a killer stomach ache, and a migrane the last thing on my mind was keeping my word. I had promised, and committed to a fellow entrepreneur and health coach that I would participate in his annual stick ball game. I knew it was going to be a hour drive both ways, and I really didn’t want to invest two hours of this wonderful day driving in New York traffic. This is when the hours of reading personal development books, listening to audio recording, and preparing myself for the tough decisions kicked in. I knew I had to show-up and play, because I had given my Word. My word is very important to me, and I don’t break it for anything. This philosophy has served me well over the last 7 years. I say 7 years because I haven’t practiced this philosophy my whole life. I went to the game and had a great time. stick ball is really fun, but I would have robbed myself of the opportunity if I would have not kept my word. Life is all about staying true to who you are, and keeping your word.

If you set a goal to run 3 time next week, Keep your word to yourself. It’s what you do daily that will make a huge impact on your life.

Never Break your Word. Breakthrough to Fitness will continue to do everything in our power to educate, empower, and inspire you to create the body you deserve.

As alway Bwell,

Coach Rahz Slaughter,

Long Island #1 Wellness Coach

If you believe someone you know deserve a coach to assist them in there health and wellness, Please forward this link to them…  http://breakthroughstofitness.com/blog

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Coach Rahz feels the Pressure, and Keeps on Still Smiling :-)

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Have you ever had one of those days that everything just went wrong. Well I’m hear to enlighten you and let you know we all have bad days. Yes, even always smiling coach rahz has bad days. I came back from Jeffery Comb’s Breakthroughs To Success empowerment weekend seminar thinking I can’t wait to get back to work. Hears where the story shifts to a nightmare on rahz street. Monday’s I train 11 sessions and that’s the good news, 2 clients decide not to show up, or call. I miss place my wallet with all my credit cards, drivers license, and banking information. To add to this crazy day my bumper to my new car gets scarped because the driveway is too high. OK I can handle a few challenges, but Tuesday 4:30 am rolls around it’s time to get up and film the B2 Wellness Show. This is not how you want to start your Tuesday morning rushing to the gym to shower there and filming the show, all to find out your clients decided his 9 am appointment was more important and didn’t feel the need to call you earlier than 8:30am.

Ok I handle that too….. Next Challenge Broke House Phone. This is my grandma’s only communication top the outside, and she’s been driving me crazy without it. Now the Verizon guy is standing in my doorway, Rahzco my 40 pounds Black Lab is barking like crazy, and this guy is ready to leave because he can’t get into the power room. Yes as Jeffery Combs would say, ” We have a developing situation, It’s time to get into solution mindset. So I ask him if I can get him a drink while I call the landlord. Thank God he answers his phone that usually goes right to voicemail. He picks up and say he’ll be at the apartment in 15 minutes. To speed this story up, The phone was fix, and now I can my grandma can talk again. Next adventure car accident, with a lady that just wants my money $$$. No damage, but she still wanted to call the police. I decided to let her be right and I pay for the bumper, b/c it will cost me more in the long run to fight this.

The day has just begun, because although I’ve a few challenges today, I’m still fire’d up and believe everything is going to turn out awesome. Why? Because theses event happen to everyone at some point and today was Coach rahz’s day to Stand strong in the face of adversity. I won’t allow a few bad, or challenging event shape hoe the rest of my day continues…I have a meeting at 5:30pm and It’s going to rock…Till next time Bwell, 

Coach Rahz Slaughter